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The process of refining the Diprofound fruit was not as easy as Chen Xiang had imagined. After all, this was an emperor level medicinal ingredient, and it was even a bit special, and there was a large amount of profound Tao Power contained within. Fortunately, he had refined a few profound Dao king Dan before, so he had acc.u.mulated some experience with the characteristics of the profound Tao Power.

Chen Xiang only started for a short while before he encountered a very th.o.r.n.y problem. The layer of black fruit flesh and skin on the Diprofound fruit's surface suddenly cracked, as if it was going to break.

After it cracked open, waves of profound Tao Power s were constantly used inside the Diprofound fruit, and this profound Tao Power had a huge impact on the flame, causing it to not burn in its normal state and becoming a little berserk.

"The inside of the Diprofound fruit is a crystal core. If this crystal core is not suppressed, this situation will definitely continue." Chen Xiang immediately used Tai Chi to release a small Taiji yin and yang map and seal that crystal core.

The crystal core quickly stabilized and the flames inside the furnace became much calmer. In just a few moments, it returned to its normal state, and Chen Xiang managed to refine it relatively smoothly now. The fruit flesh and skin outside the crystal core had already been slowly refined and turned into medicinal liquid.

Right now, only the crystal core had not been refined, the crystal core contained a lot of profound Tao Power s. Chen Xiang continued to release the creator's fire to burn it, using the Mirage Flame to slowly refine it from the inside of the crystal core.

This crystal nucleus was the most valuable part of the entire Diprofound fruit, Chen Xiang had to burn it for a good six hours before he managed to refine the entire crystal core into a medicinal liquid.

There was a lot of liquid medicine inside the furnace. After all, the crystal core had compressed a lot of profound Tao Power s, so after refining, there would be a lot of compressed profound Tao Power s that had turned into liquid.

"Looks like the difficulty of refining this Diprofound fruit is not too high. I just wonder how it will fuse with the Jiuyang earthly fruit." Chen Xiang began to condense the pill. He planned to condense this huge ma.s.s of medicinal liquid into a single pellet.

Of course, if he were to divide it into a few groups, condensing a few pellets would not be a problem, but right now, in order to obtain more profound Tao Power, and condense them into a single pellet, the quality would increase even more.

At this time, he was using the Sublimation refining method to refine, which could improve his quality. In order to succeed, he did not plan to use the Crash method, as it would consume a lot of energy.

"If I knew, I would have refined it with a Jutian Dan Ding. This Jutian Dan Ding can improve its quality by a lot." Chen Xiang was currently refining with a Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

The Jutian Dan Ding was something he had won in a gambling match with before, and it was also a very good Heavenly artifact.

The process of condensing a pill was not easy. It required a very long time, especially on the first try. Normally, it would take a very long time for it to be completed.

Chen Xiang spent an entire two days to condense one Emperor Profound Core.

"Dijie Dan are just used to cultivate profound Tao Power." Chen Xiang looked at the golden pellet, and then ate it. Right now, he urgently needed to cultivate the heart of the profound way, as long as he could cultivate the mind, he could absorb the profound energy in his Divine Sense Sea through the heart of the profound way, and quickly turn it into profound Tao Power.

In other words, as long as he succeeded, the vast amount of dao energy in his Divine Sense Sea would be equivalent to profound Tao Power, and he wouldn't need to cultivate the profound Tao Power alone like the people in the profound Wasteland and the profound Wasteland.

As for the cultivators in profound Wasteland and Sacred Wasteland, from the moment they started cultivating, they were able to absorb the profound Tao Power from the Dao energy. However, other than these two places, no one else had such conditions.

After Chen Xiang consumed the Emperor Profound pellet, he quickly entered into a state of cultivation.

At this time, the profound Tao Power was like a large river, flowing endlessly into the heart. The Emperor Profound Core contained an extremely large amount of profound Tao Power s.

In half a day, Chen Xiang refined the medicinal power into the heart of the profound way, and at the same time, his heart of the profound way became stronger and stronger, he was already able to convert the Dao power into profound Tao Power, but its speed was rather slow, if he had a mental plan, he could instantly transform it.

Chen Xiang also did not refine any Emperor Profound pills now, but was waiting for the Jiuyang earthly fruit s to grow out.

"Hongqing, how is the growth of this Jiuyang earthly fruit?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Jiuyang earthly fruit need to be buried deep under the soil." Chu Hongqing said: "The Jiuyang earthly fruit will bud on its own, then grow a blade of gra.s.s, and then split the gra.s.s into branches to grow other Jiuyang earthly fruit."

"In other words, if it is planted, isn't it a string of fruits?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Yes, the one from before. There are around 20 of them in a row. With the help of the purple pearls, they will mature and be used to concoct pills after two more days or so." Chu Hongqing said.

There were still two days worth of time, and Chen Xiang couldn't wait any longer either. As long as he went out for a walk, he could see through a window that many Black Hairs Human s outside were still attacking the palace.

In order for the palace to resist, the array formation continued to circulate, this way, it would continuously consume energy, once the energy inside the palace was used up, the Black Hairs Human would be able to attack.

"I wonder if there's a Dao Sovereign's Black Hairs Human outside." Chen Xiang pondered, he did not know if he could match up to the Black Hairs Human s with the Dao Sovereign level of cultivation, once he mastered it.

He felt that by relying on the Six Realms mirrors as his defense and using the Heavenly magic sword as support, he would be able to kill quite a few Black Hairs Human s. If the other party had a Dao Sovereign, he wouldn't dare to act rashly.

Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword, changed it into a Ninth Heaven Divine Bow, and shot it towards the Black Hairs Human outside.

He aimed at the heart of a Black Hairs Human, and after the arrow pierced through the heart of that Black Hairs Human, that Black Hairs Human suddenly exploded.

The Black Hairs Human outside were very concentrated, so a single explosion would affect the surrounding area. Just this one arrow alone had already cost a few thousand.

"Like the Black Hairs Human s, the heart is their weakness." Chen Xiang was secretly happy, this was an extremely fatal blow.

After the arrow just now, Black Hairs Human seemed to have received orders, as they scattered apart, maintaining a certain distance. This way, even if they exploded again, they wouldn't blow up a large area like before.

"There must be a leader nearby." Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to carefully observe. Amongst the surrounding Black Hairs Human, that Jin Xin was the same size, and there were no Transmission Master s inside.

The Transmission Master must have been complex enough to teleport over to ordinary Black Hairs Human, then they all hid themselves.

"The Black Hairs Human here seems to be very smart." Chu Hongqing said: "This is not easy to deal with."

Previously, when Chen Xiang was inside the profound Wasteland, when he teamed up with Tie Xiong and the others, he had easily killed thousands of the Black Hairs Human, and they were all in the distance at that.

Chen Xiang was waiting for the Jiuyang earthly fruit to mature, so he also planned to use the Nine-Xiao G.o.d's Bow to kill as many people as possible in the next two days.

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