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Chen Xiang took a sip of tea and asked: What bad news?

Fan Shixin sighed, "Devil Wasteland's barrier can only hold for three months at most, and... Furthermore, the Black Hairs Human of the Devil Wasteland have undergone a large mutation. To be able to evolve into a female, their reproduction and growth rate is astonishing fast.

"Only three months?" Chen Xiang frowned.

"Yes, what we are more worried about right now is that after Devil Wasteland's Black Hairs Human runs out, they will immediately head towards Evil Wasteland. If they break through the Evil Wasteland's barrier, these two desolate Black Hairs Human will go to profound Wasteland together …" Fan Shixin took a deep breath, "These Black Hairs Human leaders are all very smart, we cannot underestimate them, so we have to think in the worst direction."

"Villa Master Fan, I want to walk around Sacred Wasteland, is that okay?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course you can … But don't you have any training? " Fan Shixin knew that the reason Chen Xiang wanted to walk in Sacred Wasteland was because he wanted to see the pills.

"I have my own way." Chen Xiang said. He still had Diprofound fruit s that he had yet to refine, and they were Emperor Grade medicinal herbs. Therefore, he would need to grow them for a period of time.

"Alright, but you have to be careful of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. If you walk around, you must not go into the territory of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family in the cities built by our three great native bank s, because those fellows can do whatever it takes to be shameless." Fan Shixin said: "Furthermore, your cultivation is so low now!"

"Un, I'll remember it!" Chen Xiang nodded.

Fan Shixin seemed to have a very high position in the Eternal Life School as well. He had only mentioned about it before helping Chen Xiang to get a jade token to enter and exit the Eternal Life School at will.

Chen Xiang first came to the Immortal Tian City. This was a huge city that was built on top of a few mountain peaks, and was one of the cities that Fan Shixin recommended him to come to.

Chen Xiang had tens of billions of Jade money s now, so he felt that it was enough for him to purchase the medicinal ingredients that he needed here.

However, when he came to this city and investigated, he found out that the entire Sacred Wasteland knew about the Black Hairs Human. This also meant that the pills related to the profound Tao Power were extremely expensive.

Because against Black Hairs Human, they would need a very strong profound Tao Power to fight them, and it would be much easier.

"The b.a.s.t.a.r.d from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family is too much, he actually blocked the safe entrance to the Sacred Tao Mountains, causing us to only be able to enter through the more dangerous entrance, if we are careless, we will die."

"There's nothing we can do, the Sacred Tao Mountains was originally in their territory, if they do not allow others to walk on that path, no one can."

"Sacred Tao Mountains is a place filled with a large amount of profound Tao Power medicinal herbs. Right now, there is a shortage of such ingredients, but they are actually blocking the way to safety."

"If we want to walk a safe path, we need to give them 100 million!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Taking advantage of the blaze!"

Chen Xiang had heard from him that those Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family people would often do many shameless things, but now, it was as he had expected. The people of the Sacred Wasteland could only whine towards the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, after all, the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family was very strong, just like the Three Great native bank s.

Chen Xiang had previously strolled around the medicine shop, the profound Tao Power pills inside had already been sold out, so he had no choice but to look for them himself.

"Are there really a lot of them in Sacred Tao Mountains? I have to go and take a look! " Although Fan Shixin had warned him before to never go to Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's territory, he couldn't stand the temptation right now either. Otherwise, there was no meaning in coming to Sacred Wasteland.

Chen Xiang very quickly found out the way to the Sacred Tao Mountains, used the Transmission array to go to a city, and then set off from there.

On the way, he met many people who were heading towards the Sacred Tao Mountains.

There were many tents near Sacred Tao Mountains. Many people were complaining.

"I wonder where Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family got a lot of powerful savage beasts to keep them by the entrances. Furthermore, there are a lot of savage beasts and flying beasts inside the mountain range, and they are all from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family. With one look, I can tell that they are the ones raising the beasts, and those savage beasts will only attack us, not the people from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family."

"This is to prevent us from entering. This way, they can occupy the entire Sacred Tao Mountains."

"What a despicable Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family."

Chen Xiang heard these, and was extremely furious, he had seen how tyrannical the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family was, but he never expected that in the Sacred Wasteland, the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family would be even more tyrannical. It had to be known that the people of the Sacred Wasteland were all stronger, but they did not dare fight against the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family.

It was already evening, but Chen Xiang did not plan to rest. After changing his appearance, he walked towards an entrance of the Sacred Tao Mountains, which was considered dangerous, but everyone could enter together. In order to prevent everyone from entering, the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family had gathered many savage beasts, so even if they entered in groups and were attacked by savage beasts, they would still suffer huge losses.

The safest way to enter the Sacred Tao Mountains was taken over by the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, there were people guarding the place, if someone went in, they would most likely be killed or crippled.

"I would like to see how strong the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's savage beasts are!" Chen Xiang turned into a bird and flew to the top of a mountain in Sacred Tao Mountains. From here, he could clearly see the great canyon entering the Sacred Tao Mountains.

Therefore, it was very dangerous to enter from the air. Only by entering from the canyon would one be able to move quickly and safely. However, beside the canyon were many huge holes, all of which belonged to savage beasts.

There were so many powerful savage beasts gathered in one spot, and there weren't any conflicts with one another. Clearly, these savage beasts had been tamed, meaning that these savage beasts were intentionally placed here to block the way.

"They are all very powerful savage beasts, there are quite a few of them in the Dao Zong realm!" Chen Xiang said as his eyebrows knitted together. He had originally planned to kill a few of them, but he did not expect that these beasts would be stronger than he had imagined.

"If only Sister Bai Ling was here!" Chu Hongqing knew, she knew that Chen Xiang wanted to kill all these beasts to strike a blow at the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, but Chen Xiang's strength was limited.

"I have another way!" Chen Xiang's eyes lit up as he laughed, "These savage beasts were probably not raised and raised by the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family but controlled by them. These beasts must have made their move on the souls of the savage beasts, as long as I can help these beasts escape the control of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, these savage beasts will recover their natural instincts and start fighting against each other."

"Then what do we need to do?" Chu Hongqing asked: "That seems to be very difficult!"

"It is indeed difficult, but at the very least, it is much easier than sending me to kill these savage beasts." Chen Xiang laughed, then turned into a wisp of cloud flame and floated towards the great canyon.

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