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Chen Xiang's body was currently unceasingly leaking out black mist. The mist gathered together and turned into black water, which was being absorbed by the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace!

Only the flames inside the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace could incinerate the Heaven's Path Incantation!

The Heaven's Path Curse that could imprison Du Xiaoling must be very strong. Chen Xiang could feel it clearly at this moment.

For the next two to three days, Chen Xiang continued to devour the filthy Heavenly Energy from the Divine Sense Sea World. The Heavenly Energy flowed out from his soul, he could feel that the Heavenly Energy was extremely evil, filled with killing intent and resentment, with many negative emotions, it was extremely vicious!

Chen Xiang could not understand why this kind of Heavenly Energy spell would contain such a terrifying thing, as if it had completely deteriorated.

"Could it be that there's a problem with the Heaven's Path Divine Art?" Chen Xiang frowned: "Or is there someone who is controlling the flow of the Heavenly Energy?"

The Heaven's Path Curse Energy was originally the energy of the heavens, and was especially transformed into the energy of the heavens. After that, it would enter Du Xiaoling's soul and control Du Xiaoling to spread the death poison everywhere!

"No wonder the death poison is so terrifying." Chen Xiang finally understood the true meaning of death poison. This type of poison contained all sorts of viciousness and death anyway.

After using a few days of time, Du Xiaoling's Divine Sense Sea World had finally become extremely clear. Chen Xiang looked at the colossal dragon in the blue sky, and the Vermillion Bird that was already circling around.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly, then kept his second Divine Sense Sea, and left Du Xiaoling's Divine Sense Sea.

At this time, both Du Xiaoling and Xu Youqing opened their eyes!

"Thank you!" Du Xiaoling's eyes were moist, currently filled with excitement.

"You're welcome." She had put in the most effort, and Du Xiaoling was very clear of this point.

Seeing that Xu Youqing was so tired, Chen Xiang anxiously let her enter You Yao Mountain Villa to rest. She greeted Bai Ziqian before entering.

Du Xiaoling looked at Xia Bailing, and did not dare look him in the eye, she did not know that Xia Bailing already knew about her.

"Let bygones be bygones. I'm very open-minded." Xia Bailing pinched Du Xiaoling's face, and giggled: "I never thought Heaven Poison Divine Spirit was so cute and innocent."

Du Xiaoling stared blankly for a moment, secretly rejoiced in his heart, then smiled sweetly at Xia Bailing: "Mn, thank you!"

Xia Bailing rubbed Du Xiaoling's innocent and cute face. Seeing a big spider crawling on the ground, she quickly jumped on it and chased after it.

"Are you tired? Do you want to take a rest?" Bai Ziqian asked. She was already Chen Xiang's woman and was extremely concerned about him.

"It's not tiring, it's not a problem even if I have to fight with you for three hundred rounds." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Ah?" Do you fight often? " Du Xiaoling knew that their relationship was close, but he never thought that they would often fight.

Bai Youyou chuckled: "They were fighting in the small hut earlier …."

Bai Ziqian glared at Bai Youyou, and then pinched Chen Xiang: "You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, don't teach my master too much, she's very pure."

Du Xiaoling was confused, but she did not care too much about it. Right now, she was in a very good mood, being able to remove her shackles and at the same time getting Xia Bailing's forgiveness, was the happiest thing in her life.

"Elder Sister Xiao Ling, do you think my father from the island will be punished again? The death poison has already been expelled by me. " Chen Xiang said.

"You can get rid of that much deadly poison?" Du Xiaoling didn't dare to tell her about this matter before because he was worried that the mysterious heaven's curse power inside her soul would know about it and let her poison it.

"Yeah, it was killed with this flame." Chen Xiang released the Fire of Creation.

"This is …" This is World Exterminating Flame! " Du Xiaoling was shocked, and her face slightly changed.

"What?" Isn't that called the creator's fire? " Chen Xiang then took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. "This thing is called a Chuangshi G.o.d furnace!"

"Creation and destruction are similar. Once destroyed, you can create anew." In Xia Bailing's hand was a very small cat, only the size of a thumb.

"Your father's island should no longer be in danger, because the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit is no longer … However, I am worried that the Heavenly Dao will create another punisher. " Du Xiaoling said.

Xia Bailing laughed, "Even if there are new punishers, they will first kill this little scoundrel." She pinched Chen Xiang's face.

Chen Xiang slapped her hands away and snorted: "You touched so many poisons and you're here to touch my face again!"

Xia Bailing said in a charming voice, "What are you afraid of?"

Bai Youyou asked: "Sister Bai Ling, who was the one who planned all of this? You are so powerful, and you are even using spatial energy, you shouldn't be so easily poisoned. "

When Bai Youyou did not mention it, Xia Bailing had almost forgotten about it.

"It's three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I have to find them, they actually teamed up to ambush me. First, they used an array disc to mess up the s.p.a.ce around me, causing me to lose my senses for a short period of time, then they released a large amount of poisonous gas, which I accidentally absorbed."

"This formation plate must be very brilliant. Sister Bai Ling, you are a s.p.a.ce dao master." Xu Youqing said after hearing it from the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"They are from the Undead Divine Race, they should be from the Sacred Wasteland. There are traces of the Undead Divine Race in all the great wastelands, and only the Sacred Wasteland has that kind of strength." Du Xiaoling said.

"Un, let's not talk about this first!" Chen Xiang took out a pile of medicinal ingredients and said: "Sister Bai Ling, you are experienced and knowledgeable, tell me what these are."

"So many good things. Where did you get them?" Xia Bailing anxiously shouted. She was also a Alchemist, so she naturally knew about it.

Chen Xiang had asked Xie Qiaoyan before at the Hundreds of Flowers Village, and she had only thrown out the Emperor Blood Ginseng.

"These three are Emperor Grade medicinal materials." Du Xiaoling recognized her as well. After all, she had lived for a long time, and she specialized in refining poisons.

"This horn-like gra.s.s is a Dao Dragon Earth Gra.s.s. If it is refined together with the Emperor Blood Ginseng, it will be able to create a Dao G.o.d emporer Yuan Dan." Xia Bailing said: "This pill is an Emperor middle tier pill! Furthermore, it is temporarily useless to you, as this is only useful to us Dao Sovereigns. The main thing is to cultivate Dao G.o.d gold body. "

Du Xiaoling nodded and said, "Above the Dao Sovereign is the Dao G.o.d. One must cultivate up to the Dao G.o.d gold body in order to be able to bear the powerful Heavenly Energy of the Dao G.o.ds and step into the Dao G.o.d Realm."

"What about this potato thing?" Chen Xiang pointed to the potato that looked like a golden crystal.

"I don't know." Xia Bailing shook his head and looked at Du Xiaoling, "Elder Sister Xiao Ling definitely knows."

Du Xiaoling chuckled: "This is called a Jiuyang earthly fruit, a fruit that grows underground. There is a core within it that can be used to grow! The Jiuyang earthly fruit contains a special Jiuyang Dao power, something stronger than the profound Tao Power! "

"On the same level, the Jiuyang Dao power is ten times more powerful than the profound Tao Power."

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