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"Be careful, prepare your defenses!" Bai Youyou said to Chen Xiang.

"Got it!" Chen Xiang felt that the other party's greatest threat should be that kind of terrifying poison. At this time, he also planned to give it a try to see if he really had impenetrable.

Pushing the stone door open, a faint fragrance drifted over. This fragrance was extremely strange and had a demonic charm that made it impossible for him to resist sucking greedily. He was completely unable to control himself as he sucked in a few mouthfuls.

After he finished absorbing it, Chen Xiang finally realised that it was probably a type of extremely poisonous substance, but he did not feel any discomfort on his body.

Inside was a very s.p.a.cious and large stone room. It was also very high in height, because there were some trees here. At the top of the room were many glowing stones that could brighten up the room.

The door automatically closed with a "bang" sound. Chen Xiang looked behind him and wanted to open the stone door, but he was unable to. However, he was not worried, he still had s.p.a.ce energy to use.

This huge stone room was like an indoor garden, with many beautiful flowers, plants, and even the chirping of birds.

Just when Chen Xiang was secretly praising the beauty of the place, he suddenly saw a black thing that was as thick as a bucket lying on the side of the stone room.

Then, he carefully looked at the surrounding corners. After taking a look, he began to sweat profusely because he saw many hairy and huge spiders. There were definitely a lot of poisonous insects and flowers.

"Is this a poisonous bird?" Chen Xiang saw a purple bird. Although it was a poisonous bird, it looked much more pleasing to the eye than the centipede and spider.

At this time, he definitely did not dare let Bai Youyou escape. There was poison everywhere, and even if he did not deliberately release it, the poison in it would be extremely toxic.

"Who are you? Why are you looking for me?" Chen Xiang suddenly heard a voice. It was a very pleasant voice, light and beautiful.

At this moment, he also saw a cyan robed woman floating down from a tree. The cyan robed woman was very beautiful and she had a faint smile on her face.

"You are … Heaven Poison Divine Spirit? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Hmm, how did you know I'm from the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit? Don't you know about the beasts on this mountain? Heaven Poison Divine Spirit was a little surprised. She had a small bird in her hand, looking round and cute.

Before Chen Xiang came here, he had already fantasized about what the "old b.i.t.c.h" he heard from the Natural Law Divine Spirit sounded like. He had thought that she would be ice-cold, or perhaps be one of those very beautiful or ferocious, but he had never thought that she was such a gentle and sweet lady.

He wanted to curse the Natural Law Divine Spirit very much, to actually say that this kind of woman is an old b.i.t.c.h!

"I have a friend who was infected with a powerful poison. Can you help me take a look?" Chen Xiang immediately asked, he did not want to talk about Bai Ziqian first, he was worried that the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit might dislike him.

"You're pretty amazing, to think that you would be fine after coming in." Heaven Poison Divine Spirit smiled slightly: "If it was anyone else, they would have long been lying on the ground, but I will rescue them. Although the legends say that I am a scary person here, but no one has ever died here."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I heard that you are also very scary, but I didn't expect you to be so gentle and beautiful."

Heaven Poison Divine Spirit laughed. "You know that I'm Heaven Poison Divine Spirit and you even said that I'm gentle and beautiful, this is the first time I've met them. Some guys call me a b.i.t.c.h, an old b.i.t.c.h or something like that."

"This... You know! " Chen Xiang laughed dryly: Are you not angry?

"Why should I be angry? Wouldn't being angry be making things difficult for me? Wouldn't that be making things difficult for him? If others were to scold me, they would definitely hate me, which is why they scolded me. However, if they hated me, they would hold a grudge in their hearts. They were the ones who were injured. I am fine. " Heaven Poison Divine Spirit smiled sweetly: "Is your friend here? I'll go with you to take a look! "

Chen Xiang did not expect this Heaven Poison Divine Spirit to be completely different from what he imagined.

"I've got it on me!" Chen Xiang immediately took Xia Bailing out from the crystal box and placed him on the ground.

Seeing Xia Bailing's expression, Heaven Poison Divine Spirit immediately frowned: "What a powerful poison!"

"What poison is this?" This kind of poison can reproduce itself, and does not rely on any external force. " Chen Xiang asked.

"This is called the Heaven's Divination poison, only the Undead Divine Race can refine it! Of course, only the most powerful Undead Divine Race would be able to refine such a pill. At the very least, it would require a Dao Sovereign to be strong enough to refine it. " Heaven Poison Divine Spirit said, "Your friend is also very strong. He is a Dao Lord. Otherwise, she would have died a long time ago."

"It's actually Undead Divine Race!" Chen Xiang clenched his fists.

"The strongest member of the Undead Divine Race is only a Dao Sovereign and is unable to become a Dao G.o.d. This is set by the Heavenly Dao, but once they combine with a person called Red Spirit Race, they can break through and become a powerful Dao G.o.d." The Heaven Poison Divine Spirit said, "And such a powerful Heaven's Divination poison can only be refined by an Undying Dao G.o.d. If it was refined by a Dao Sovereign, it wouldn't be as powerful."

"Senior Sky Poison, can you cure this poison? Sister Bai Ling is my good friend! " Chen Xiang asked quickly.

"That's not a problem. It's just that it will take some time. You don't have to worry about that. I've tried to cure you of this poison before." Heaven Poison Divine Spirit chuckled: "Come, carry your friend and follow me!"

Heaven Poison Divine Spirit had already melted the ice that sealed Xia Bailing, and she had even placed a black pellet into Xia Bailing's mouth.

Chen Xiang carried Xia Bailing and followed the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit into a small hut.

"Put her in this tub!" Heaven Poison Divine Spirit pointed to a large bathtub.

After Chen Xiang placed Xia Bailing inside, he saw that the water inside the basin had suddenly turned black, shocking him.

"Alright, she'll be fine after a while!" Heaven Poison Divine Spirit smiled at Chen Xiang: "Let's go out. We will still need some time."

Chen Xiang nodded, looked at the sleeping Xia Bailing, and then followed the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit outside.

"Your body is very special, you aren't afraid of any poison at all." Heaven Poison Divine Spirit made Chen Xiang sit beside a stone table, then he pinched Chen Xiang's fingers and squeezed to squeeze out a drop of blood.

"It's not like I'm not afraid of any poison at all. I was almost killed by a poison in the past." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

"Oh? Was it when you cultivated this impenetrable body that was poisoned? " Heaven Poison Divine Spirit frowned slightly, as if she was thinking about it. She felt that it was somewhat impossible, "What poison is that?!"

"Love poison!" "What sort of Poison Emperor's Lotus that nearly poisoned me? What's funny is that I am still that Poison Emperor's Lotus Lover's lover." Chen Xiang said. Lv Qinlian was transformed from the Emperor Poison Lotus, the poison was really scary.

Heaven Poison Divine Spirit patted his brain, and laughed: "I'm so stupid, I actually forgot there's this poison! There were very few Emperors of Love, Poison … Are you Ziqian's friend? You came here to find Ziqian? I heard from Ziqian that she has a very close relationship with the spirit demon that the Poison Emperor Lotus turned into. "

"Yes, I was just looking for Sister Ziqian, but my friend was poisoned, so I brought him over! Is Sister Ziqian here? " Chen Xiang asked, he felt that Bai Youyou's worries were unnecessary.

Bai Youyou also felt that this Heaven Poison Divine Spirit was completely different from what she imagined. Previously, she was very worried that Bai Ziqian would mislead her.

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