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Chen Xiang and the other two walked in the direction of the voice and arrived at a large plaza. This should be the compet.i.tion ground, and there were many people dressed in uniform watching them, and in the middle, two men were fighting with swords.

Just as Chen Xiang had said earlier, they did not use any Dao powers during the compet.i.tion and only used their physical strength to fight.

"They are all very strong! I wonder what their cultivations are. " Liu Guanyun said in a low voice.

"Dao Po realm level 10!" A man said.

The disciples of the Eternal Life School were all dressed in white, and regardless of gender, their clothes were all the same. Moreover, they all looked convenient for battle, and even their sword sheaths were the same.

"Did the three of you come to our Eternal Life School to train?" A man asked with a smile.

Yes, we heard the sounds of fighting, and came over to take a look. I never expected it to be true, the disciples of the Eternal Life School are really not bad, it's just that they are very powerful even with their bodies. Liu Guanyun said.

"The two of them are considered relatively weak! "There is a rule within the sect that if one wants to compete with their Dao power, one must get the approval of the elders. Otherwise, they can only fight like this." The man sighed.

"This really isn't fun!" Shen Wei said, "I keep feeling like I'm being held back."

The disciples of the Eternal Life School s were all rather easy to talk to, probably because their sect rules were strict, they didn't dare to do anything to Chen Xiang and the other two outsiders, and were all very kind.

"There's no other way. This is the only way. It's better than not being able to fight!" "Usually, we have to go out and fight those savage beasts before we can train. Otherwise, we would be reduced to such a state." The man replied, "Those Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s are different. I heard they can practice combat all day."

"Those guys are scary, but they're very arrogant." Liu Guanyun said.

All of the disciples here agreed with Liu Guanyun's words. They had all met disciples of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family before and had experienced that kind of arrogant and tyrannical att.i.tude.

Chen Xiang had experienced it before, and he couldn't bear it either. Therefore, there were still those heads of Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's disciples in his Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

Oh yeah, I heard that you guys will be training together with us when the time comes, mainly to deal with Black Hairs Human. Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I know. It's just that it hasn't started yet. It's said that there's still around ten days left!" The man said.

"Eldest Brother and Second Sister are here!" Someone suddenly said in a low voice. The two people who were competing also stopped.

Chen Xiang also saw two people walking over, the woman was tall and beautiful, the man was handsome and tall and st.u.r.dy, they were all dressed in the Eternal Life School's clothes, but they looked much more pleasing to the eye, probably because of their temperament.

"Hmm? There are three foreign guests? You guys are making a fool of yourselves here, making the guests laugh. " The Eldest Senior Brother smiled.

"Big Brother, we're bored too!" If you suddenly take ten days off and don't find something to do, you'll suffocate to death. " One of the men who had competed earlier said.

The Second Senior Sister chuckled and said, "Aren't there three guests? You can talk to them, they are all outsiders, they might have had a lot of experiences, you all grew up here, so you guys are definitely not as knowledgeable as them. "

Liu Guanyun immediately spread out his hands and said, "We were just pulling wrists inside the house! We are also feeling very depressed right now. "

The senior brother laughed: "How about this, our Eternal Life School's disciples will spar with you, they usually compete with their own senior brothers, both of them understand each other, so fighting is meaningless."

"Forget it. We're all from small clans, so we won't be making a fool of ourselves." The main reason was because their cultivation level was too low. If he had also reached the tenth stage of the Dao Po realm, he would have immediately agreed to it.

Second Senior Sister chuckled, "How about this? I will fight with you guys. This way, I can give you pointers!"

A man laughed and said, "Second Senior Sister, it seems like you are also bored. You are preparing to bully others again!"

A young girl also laughed and said, "Second Senior Sister, don't bully a foreign guest. If the elder finds out, you will be punished again."

"I've already said that I will guide them!" Second Senior Martial Sister rolled her eyes at them before taking out a long sword. "Don't you usually let me give you pointers?"

"Forget it!" When Liu Guanyun saw that sharp sword, he couldn't help but tremble. This Second Senior Sister's strength was definitely very strong.

Chen Xiang asked: "Second senior sister, are you from the Dao Sect?"

"Tenth level of the Dao Sect, what about you?" You seem to only be a Dao Po realm! " The Second Senior Sister was slightly surprised.

"Second stage of the Dao Po realm!" Chen Xiang laughed, then looked towards the Eldest Senior Brother: "I wonder if this Eldest Senior Brother will lend the sword to Second Senior Brother and I to have a spar."

To be able to come here to receive training despite being only at the second level of Dao Po realm, this caused many disciples to be shocked!

"If you have the guts, go ahead!" The senior brother was straightforward as he handed his sword over to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang caught it in his hand and could not help but frown as he cried out in shock, "So heavy!"

"Eldest Brother's sword is the heaviest. Are you sure you want to use this sword to fight me?" The Second Senior Sister giggled, "How many sword strikes will you be able to block?"

"Anyway, I don't have much hope of catching so many of your swords!" Chen Xiang laughed: "My name is Chen Xiang, please advise!"

"I am Song Yongying, and as soon as you enter the Eternal Life School, let me teach you a lesson!" Song Yongying laughed: "I will let you slash three times!"

During the compet.i.tion, Dao Energy was not allowed, it was a rule here, so Song Yongying did not say it, she knew that Chen Xiang would understand.

Chen Xiang gripped the heavy sword tightly and sucked in a slight breath. Then, he activated the Shrinking step, and in the blink of an eye, he had flashed towards Song Yongying's side. He swung the longsword and pierced towards Song Yongying's left shoulder.

This movement technique gave many people a fright. It was truly strange!

Song Yongying was also shocked, she anxiously dodged, although she could dodge, but when Chen Xiang pierced the sword, he flicked, chopping at a strand of her hair.

"That was close!" Song Yongying exclaimed: "Good heavens! I've underestimated you!"

Chen Xiang also didn't know that his Shrinking step was actually still so profound in this place. Of course, this was also because he had mastered it proficiently.

Song Yongying did not take out her sword at this time, because she wanted to let Chen Xiang have three sword strikes, just now was only one strike!

"The second strike!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he disappeared once again, he was still using the Shrinking step, but this time he was even faster, to the point where his figure was almost indiscernible.

When he appeared, the sword in his hand was already thrusting towards Song Yongying's shoulder, this was not a life threatening place.

Song Yongying avoided it once again, because she already knew that Chen Xiang was not a simple person.

On the third sword strike, a terrifying sword force suddenly surged out from Chen Xiang's body. Sensing the sword force, everyone was horrified, because they were all familiar with the sword force!

This was the G.o.d-killing sword that Chen Xiang had not used for a long time!

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