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"This Nine Yang Earth Cuc.u.mber … "No, Ghastly Fruit, it's that powerful!" Chen Xiang looked at Xia Bailing. Xia Bailing also did not think that she was from the Spirit Wasteland, so he did not know much about this kind of medicine that had profound Tao Power s.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, we still have Diprofound fruit. If we refine the pellets together with the Jiuyang earthly fruit, wouldn't that be even more powerful?" Xia Bailing immediately said.

Du Xiaoling nodded his head: "Actually, high level medicines can be matched very freely when refining, mainly because high level ingredients are rare, and there are very few inherent pill formulas, a single medicinal ingredient to refine into a pill, would have very good effects, I need you guys to try it, I only know how to refine poisons, I do not know how to refine pills, but it should be more or less the same."

Bai Ziqian asked: "What is the use of the profound Tao Power?"

The combination of the power of the profound yellow and the power of the Heavenly Dao will make it even more powerful. You might not be able to sense it now, but if you manage to cultivate it to the Dao profound realm Realm, you will understand. " Du Xiaoling said: "In the entire Primordial Wastelands, only the dao auras of profound Wasteland and Sacred Wasteland contain the profound Tao Power, and only these two places are able to produce medicinal ingredients that contain the profound Tao Power."

Xia Bailing pouted and said: "Then doesn't that mean that our profound Tao Power isn't strong Dao Sovereigns are weak compared to the Sacred Wasteland and the profound Wasteland Dao Sovereigns?"

"If we were to compare strength, then it would indeed be much weaker. However, it doesn't matter. We can catch up later on." Du Xiaoling said.

After that, Bai Youyou told Bai Ziqian the method to cultivate the heart of the profound way, which Bai Ziqian did not know about.

After hearing it, Du Xiaoling was very surprised, "Chen Xiang, is this a method to create something? Truly amazing, if I can truly cultivate my heart of the profound way, then I can turn my own Dao energy into profound Tao Power and when it is needed, I can transform it without needing to go from a newly acc.u.mulated state to a new one! "

"Mn, right now I have already cultivated the heart of the profound way. I think if I can refine the Jiuyang earthly fruit and the Diprofound fruit into a pill, it would be very easy to form the mind." Chen Xiang said.

"It won't be easy to grow many of them. This Emperor Grade medicinal herb will take a very long time to grow." Xia Bailing also wanted to quickly refine more, she wanted to cultivate until she had a clear mind.

"It's not too long. There are already more than ten Diprofound fruit here." Chen Xiang laughed.

Du Xiaoling and Bai Ziqian did not know that Chen Xiang had a Creation Divine Well, but hearing Chen Xiang's words, Du Xiaoling picked up the Diprofound fruit and looked at it.

"The aura of the Creation Divine Spring... Do you have a Creator's Well? " Du Xiaoling said in shock: "This is the Natural Law Divine Spirit's treasure, and it's actually in your hands."

"He gave it to me!" Chen Xiang suddenly laughed sinisterly: "Elder Sister Xiao Ling, that guy still has something good. When I see him again, I'll see if I can get back here!"

"The best thing about him is this Creation G.o.d's Well. Since he has already given it to you, don't think about his things." Du Xiaoling laughed.

"Little Scoundrel, come back after you grow those Emperor Grade medicinal herbs. I want to stay here for a while." Xia Bailing said: "I also want to cultivate my impenetrable's physique. Elder Sister Xiao Ling, you definitely have a way, right?"

Xia Bailing had experienced death poison before, and had also experienced Sky Evolution's poison, so she was very afraid of poison. She was very envious of Chen Xiang's poison, so she wasn't afraid of anything.

"I do have a way, but I have to endure a lot of hardships. I can't guarantee that I won't succeed." Du Xiaoling thought about it and said.

"No problem, I'm not afraid of hard work, I want to learn from you." Xia Bailing said.

Chen Xiang had already helped Bai Youyou find Bai Ziqian, and even helped him get rid of the curse, so it was time for him to return.

Bai Ziqian continued to stay here, the reason why Du Xiaoling stayed in Beast Wasteland, was because there were not many humans there. Sometimes she had to go out to refine some poison, and if there was an accident and the poison leaked out, it would affect many people.

Before Chen Xiang left, Du Xiaoling gave him three small jade boxes.

"The black box is a Heaven's Divination poison, you should already understand it by now. Inside the white box was the Heart Devouring Bone Poison. If one touched it, all of the Bones and heart in one's body would melt. As for the red box, it is called Drunken Sky Powder. If you smell even a trace of it, you would feel weak all over, and if you are unable to use your Dao Energy, your divine soul will become sluggish. "

Du Xiaoling warned repeatedly, "This is all for your personal defense. You must be careful when using it, so as to not harm the innocent!"

Then, she gave Chen Xiang a jade bottle: "Inside this bottle is the antidote I refined, it can cure all three poisons. If you accidentally poison an innocent person, it can be used to cure the poison."

"What a great item. Can it deal with Dao Sovereigns or something?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It can poison a Dao Sovereign, but a vigilant Dao Sovereign can prevent the poison from spreading. If he wants to spread it all over his body, the only way is to poison his heart!" Du Xiaoling said seriously: "I am only giving you protection, with your current cultivation, you cannot go face to face with the Dao Sovereign, it is very dangerous."

"I know, thank you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I must remember this!" In order to make Chen Xiang remember, Du Xiaoling had even pinched Chen Xiang's face, causing him to laugh foolishly.

Just like this, Chen Xiang brought Bai Youyou and Xu Youqing back to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, and Xu Youqing once again returned to their artifact forging team. As for Bai Youyou, she planned to follow Chen Xiang for a while, because the members of the War G.o.d Team were all outside, she didn't want to go out alone, either.

Inside the Hundreds of Flowers Village, Feng Yujie, Xie Qiaoyan and the others had already started refining Shipo Dan. Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing had previously refined quite a few already, which was enough for them to eat by themselves.

Feng Yujie and the others did not just refine pills for the Hundreds of Flowers Village's women to eat, the Heavenly Dragon City also needed it, and the Heavenly Dragon City did not want it for nothing. They would go to various places to gather some resources that the Hundreds of Flowers Village s said they needed, and at the same time, plant a large amount of medicinal herbs.

With the formation Long Jiuxiao had set up to grow medicinal ingredients, the speed of the cultivation would also be extremely fast.

and the others also planned to return to the profound Wasteland. After all, they had their own city there.

When it was night time, Chen Xiang brought them to the profound Wasteland and entered the city. What was surprising was that there was no attack from the city and everything was very quiet. The dao aura in the city had already become extremely strong, and it was all created by Tie Yuntian.

Chen Xiang did not stay there for long. When he came to Three Money Divine City, he found out from Huang Jintian that Fan Shixin had been looking for him these past few days.

"Manor Lord Fan, is there anything you need me for?" Chen Xiang asked, he was a little worried that the matter of him killing the descendants of the Sky Desolate in Sacred Wasteland would be discovered.

"The more important thing is that although our three great native bank s have achieved some results in their training, we are currently unable to enter the Devil Wasteland or the Devil Wasteland. We will need your help." Fan Shixin said: "Evil Wasteland and the Black Hairs Human inside the Devil Wasteland have roughly two months to break through the barrier, and we plan to start a real battle soon."

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