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The Heaven Poison Divine Spirit laughed: "Ziqian has already promised me that after a while, he would go and call the Poison Emperor to come here to cultivate. I didn't expect that you would come."

"Don't worry about Ziqian, she's living a good life here. She went out to gather poison now."

"Her sister sent me to find her, to take her back, for fear she might learn something bad here." Chen Xiang smiled and said, "Looks like there's no need to worry, because you are completely different from what she imagined."

"What a good sister. She cares so much about her sister." Heaven Poison Divine Spirit smiled gently, "You can tell Ziqian's sister not to worry at all."

"She's mainly worried that Sister Ziqian will learn how to use the deadly poison, and then go out and randomly use it." Chen Xiang said: "Because the threat of that Black Hairs Human is very big, she was worried that big sister would blindly use the strong death poison for her goal."

"It's not like that. The death poison cannot be used carelessly. Even I am unable to use it without the permission of the Heavenly Energy." Saying this, Heaven Poison Divine Spirit sighed helplessly. "I also know how terrifying the death poison is, but I had no choice. Under the orders of the Heavenly Dao, I killed many creatures."

"Must we kill him?" Chen Xiang thought about what Xia Bailing had experienced, and he decided not to tell Xia Bailing about it. It was because the city that Xia Bailing was on, had been invaded by the death poison, and was also the island that his father was on.

Heaven Poison Divine Spirit shook his head, "Once I sense that those groups of people will affect the balance of the Heavenly Dao, I will lose control and spread the death poison. That process is not something that I can decide myself, so I can only watch as many creatures die in my hands."

Speaking of this matter, Chen Xiang saw that Heaven Poison Divine Spirit's beautiful eyes were filled with grief.

"The heavens created me. They should have set me up to be a ruthless divine spirit, but they only made me sentimental. They even forced me to do many cruel things to make me endure the pain of my heart." The matter of the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit was extremely sad.

"Is there no way to change it?" Chen Xiang frowned: "Right now, those Black Hairs Human are also a great threat to this land, but why haven't you received orders to kill them?"

Heaven Poison Divine Spirit shook his head: "It is not as simple as you think, Black Hairs Human was created by the Heavenly Dao in the first place, it was the power of the Heavenly Dao. Although something changed later on, it was still the Heavenly Dao's own power.

"Senior Sky Poison, did you remember that my father was attacked by the death poison before on an island that could jump back and forth?" Chen Xiang asked.

Heaven Poison Divine Spirit immediately lowered her head, and bit her lower lip, before lightly nodding her head. She didn't dare face Chen Xiang.

"It's fine. My father isn't dead." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Really?" The Heaven Poison Divine Spirit was delighted and asked.

"Really, but a lot has happened since then... They went underground. " Chen Xiang never thought that the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit would feel so guilty, so she did not plan to tell him about Xia Bailing's destruction of the city, in case she felt sad.

Of course, she wouldn't tell Xia Bailing that she was saved by the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit, at that time, both parties would definitely suffer.

"Why should the island be punished?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There has been a change on that island, and it has created an ability that allows a large number of plants to grow quickly. This is completely against the rules of the Natural Law Principles, so it was destroyed, but the island cannot be blamed for that, after all, this is the Heavenly Dao's mistake. If not for the change in the Heavenly Dao's power, the special power of the island would not have been birthed."

"In order to make up for this mistake, the Heavenly Dao is cruel. You should be able to understand that."

Chen Xiang understood, of course, that in order to maintain a balance, the Heavenly Dao would be extremely cruel, such as exterminating the three great native bank who had been working for the Heavenly Dao for many years.

"Now that the Heavenly Dao has gone out of control, all sorts of things can happen. I just hope that I don't have to do any more of the things that I don't want to do. I've already done this many times." The Heaven Poison Divine Spirit sighed.

"There must be a way out of this destiny." Chen Xiang said: "I have a wife, she naturally understands the power of the curse, I feel that your current fate is like a curse, maybe she has a way?"

"Is this true? People who are born with the ability to use curses are against the heavens, but they won't be punished because she knows how to use the power of curses to change the curses of fate. " Heaven Poison Divine Spirit suddenly became excited: "Maybe I can get her to help me."

"No problem, she's a good person. She will definitely do her best to help you." Chen Xiang laughed: "Oh, that's right, you should have a name, right? I always call you Sky Poison, it's unpleasant to the ears!"

"Of course there is. I chose that name myself, Du Xiaoling!" Du Xiaoling smiled sweetly, "Is that nice to listen to?!"

"Poison G.o.d, Du Xiaoling … It's pretty close, of course it's nice. " Chen Xiang laughed, then looked at the little house and muttered, "Elder Sister Xiao Ling, if Big Sister Bai Ling wakes up, don't tell her too many things."

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he was somewhat regretful. This was because Du Xiaoling was extremely intelligent, and very sensitive as well.

"Why not?" Du Xiaoling asked softly: "Are you afraid that I will scare her? She is a Dao Lord after all!"

"This... She has been poisoned before, so there will be shadows. And you using such a strong poison will definitely scare her away. " Chen Xiang casually found an excuse.

"You're lying." Du Xiaoling scoffed, "Hurry up and tell me why you can't tell her. I have a hunch that there must be another reason."

Chen Xiang was in a bit of a difficult situation: "That's not the reason, I just don't want to touch on some of her sad thoughts!"

After Du Xiaoling heard this, she lowered her head and sighed: "Un, I know. Can you tell me when she encountered the deadly poison?"

When Du Xiaoling was forced to attack by the Heavenly Dao, he used deadly poison.

"This... Everyone in that city is born with the power of law. " Chen Xiang said.

Du Xiaoling's eyes suddenly filled with tears, as she sobbed softly.

Chen Xiang didn't know how to comfort her either.

"She is that little girl. Even I was unable to save her back then." Du Xiaoling sobbed.

Maybe this is the arrangement of fate. If you did not help her cure the poison, she might have died, so don't feel guilty, Elder Sister Xiao Ling. Chen Xiang consoled.

Although Chen Xiang said that, Du Xiaoling still cried for a long time. After crying for a while, she felt better, even though she was a G.o.d that had lived for a long time, but right now, she looked like a sentimental girl.

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