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When Chen Xiang was killing Black Hairs Human, he discovered that the two spies were nearby, they were obviously monitoring him, Chen Xiang did not have much patience left, if he was watched like this again, it was very possible that he would torture the two of them to death, regardless of the cost.

"Wait till I finish cultivating my mind, Manor Lord Fan and the others still haven't returned. I will finish off these two fellows first." Chen Xiang thought.

Two days had pa.s.sed and the Jiuyang earthly fruit had matured. Chen Xiang was already impatient and hurriedly entered the secret room.

Previously, he had planned to refine Jiuyang earthly fruit by himself, but now, with some impatience, he decided to do so too!

"Let's use the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace first. It would be more convenient to refine it with the World Creation Flame!" Chen Xiang wanted to use Jutian Dan Ding, but he was not familiar with refining Jiuyang earthly fruit yet, so it would be easier for him to fail when using Jutian Dan Ding.

Chen Xiang felt like he was putting the Diprofound fruit into a pill furnace to refine it. When he was almost done, he separated out a s.p.a.ce inside the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and placed the medicinal liquid to the side. Then, he placed the Jiuyang earthly fruit into the furnace so that he could refine the Jiuyang earthly fruit alone.

"The Jiuyang earthly fruit and the Diprofound fruit are very different. The Diprofound fruit is just an inner crystal, but the entire Jiuyang earthly fruit is crystallized!" Chen Xiang refined it using his flames and it was extremely difficult to move it. That was why he had no choice but to refine it from the inside out.

Even so, the refining speed was still very slow, and it was difficult for it to reach the speed he had expected!

"This sort of crystallized item is really hard to forge!" Chen Xiang really wanted to shatter this piece of crystal, but he was worried that breaking it would affect the integrity of the entire Jiuyang earthly fruit, and would affect the quality.

"Seems like I can only try that move!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and started to release a huge amount of Creation Flame inside the furnace!

compressed all of the fierce flames together. Not long after, they became liquid!

Chen Xiang wrapped the ball of liquid flame around the Jiuyang earthly fruit, and then used a large amount of strength to create a strong pressure. Then, he poured the liquid fire into the Jiuyang earthly fruit.

The liquid fire essence contained a very strong burning power, and this kind of fire essence was not something that could be created easily. It was something that Chen Xiang had comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy, and it had a very strong refining power, especially towards this sort of crystallized thing.

The flame liquid seeped into the Jiuyang earthly fruit and the Jiuyang earthly fruit also continuously emitted mist of air. When the flame liquid completely seeped in, Chen Xiang controlled the ball of flame liquid to slowly expand.

Meanwhile, the crystallized Jiuyang earthly fruit was also expanding along with the fire liquid, slowly melting as it increased in size!

In just an hour, the entire Jiuyang earthly fruit had turned into a medicinal liquid!

"This technique really does work. However, the energy it consumes is quite great. It requires quite a bit of Dao-energy to condense the liquid flame." Chen Xiang was secretly happy, he had finally refined the Jiuyang earthly fruit.

"Let's call it the 'Pressure Refinement Method'!" Chen Xiang slowly let out a breath.

Although he had already refined the Jiuyang earthly fruit, it did not mean that he would succeed. This was because he still had to fuse the Jiuyang earthly fruit's medicinal liquid with the Diprofound fruit's.

It was not easy to fuse them, Chen Xiang felt a headache just thinking about it, but he could only bite the bullet and charge forward.

Chen Xiang took a few deep breaths and then started to fuse the two medicinal liquids. The process of fusion could be said to be the hardest, if he did not have any special techniques, he could only rely on brute force to fuse the two liquids!

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, had skills. He had many different methods in the Heavenly Alchemy to solve the problems that would arise when he mixed in with many different methods.

The process of fusing the Diprofound fruit and the Jiuyang earthly fruit wasn't as difficult as Chen Xiang had expected, because the two both had certain attributes of the profound Tao Power. Furthermore, he had used various methods of the Heavenly Alchemy when refining them, so he could solve the difficult problem of fusing them, such as the Original source refining.

Although it wasn't difficult, it still took Chen Xiang two days!

"It's only been two days, not too long!" Chen Xiang was just a bit short of perspiration, but he had finally fused with it, and the next step was to condense a pill.

This time, he also planned to condense one pellet, and when he condensed the pellet, he also used the Sublimation refining method to improve its quality!

The condensing of the pellet required time, and Chen Xiang had to spend an entire day to condense it!

"I've finally succeeded!" Chen Xiang took out a small bead that glimmered with a golden-white light. It looked like a crystal.

"This Xuan Core should be considered as a mid-grade Emperor level Xuan Core!" Chen Xiang could not help but reveal a smile. Previously, after consuming the Emperor Profound Core, his heart of the profound way had also improved a lot, if he had eaten the mid-grade Emperor Profound Core now, he had a seventy percent chance of being able to cultivate it.

"To be able to refine a mid-grade Emperor level pill in three days, he is truly amazing!" "In the past, I heard that it would take at least a month to refine a low-grade Emperor Dan." Yang Xiangyin exclaimed.

"Hehe, don't you know who is concocting pills?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Your master is not like those Alchemist s."

After Chen Xiang consumed this Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core, he suddenly activated his cultivation technique, preparing to refine the energy into the heart of the profound way.

Once the Nine Yang Emperor Profound Core released a wave of medicinal power, Chen Xiang could immediately feel the difference in the Jiuyang Dao power.

Previously, Du Xiaoling told Chen Xiang, being ten times stronger was this, but now, he felt that it wasn't just ten times stronger, he estimated that it was at least fifteen times stronger!

"As long as I succeed, I can rely on this Jiuyang Dao power to kill a large number of Black Hairs Human." At this time, Chen Xiang was a little excited, he quickly refined it.

Two days later, Chen Xiang, who was bare-chested, emitted a faint white light from where his heart was. He had already mastered the inner workings of the heart, and it was even the Nine Suns.

His Mysterious Dao Heart had already turned into the Mysterious Heart of the Nine Suns, it was far more powerful than the previous Mysterious Heart!

"It's a success!" Chen Xiang secretly channeled his spirit energy and had his Nine Yang Mind Palace transform it. After that, he looked down at his chest and only saw a white light emitting from his heart, and he could clearly feel that his spirit energy had become much stronger after being transformed by the Nine Yang Heart Gem.

Of course, this was compared to the profound Tao Power that he had angered himself to use before, what he was releasing now was the Jiuyang Dao power!

"It's done. We can go out and give it a try!" Chen Xiang clenched his fists, put on his clothes, and walked out of the secret room.

The moment he walked out of the secret chamber, he saw the two spies!

"Brother Shen, we have something important to discuss with you. This place is not very convenient, can we talk inside your secret room?" One of the tall and skinny men said.

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then said: "No problem!"

Just thinking about it with his knees, he knew that these two spies wanted to kill him, and he also had thoughts of taking action against these two spies!

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