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Bai Youyou opened the wooden box, and a burst of demonic Qi sneaked out. Bai Youyou's eyes lit up, and anxiously grabbed the black sword, only to see her hand suddenly bleeding, and the demon sword was fusing with her.

"Six demonic swords! This should be the Heavenly G.o.d Weapon! " Bai Youyou was very satisfied, then she gave a charming smile, "You should extort more of that old fellow's things."

"Next time, someone like him will definitely live for a long time. There's plenty of time to extort money." Chen Xiang laughed: "When I go to White Spirit City, find Sister Bai Ling and ask her some questions, I will go look for Heaven Poison Divine Spirit."

It just so happened that Bai Youyou knew Chen Xiang was not afraid of death poison, so she didn't worry about him going to Heaven Poison Divine Spirit. The most powerful thing about him was poison, and Chen Xiang wasn't afraid of poison, so Heaven Poison Divine Spirit couldn't do him any harm.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the White Spirit City, he discovered that the atmosphere was not right when he entered the White Spirit Palace.

At that moment, he saw a child riding a white lion the size of a dog towards him. It was the Void Holy Man.

"Senior Kong, what's going on? Why is the atmosphere so tense?" Chen Xiang anxiously asked. When he entered, he saw that many of the people here had ugly expressions, their faces were filled with fear, and many Dao Sect Rankers were entering and exiting, as though they were patrolling.

"Something happened to Bai Ling. Two black shadows rushed in and attacked her!" "Bai Ling is not in a good condition right now. She has fainted. Qingyang and I are working together to stabilize her."

"Quick, take me to see her!" Chen Xiang hurriedly said. Xia Bailing had a very good relationship with him, and could be said to be extremely close friends.

Even a Dao Sovereign like Xia Bailing would be injured like this. It could be seen how powerful the guy who sneaked an attack on him was.

He could only see Xia Bailing being frozen inside a crystal coffin. When he saw Xia Bailing, he immediately realized that Xia Bailing had been poisoned.

"She's been poisoned, and it's a very terrifying poison!" Chen Xiang frowned: "This poison is not dead poison! But it's even scarier than death poison! "

"Yes, we've all seen death poison before. Death poison shouldn't be able to cause a Dao Lord Bai Ling to become like this all of a sudden." Qingyang sighed, "Right now, I don't know what poison she is infected with, but it's impossible to cure it!"

"What are the characteristics of this poison?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Regenerate!" Void said, "This kind of poison does not rely on any energy to quickly multiply and replicate. This is the same as a drop of water turning into a large vat in a sealed s.p.a.ce, this is the terror of this poison. At present, we can only freeze it and not let it spread like this."

The characteristic of the deadly poison was that it could swallow everything and increase its reproduction rate. Moreover, most of the other poisons needed to enter the body and spread through the flesh as energy.

But now, the poison in Xia Bailing was so strange, he did not need any external force to be able to regenerate it!

He didn't know if it was a coincidence or not, but just as he was about to look for the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit, he encountered such a terrifying poison!

"Could it have been done by the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit?" Chen Xiang thought, aside from this Heaven Poison Divine Spirit, he couldn't think of anyone else who had that kind of ability.

"Has Sister Bai Ling had a grudge with someone who uses poison before?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No!" Kong Kong shook his head.

"Can I take her now?" Chen Xiang said: "I know who will be able to cure her poison, but at that time I will need that person to personally see the poison."

"Our ice seal can only last for a year, so you must return within a year. Otherwise, it will be quite troublesome." Azure Sun said.

"Don't worry about the ice seal, I can also increase it." Chen Xiang said, inside his Six Realms mirrors, there was an extremely strong Ice Sealing Great Formation.

"Alright!" Both Xu Kong and Qingyang agreed. They also knew that the relationship between Chen Xiang and Qingyang was very good, and Xia Bailing had often mentioned this to them.

Now, Xu Kong and Qingyang had frequently gone to the Heavenly Dragon City to talk with Long Jiuxiao, so they had a lot of trust in Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang placed the frozen Xia Bailing into the Serene Jade Ring, and then took out the black disc that the Natural Law Divine Spirit gave him. There was a pointer on it, and as long as he followed the pointer over there, he would be able to find the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit.

Chen Xiang left the White Spirit City, and followed the direction of the finger formation to teleport there.

Bai Youyou looked at the frozen Xia Bailing in the You Yao Mountain Villa and said, "If it wasn't Heaven Poison Divine Spirit who did it, then who else could it be? I hope it's not her! "

Bai Youyou was really worried that Chen Xiang and the Heaven Poison Divine Spirit would clash!

Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were extremely worried for Xia Bailing at this time. They had interacted with Xia Bailing in the You Yao Mountain Villa for a period of time and Xia Bailing had treated them very well.

"Find her and you'll know!" Chen Xiang said: "It shouldn't be her, Sister Bai Ling was ambushed not long ago, that guy should be near White Spirit City, and I am already far away from there. I will be out of Spirit Wasteland very soon, but the direction of the needle hasn't changed."

"In other words, Heaven Poison Divine Spirit has always been in the same place!" Chen Xiang said. When Natural Law Divine Spirit had given him this disk before, the direction the needle pointed in had been the same as now.

"Looks like there's someone else. Who could have such a powerful poison? Moreover, he must be very strong as well. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to succeed in ambushing Sister Bai Ling." Bai Youyou said.

"Only the experts above Sacred Wasteland can do it. The Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family above Sacred Wasteland has a group of despicable experts." Chen Xiang said, "But Sister Bai Ling did not have any conflicts with them, I was the one who killed the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family a while ago, but they didn't know that I was the one who killed them."

Although he didn't know who it was, Chen Xiang was sure that he would find out. It wasn't just to help Xia Bailing take revenge, this kind of person was extremely dangerous in the wastelands.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang left the Spirit Wasteland, who was not inside the Spirit Wasteland.

After two consecutive days of travel, Chen Xiang arrived at a large desert. This desert occupied an extremely large area, as though it was limitless, but in the middle of the desert, there was a very large region.

There was also a city near the desert. When Chen Xiang came to the city and asked around, he found out that the place was the Beast Wasteland!

The Beast Wasteland of one of the Ancient Eight Desolations was actually here, and it had just been discovered not long ago!

"The Heaven Poison Divine Spirit is actually inside the Beast Wasteland!" Chen Xiang looked at the beautiful green mountain in front of him. This Beast Wasteland's scenery was much better than the others.

"Be careful!" I heard that the Beast Wasteland is also a relatively powerful Ancient Desolate. " Bai Youyou said.

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