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Both of them were from the Dao Zong realm, so of course Chen Xiang wasn't their match, but he was confident in defeating him. After he entered the secret room, he anxiously took out a red box, and at this time, he was facing the other two.

The two spies were completely unable to see him take out the red box. Moreover, they were also tightly closing the stone door, and at the same time, they were also releasing an array formation. They were worried that there would be a large commotion later.

Chen Xiang pinched a small amount of silvery-white powder from within the red box, then secretly circulated his energy, releasing the power of Creation Flame, allowing the flames to leak out from the fingertip that was pinching the silvery-white powder.

The intense flames burned the silvery-white powder. When the silvery-white powder found a place to burn, it turned into smoke and drifted into the secret room, producing a faint fragrance.

"My two friends, what is the important matter?" Chen Xiang turned around, smiled lightly, and took a whiff; he could smell a very faint fragrance.

This was the poison that Du Xiaoling had previously given him, called Drunken Sky Powder. As long as one smelled even a little bit of this, their entire body would be powerless and they would be unable to circulate their energy.

Of course, these two spies had also smelled it. Just as they were about to make their move, they felt their bodies go soft, and then both of them collapsed onto the ground.

"You … You. What poison is this? " A man had to use all his strength to say this.

"You want to know? I just won't tell you! " Chen Xiang grinned and said: "You must be spies, right? I came here once before to try and kill me, but I didn't see you! "

The two men looked at Chen Xiang as they laid on the ground, their hearts filled with extreme terror. At this time, they recalled the fragrance that they smelt just now.

They never thought that it would be such a terrifying poison that could knock them down!

And what caused them to feel fear was that their divine soul were rapidly declining. If this continued, their divine soul would become extremely weak, and at that time, they would be no different from ordinary people.

Chen Xiang chuckled and used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell on them, devouring their energy, at the same time he checked their memories.

"They are all from the Dao Zong realm, be careful when you use it on them." Bai Youyou reminded Yun Che. She had been cultivating earlier and had only just awakened.

"Got it!" said. She knew that the Devouring magic kungfu was pa.s.sed on to her by Bai Youyou, and those two people's cultivation were much stronger than Chen Xiang. Furthermore, Chen Xiang was able to absorb two of them at the same time.

These two traitors were now tormented to the point of living a life worse than death, because Chen Xiang devoured their energy, as though he was slowly cutting into their souls. That was the pain that came from the depths of their souls!

Chen Xiang was only able to devour the dao pills and the fleshly body dao soul of the Divine Sense Sea s. Furthermore, he had to release a very strong World Creation Flame to filter out the energy, which was equivalent to purification.

The memories of these two traitor were quickly devoured by Chen Xiang. Previously, he was still worried that the other two palaces had traitors, but now, it seemed like only this palace had them.

Devil Wasteland and Black Hairs Human's Black Hairs Human were awakened by Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, and when the Black Hairs Human evolved into a leader, they contacted the leaders and formed an agreement with them. They didn't know the specifics of the agreement, they only knew a few things.

As long as they knew that the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family and the Black Hairs Human were united, the three great native bank s would think of a way to deal with the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family!

However, Chen Xiang guessed that the three great native bank s wouldn't start a war with the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, because the Black Hairs Human was about to break out of the seal very soon, and he would be an ally of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family.

During the process of absorbing, Chen Xiang constantly refined that power, and unknowingly, stepped into the fifth level of the Dao Po realm!

Although he had stepped into the fifth layer, Chen Xiang did not stop, because the other party still had a lot of energy left in his body.

The two traitors who had been devoured were in great pain. At this moment, they were both crying out in their hearts. In their next lives, they would no longer be traitors. Of course, this was on the premise that they still had another life.

Just like this, Chen Xiang had devoured for an entire night, and finally, he had devoured enough.

"Go to ashes!" Chen Xiang threw the two traitors into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and burned them to ashes.

Then, Chen Xiang removed the fragrance from the Drunken Sky Drunken Wine and walked out of the secret room.

Coming out from the secret room, Chen Xiang felt refreshed. Breaking through two stages in a row made him very satisfied, but he could not use this method to devour as much as possible.

Chen Xiang arrived at the top of the palace and stood at the very top. He could see the Black Hairs Human around the palace.

"Ten thousand arrows piercing the heart!" The bowstring trembled, and the white light beam formed by Chen Xiang shot out. The instant it shot out, it exploded into a flash, and under the control of Chen Xiang's consciousness, it transformed into countless white arrows, and pierced through the hearts of the numerous Black Hairs Human s in the blink of an eye.


Tens of thousands of Black Hairs Human's heart were pierced through by the arrows condensed by the Jiuyang Dao power at the same time, and they exploded at the same time, shaking the entire ground!

Just now, there were many people who saw Chen Xiang run up to the roof. Previously, they knew that Chen Xiang had used a bow and arrow to attack the Black Hairs Human from afar, but now that they saw such a large commotion, they immediately knew it was Chen Xiang's doing.

"The Jiuyang Dao power is indeed powerful, although it is separated into small arrows and contains a lot of Jiuyang Dao power, they can easily penetrate the Black Hairs Human's defenses and pierce through the heart." Chen Xiang was secretly pleased when he saw tens of thousands of Black Hairs Human exploding.

So he pulled the arrow, used the Dao heart Eye to lock onto Black Hairs Human's heart, and released the bowstring!

Another loud explosion rang out!

More than ten thousand Black Hairs Human s exploded as well, turning into dust and smoke. That piece of land was also shattered as a large piece of it caved in.

Chen Xiang's two arrows did not consume much force, but it produced a huge impact, and the power intimidated the people hiding in the three palaces!

They knew that Chen Xiang was not simple, they never expected him to be so terrifying. Many of them were cultivators of Dao Sect, and when they were fighting with the Black Hairs Human outside, they knew that it was not easy to deal with them!

But now, Chen Xiang had wiped out a large part of it with just two arrows, even cutting gra.s.s was not as easy as he did.

Sou sou sou!

Chen Xiang pulled out a few arrows consecutively and killed all of the Black Hairs Human s that were surrounding the palace.

"The cultivation base of a Dao Sovereign should appear!" Chen Xiang stood at the highest point of the palace, and looked around.

Suddenly, he felt a weak fluctuation in s.p.a.ce, and immediately concentrated in that direction. He saw the s.p.a.ce there tremble like a wave, and a large group of Black Hairs Human appeared.

He immediately used the Dao heart Eye to lock onto Jin Xin's biggest arrow, and then shot it out!


The Black Hairs Human produced a very intense explosion, turning the surrounding Black Hairs Human into black smoke, Chen Xiang guessed that the one he was targeting was the Transmission Master!

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