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"Elder Sister Xiao Ling!" Chen Xiang spent approximately two days before returning.

"Well, where's your wife?" Du Xiaoling looked at Chen Xiang and asked.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Elder Sister Xiao Ling, do you have poison in this place? I'm worried that she won't be able to take it, so I'll check to see if it's safe. "

Du Xiaoling hurriedly nodded, then closed her eyes and carefully sensed the surroundings of her small courtyard. Only after she confirmed that there was no poison did she nod her head, and then gently smiled: "Even if she was poisoned, I can quickly cure it. Bai Ling will recover very quickly, and it should still be a few more days."

"You Qing, Sister You You, you can come out now." Chen Xiang let Xu Youqing and Bai Youyou out.

Du Xiaoling recognized Bai Youyou, but he didn't know that he was Xu Youqing. They were both girls, so it wasn't difficult for them to get to know each other.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was wandering around to see the poison inside.

"Little Scoundrel, come here!" Xu Youqing shouted.

Chen Xiang was playing with a black venomous cat demon, and when he heard Xu Youqing call him, he immediately ran over.

"What is it?"

"I am preparing to enter the Elder Sister Xiao Ling. I need some peace and quiet, and I cannot be disturbed." Xu Youqing said.

"Un, are you confident you can help Elder Sister Xiao Ling get rid of the Heavenly Energy that is imprisoning her?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I can't be sure yet. I'll have to check carefully before I know." At this time, Xu Youqing's face was extremely solemn, you could tell that the thing she was about to do next was definitely dangerous.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then maintained silence with Bai Youyou, maintaining his vigilance against the surroundings, preventing anything from coming over. After all, Du Xiaoling had a lot of poisonous materials here.

Du Xiaoling and Xu Youqing clasped their hands together, the two girls had their eyes closed and were extremely quiet. Chen Xiang did not know how they were progressing and could only wait patiently.

Very quickly, several hours pa.s.sed. They were still sitting like this.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang heard the door opening, both he and Bai Youyou immediately became cautious.

"Sister You You You, stay here. I'll go take a look!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he teleported to the stone door, only to see a woman dressed in black tight clothes walking in.

The girl had a long braid hanging on her well-developed chest, with a purple hook at the end, her face was cold and charming, with purple lines on it, and her eyes shone with a purple light. She was Bai Ziqian.

"Sister Ziqian!" Chen Xiang laughed: "You're back!"

"Chen Xiang, why are you here!" Bai Ziqian was extremely shocked, and immediately asked: "Are you alright?"

Chen Xiang made a "hush" gesture, then said in a low voice: "It's fine, Elder Sister Xiao Ling and the others are doing very important things, we need to keep it quiet."

Bai Youyou originally wanted to come over, but the place was filled with poison, so she could only stay where she was.

"Why are you guys here? You don't trust me, do you? " After all, Bai Ziqian was Bai Youyou's big sister. Seeing Chen Xiang here, she could already guess what would happen.

"Yes, but now we are relieved! And I brought Sister Bai Ling here to treat the poison. " Chen Xiang said: "Sister Bai Ling was poisoned by the Sky Spill Poison, only the Elder Sister Xiao Ling can cure her."

This meant that Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang were getting along quite well. When she saw Chen Xiang previously, she was worried that he would poison her.

"Hehe, I come from the impenetrable, there's no f * cking problem coming to this place." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Hmph, it's been so long since I've seen you, but you're still the same as ever." Bai Ziqian snorted lightly, then walked with Chen Xiang over to where Bai Youyou was.

Bai Youyou told Bai Ziqian about helping him. Of course, Bai Ziqian knew about what happened to Du Xiaoling, she did not know that Xu Youqing could help him, so even though she was still in the Hundreds of Flowers Village, she rarely interacted with the women of the Hundreds of Flowers Village. At the very most, she only interacted with Lv Qinlian, and she did not even see Bai Youyou often.

"How is it? Have you managed to control your poison well?" Bai Ziqian asked. Previously, Bai Ziqian had obtained the inheritance of an Ancient Poison G.o.d King, so he had cultivated that kind of poison technique.

Back then, it was also because she had received the inheritance of the Ancient Poison G.o.d King that she had fallen into a deadly situation. At that time, Chen Xiang had risked his life to save her, and it was precisely because of that that, that she had buried the feelings of adoration towards Chen Xiang deep within her heart.

"It's much better now. It's mainly because my cultivation and mental state are not enough, yet I have to control such a powerful poison. My strength doesn't follow my heart, so I often lose control." Bai Ziqian sighed.

"Let me touch it. See if it's a little fat or not." Chen Xiang immediately extended her hand out and pinched Bai Ziqian's jade face.

Bai Ziqian coldly glared at Chen Xiang. After all, Bai Youyou was here, and Du Xiaoling and Xu Youqing were at the side.

"Sis, is your poison effective against those Black Hairs Human s?" Bai Youyou asked.

"It worked. Master told me." Bai Ziqian looked at Du Xiaoling. Du Xiaoling was her master.

"Sister Ziqian, are you afraid of the Sky Spill Poison?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't know. I've only heard it from Master once and I've never seen it with my own eyes. But I'm going to go see Sister Bai Ling." Back then, when Xia Bailing entered the Hundreds of Flowers Village, it was extremely lively. After all, Xia Bailing was very mischievous, jumping up and down with Long Xueyi and the other mischievous beings.

Chen Xiang and Bai Ziqian entered the small house, while Bai Youyou stayed behind, she did not dare to walk around carelessly, especially in the small house, where there was the Qi of the Heaven's Divination, which Du Xiaoling had mentioned before.

Bai Ziqian walked to the door, and already felt the aura of the Sky Spill Poison, and frowned. She glanced at Chen Xiang, but Chen Xiang was completely fine.

"Looks like this poison still can't deal with you. Your body is truly special, I'm afraid only Qinlian's Love Poison is effective against you, the only one that can deal with you in this world is Qinlian's Love Poison." Bai Ziqian said as he walked into the small hut.

Bai Ziqian saw Xia Bailing lying in the bathtub, the water in the bathtub was very black and thick, it was like ink.

"The Sky Spill Poison is very scary, but it has already been absorbed and digested by the poisonous water that Master refined." Sky Spill Poison is very scary, but right now it has already been absorbed and digested by the poisonous water that Master refined. Bai Ziqian used her jade hand to gently touch the thick black water, and exclaimed: "The Heaven's Divination poison is truly terrifying!"

Bai Ziqian was frowning as he looked at Bai Ziqian. Suddenly, Chen Xiang came to her back and hugged her.

Bai Ziqian's delicate body trembled, and then she channeled all the energy in her body, wanting to struggle free from Chen Xiang. However, just as she was about to release her power, she retracted it back.

"Sister Ziqian, all of these years you must have been tough, right?" Chen Xiang asked gently.

Bai Ziqian turned around, looked into Chen Xiang's deep emotional eyes, and then nodded. Because of her, not to mention men, she didn't even dare to approach a woman. That kind of loneliness had tortured her for many years, and Chen Xiang could understand as well.

Chen Xiang faintly smiled, then hugged Bai Ziqian. Bai Ziqian also hugged Chen Xiang tightly, feeling Chen Xiang's heartbeat. The two of them gazed at each other with deep love, and before they knew it, they had started kissing …

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