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"I know, I just want to take a look and casually learn something!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Even after we reach the Sacred Wasteland, the Jade money inside can still be used, right?!"

"Of course you can, I'll send you there now. When the time comes, you can go to the Eternal Life School to register, and say that you have arranged for us to learn how to deal with the Black Hairs Human." Fan Shixin gave Chen Xiang a piece of paper, which was equivalent to a recommendation letter.

After that, Chen Xiang was brought to a special Transmission array and teleported to Sacred Wasteland.

When he appeared amongst the Eternal Life Native Bank s of the Sacred Wasteland, there was quickly someone who came to receive him.

"Chen Xiang... went to Eternal Life School to learn, right? " An old man said.

"Yes sir!" Chen Xiang didn't ask how long he would need to learn this before this, but he definitely wouldn't learn it for too long.

"Follow me!" The old man brought Chen Xiang out of the teleportation room.

Chen Xiang followed behind the old man. This old man was a Dao Sect member. As he walked, he saw many people, all of them were either Dao Sect or Dao Master level.

However, when he arrived on the street, he found that it was rather deserted, and not as lively as he was in the New Eight Wastelands.

"There are so few people in Sacred Wasteland!" Chen Xiang said.

"Of course, the threshold to enter the Sacred Wasteland is very high. If it wasn't for such a sudden event happening right now, an exception would not have been made!" The old man said, "In the past, you would at least need a Dao Master to enter."

Chen Xiang was only at the second level of Dao Po realm, far from the realm of Dao Master.

The old man brought Chen Xiang through a street and into another teleportation room. He said, "There will be a group of people coming later. They are from the Eternal Life School, and will bring you to the Eternal Life School."

Not long after the old man left, a group of people came here. Chen Xiang told them that he was here to learn from them, and they all nodded, then activated their Transmission array and left.

In a flash, Chen Xiang arrived at the top of a tall mountain.

This mountain is very huge, the top of the mountain can build a huge city, this is the Eternal Life School!

At this point, he finally understood why the Three Great native bank s had decided to let a few people come here to learn. It was because the Dao Qi here contained a lot more profound Tao Power s than the previous profound Wasteland s.

When Chen Xiang entered, he was brought over by a manager. He was brought to a house and said: "You can stay here, the two people inside are from other places, they are both here to train."

When Chen Xiang entered the house, he saw a tall and skinny man holding hands with a st.u.r.dy man. At this moment, they were both using very strong powers, so Chen Xiang could immediately tell that they were all at the sixth level of Dao Po realm.

"I won!" The tall and skinny man laughed out loud and pressed down the strong man's wrist.

"I've lost again!" The st.u.r.dy man sighed, "Why is it that a guy who looks so weak like you can always beat me?"

"This is called a gap, it's mainly because you're too weak!" The lanky man laughed heartily, then looked towards Chen Xiang. "Our new friend is here!"

"I am Chen Xiang, please advise!" Chen Xiang immediately smiled and greeted the two of them politely.

"I'm Liu Guanyun." The tall and skinny man laughed.

"Shen Wei!" The st.u.r.dy man cupped his hands towards Chen Xiang, then pulled out a chair for Chen Xiang to sit on. Although this hall looked a little small, it was enough for the three of them to use.

After Chen Xiang sat down, he said with divine might: "Brother Shen, you are only at the second level of the Dao Po realm?"

Chen Xiang nodded.

Liu Guanyun chuckled, "Looks like Brother Shen has some sort of great background. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to come here, and you would need at least five layers!"

Liu Guanyun looked rather thin, but he was very handsome, and gave off a very smart feeling! Although Shen Wei was tall and mighty, he was very honest. Chen Xiang never thought that Shen Wei was such a kind person, if not for that, he wouldn't have treated him like a chair.

"Not really. It's just that my luck is pretty good." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Don't be modest, anyone who can come here to train is no ordinary person! They all have a certain amount of potential. " Liu Guanyun laughed, "Of course, it's impossible for the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family to come. Those guys don't even like this sort of place, but for us small families, entering the Eternal Life School is a very good thing."

"Seniors, do you know the purpose of your training?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Kill what Black Hairs Human, I heard that not long after, a large group of strong Black Hairs Human will attack our Sacred Wasteland." Shen Wei said: "Dao Po realm, Dao profound realm, Dao Shi realm and the Dao Zong realm have all been recruited by the sects established by the three great native bank s. They will teach us the way to deal with the Black Hairs Human."

Shen Wei and Liu Guanyun were both born and bred here, so even though they were Dao Po realm, they could still be found in the Sacred Wasteland.

Chen Xiang could be said to understand the matters of the Black Hairs Human the best.

"When will it start? I am suddenly very much looking forward to it! " Chen Xiang said.

"We still need about ten more days or so. We came in advance!" Our Dao Po realm is at the bottom on this side, and there are even Dao profound realm, Dao Shi realm and Dao Zong realm s above it! " Liu Guanyun said.

"But it should be the largest in number!" Chen Xiang said.

"Yeah, I don't know how to train, but let's just fight and kill each other!" It would be best if we could get some Black Hairs Human s for us to kill. Liu Guanyun said.

Chen Xiang stood up and wanted to walk out, but Liu Guanyun quickly stopped him.

"Brother Shen, do not wander around. Eternal Life School is very strict." Liu Guanyun hastily shouted, "Shen Wei and I have come in. Usually, we can only walk around in the courtyard."

"Oh? As long as he doesn't cause trouble, there shouldn't be any problems, right? " Chen Xiang said: "The location of this Eternal Life School is not bad, I should have gone more than that. Furthermore, when I came in, that old man didn't tell me anything."

"Alright, let's go for a stroll together. It's fine as long as we don't cause any trouble." Liu Guanyun looked at Shen Wei and asked, "Are you going or not?"

"Of course I'm going. I also want to have a good look at the Eternal Life School. I've always yearned for this place ever since I was young." Shen Wei hurriedly said.

Just like this, Chen Xiang and his two new buddies walked out of the house, strolling in the Eternal Life School. The environment inside the house was very good, and it had a very dense Dao Qi, causing Shen Wei and Liu Guanyun to praise him endlessly.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang and the other two heard clanging sounds, as if someone was fighting with a weapon.

"Isn't Eternal Life School very strict? Someone is actually fighting. Let's go, let's see how strong the disciples of the Eternal Life School are. " Liu Guanyun was very curious.

"There aren't any auras fluctuating. Could it be that they are purely competing with physical strength? It's definitely worth a look. Let's go! " Chen Xiang laughed, and then walked towards the direction of the voice.

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