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Chen Xiang quickly calmed his Divine Sense Sea, and then teleported in front of the man. Heavenly magic sword appeared in his hands and slashed at the man's head.

"Captain!" One of the big sized man who was spectating at the side roared, at the same time, he had already thrusted his sword over, but was dodged by Chen Xiang.

At the same time Chen Xiang dodged, she used a teleportation technique to grab the man's head and threw him into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

"I have to use a Immobilize on that big guy. His cultivation level is too much higher than mine, so I can only immobilize him for an instant!" Xu Youqing suddenly said to Chen Xiang.

"Begin!" The moment Xu Youqing shouted, Chen Xiang was already beside the big sized man, his sword slashed towards the head, chopping it off, the other three people also slashed at Chen Xiang with their swords.

But Chen Xiang used the Cloud Sky Elephant, and the three people's swords penetrated Chen Xiang's fog-like body, and pierced into the man's body.

However, just as they were shocked, Chen Xiang's swift sword had already sliced across their necks, and the heads of the three people were sliced off by Chen Xiang just like that.

"So weak!" Chen Xiang looked at the rolling heads on the ground, and stepped on one of them. "Is this the level of the disciples of your Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family? You guys are usually so arrogant, but it turns out you guys aren't that strong! "

"You're dead for sure. If you dare to lay your hands on my Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, my Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family will chase after you for the rest of your life." One of the men said.

Although their heads were chopped off, they did not die.

"Hehe, I didn't say I would kill you. Come in!" Chen Xiang sent their heads and bodies into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace s.

Chen Xiang made a special s.p.a.ce amongst the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, specially for detaining this kind of fellow. It wouldn't be long before he would test them with fire.

One must know that there was an even stronger group of disciples within the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, who were the same ones who had acted so wildly in the New Eight Wastelands.

Other than that, there were also the Limitless Three Elders of the Infinite Divine Mountain. Since Chen Xiang did not kill them now, he was just torturing them a little, which was even worse than death for them.

With Xu Youqing's help, Chen Xiang opened up a few of these Storage magic treasure, and obtained some king level medicinal ingredients as well as tens of millions of Jade money.

"So poor!" Chen Xiang cursed in a low voice, "No wonder he's so weak."

However, he did not feel that he was very strong, he only felt that his opponent was too weak. If he was truly strong, he would be able to find out with just two moves if he was strong at the tenth stage of the Dao Po realm. If he was strong, he would have ran away a long time ago.

Of course, the Heavenly magic sword was powerful, it could directly break through the defense, adding on his indestructible Six Realms mirrors, if they met him without any experience, even if they were stronger than him by a few levels, they would still be defeated in an instant.

Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family already knew that he had lost one of the canyons, which had led to a large number of people entering the canyon. Right now, even Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family did not dare to openly enter and ma.s.sacre the people inside, as they were worried that they would provoke the Three Great native bank s.

Therefore, Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family sent out small teams. As long as they met a single person, and their strength was not too strong, they would s.n.a.t.c.h them from others, regardless of whether they managed to s.n.a.t.c.h them or not, they would still be killed.

Chen Xiang also planned to leave the Sacred Tao Mountains at this time. On the way, he met another two teams from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, but he hid himself, and with Xu Youqing's help, he succeeded in his sneak attack and threw the two teams into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

Towards the people of Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, he would definitely not hold back, as long as he could defeat them, he would make his move.

After leaving the Sacred Tao Mountains, he returned to the Eternal Life City and headed there.

… ….

"Qiao Yan, take a look at what kind of medicinal ingredients are these?" Chen Xiang placed the herbs he got from the Sacred Tao Mountains on the table.

Currently, only Xie Qiaoyan and Su Meiyao were free, Chen Xiang was seated on a chair, while Su Meiyao was stuck to him, lying in his embrace, allowing him to do whatever he wanted, causing Chen Xiang's entire body to burn.

Seeing that, Xie Qiaoyan could only curse in his heart.

"This is an Emperor Blood Ginseng, a medium-grade one. I don't recognize the other two. This Emperor Blood Ginseng is very rare." Xie Qiaoyan picked up the half a man tall Blood Jade Ginseng and exclaimed.

"Let's go find Sister Bai Ling. She definitely knows her sister!" Su Meiyao left Chen Xiang's embrace, and also went to caress the Emperor Blood Ginseng.

"This is great stuff!" Su Meiyao praised.

"Un, I'm preparing to go now. I'll grow some later, and give you some more!" Chen Xiang caressed Su Meiyao's charming face.

"You're looking for me. She said that if she sees you, she'll let me tell you." Su Meiyao laid on Chen Xiang's shoulder: "Why are you in such a rush to leave, why don't you stay for a few more days!"

"Is there something that you need from me?" Chen Xiang stroked his chin. "Isn't she currently in Hundreds of Flowers Village's War G.o.d Team?"

All the women in warG.o.d squads are very valiant, especially during this period of time when they spend all sorts of cruel training.

Therefore, every time he returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, it was always difficult to see the War G.o.d Team.

"I'm going to find BingYan. She should have made a lot of delicious food by now." Yue'er exited the You Yao Mountain Villa and quickly flew away.

"I don't know why she's looking for you, but she just won't tell me." Su Meiyao laughed, "She might be missing you, Sister You You. "On the surface, it's cold on the surface, but my heart is burning with pa.s.sion!"

"Right, did the Hundreds of Flowers Village go to the three great native bank to train?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, we have pills to cultivate profound Tao Power, there's no point in going there. Your method to cultivate the heart of the profound way is very good, and with the method that Qilian and her father came up with, I feel that we can deal with Black Hairs Human easily." said, now that she had also merged with the Hundreds of Flowers Village, she could be considered to be the core of it.

Lv Qilian's father was Lv Zhen. Back then in the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, he was the one who created this power to deal with demons! To deal with the Black Hairs Human now, he would need a specific power, so Lv Zhen had a lot of experience.

Lv Zhen and his wife were both in the Heavenly Dragon City, so it could be said that the Heavenly Dragon City was filled with talented people, but because their cultivation levels were low, they weren't that strong.

If he grew stronger in the future, he would definitely become a terrifying force!

"Your elder sister You You You should be in the Heavenly Dragon City now, there is a pa.s.sageway close to the earth's core, she usually cultivates there, do you want to find her yourself, or wait for her here?" Su Meiyao said.

"I'll go find her myself. Do you want to come with me?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"No, I still need to concoct pills, my Alchemist is so busy, you little scoundrel is a strong Alchemist, you actually have nothing to do all day." Su Meiyao scolded with a smile: "Then, you gave Chen Xiang a kiss. Go quickly!"

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