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It was not the first time Chen Xiang had heard that the Divine Wasteland was very mysterious, and now, he had gained quite a bit of understanding towards the Divine Wasteland as well.

"Senior, how can I get to the Divine Wasteland?" Chen Xiang asked again.

When I get tenth place of Dao G.o.d realm, I can use all my strength to open the pa.s.sage to Divine Wasteland and then enter it. As for what kind of place it is, I don't know either, because those guys that went to Divine Wasteland can't come back! The Sword Hall Elder said, "So, no one has ever come back to talk about the situation there."

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then asked: "Aren't the Great Landlord s of the three great native bank s very strong? With their strength, are they not allowed to go to Divine Wasteland? "

"Of course not, the three Great Landlord s were born with tenth place of Dao G.o.d realm. Furthermore, they have already been set up, so their power cannot open the gate to the Divine Wasteland. Only those who have been cultivating all this time will be able to reach the Divine Wasteland. " Sword Hall Elder replied, "Other than this, some races are also the same. None of them are allowed to enter the Divine Wasteland."

"Oh? Which race can't go? " Chen Xiang felt that he wouldn't be able to go to any of the races.

"The Undead Divine Race or whatever, all of the races with strong powers are not allowed to go to the Divine Wasteland, what dragon race?" The Sword Hall Elder replied, "But I can go with someone else. I heard that there was once someone who brought a few days' worth of powerful dragons to the Divine Wasteland. I don't know if that's true or not."

Chen Xiang had previously heard from the Natural Law Divine Spirit that the Divine Wasteland was an extremely mysterious place to their kind of Natural Law Divine Spirit. On top of the Divine Wasteland, there were even more powerful beings.

"Alright, hurry up and go back!" The Sword Hall Elder said: "If anyone asks you what you're talking about here, you can just pa.s.s it over casually. Don't leak out what we just said."

"Un, I understand!" Chen Xiang nodded his head: "When I have time, I will come visit you!"

… ….

Chen Xiang returned to the main peak of the Eternal Life School and returned to his own residence. At this time, Liu Guanyun and Shen Wei were also very curious about his sword skills and asked him a lot of things, which made them stumble.

"My current cultivation level is very low, so I need to hurry up and train. That's why I'll be staying in the secret room." Chen Xiang said to Liu Guangyu, then he entered his own room.

Everyone's room had a pa.s.sageway that led into the training room. It was very quiet down below. Even if there were thousands of soldiers and horses fighting above, they would not be disturbed.

Chen Xiang took out his pill furnace. He wanted to refine a large amount of Shipo Dan s, and only then would he be able to quickly cultivate to the tenth level of Dao Po realm!

Not to mention the Sacred Wasteland, even now, there were many hidden dangers. If he did not have sufficient strength, he would live a very difficult life in the New Eight Wastelands, especially that kind of terrifying Black Hairs Human. He needed to have absolute strength, so he would not be afraid when facing the Black Hairs Human.

On one hand, Chen Xiang came to the Sacred Wasteland to see if there were any good ways to deal with the Black Hairs Human, and on the other hand, he was here to collect medicinal ingredients!

He was preparing to refine a Dijie Dan, and there were definitely more Emperor Stage medicinal herbs than New Eight Wastelands, so in the future, the New Eight Wastelands would definitely be trampled on by a large number of Black Hairs Human.

Moreover, it had mutated over the years. The black-furred leader he met earlier was a mutated one, making him stronger than ever, and if the Black Hairs Human was able to reproduce soon, more than half of the New Eight Wastelands would be occupied by the Heavenly Dao. The black-furred leader was a mutated one, and the black-furred leader was a mutated one too.

At that time, it would also mean that the genius treasures on top of New Eight Wastelands would be greatly affected, and it was hard to say if it would affect the Sacred Wasteland in the future.

Chen Xiang refined Shipo Dan for a few days, and there were more than a hundred of them. He ate more than twenty, and only then did he enter the third level of Dao Po realm.

"Xiang Yin, Hongqing, you two must also quickly cultivate to the tenth level of the Dao Po realm, your strengths must catch up." Chen Xiang said.

Although Yang Xiangyin and Chu Hongqing did not need to fight, Chen Xiang still felt that it would be better if they could grasp a certain amount of strength. They might be able to use it in the future.

Ten days later, Chen Xiang came out from the secret room, and today, he had begun gathering at the large plaza.

Chen Xiang looked at the gathering crowd, and he was not familiar with any of them. After asking around, he found out that the people chosen by the Heavenly Dragon City were all placed in other native bank s.

After they gathered, each of them received a Storage bag, inside were clothes, weapons and a few jade talismans, these were all for fighting, Chen Xiang took a closer look, and discovered that all of the jade talismans contained profound Tao Power s.

Eternal Life School relied on profound Tao Power to deal with Black Hairs Human!

"All of your clothes were specially crafted to be able to defend against the power of the Black Hairs Human to a certain extent." An old man said, "And your weapons are specially forged for the Black Hairs Human. Compared to other weapons, it can easily break through the defenses of the Black Hairs Human."

Chen Xiang looked at the long sword. There were indeed many ways to it, and some profound Spirit grain s. He guessed that those Spirit grain s could pull out the profound Tao Power s from the Dao Qi.

And then, the most important thing was to cultivate!

The Eternal Life School gave everyone a cultivation technique, that was for cultivating the profound Tao Power, everyone would be training here for a period of time, to condense enough profound Tao Power!

"Sure enough, it's just as I had guessed. Eternal Life School's method of dealing with Black Hairs Human is about the same as mine." Chen Xiang thought, he took a look at the cultivation method, and then started circulating it according to the instructions from above, he could indeed absorb the profound Tao Power rather quickly.

Furthermore, the methods he had used in the fantasy novels, he would need to use fire to burn them. As for the Eternal Life School method, there was no need for it, as long as he followed the instructions in the technique and matched it with his own body, he would be able to subtly absorb the profound Tao Power.

Of course, compared to him eating the profound Dao king Dan, it was still much slower, and it was not difficult for him to refine the profound Dao king Dan, so even though the cultivation technique was good, it was not of much use to him.

After all, you need to take care of too many people, and the people from their Eternal Life Native Bank also need more preparations. " Although Chen Xiang felt that this kind of training method was not efficient enough, but it was still the Three Great native bank s trying their best.

A few days later, Fan Shixin came to Eternal Life School. He found Chen Xiang and had a private talk with him.

"Chen Xiang, I have bad news." When Fan Shixin came, his expression was very solemn, so Chen Xiang had prepared something.

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