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The thing that frightened Chen Xiang the most was not the leader of the Black Hairs Human s, but the roiling waves of the Sky Lake which were raging and surging below him.

"The people below the Sky Lake are all Black Hairs Human. This is big trouble!" Chen Xiang's face became extremely ugly, "If all of the Black Hairs Human below have awakened, then all of the Black Hairs Human here will as well!"

"This... All of these are Black Hairs Human? " The female captain's expression was also unsightly, "When we came earlier, we had already sent people to dive deeper in, but we did not discover Black Hairs Human."

Just as she finished speaking, an extremely terrifying roar came from below. The roar filled the entire sky, as if the heaven and earth were collapsing and Chen Xiang and the others felt as if their ears were about to shatter.

"Kill them, I want to see how they escape, haha …" The Black Hairs Human leader laughed out loud.

With the weak light, Chen Xiang and the rest could see Black Hairs Human coming out from the lake. The roars were made by them just now.

"Don't look down on others!" Chen Xiang's forehead suddenly lit up with a pattern, it was the White Tiger Dao mark.

He used all of his strength to activate the White Tiger Dao mark's power and unleash an even stronger spatial energy. He jumped about in the spatial s.p.a.ce and jumped out of the spatial enchantment released by the Black Hairs Human leader.

After that, Chen Xiang jumped again, in a blink of an eye he was already far away from the Heaven Traversing Lake, he did not immediately return to the city, but instead sprinted towards the edge.

If he went to that city, he would only bring the disaster over. The army of the Black Hairs Human would be in the tens of millions, and that city wouldn't be able to withstand it.

"Brother Chen... Where are you going? " Tie Xiong had also realized the seriousness of the situation, and he did not wish for Chen Xiang to return to the city either.

"Don't worry, I have a place to go!"

Chen Xiang also didn't understand how those Black Hairs Human s had tracked him. He had used the White Tiger Jump to a great distance, and it was a jump in s.p.a.ce as well, so he wouldn't leave behind any aura, but he was still tracked by the Black Hairs Human.

Chen Xiang quickly arrived at the border of profound Wasteland. Although he was riding a Six Realms mirrors and had brought a lot of people with him, he had used the power of the White Tiger Marks to cover the entire Six Realms mirrors and was able to jump over there with the Six Realms mirrors.

Just as he had expected, he easily pa.s.sed through the barrier. After arriving at this place, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, because the barrier's power was still very strong. He felt that even the Black Hairs Human's leader would not be able to pa.s.s through.

Not long after he pa.s.sed through the barrier, the leader of the Black Hairs Human arrived with several million Black Hairs Human s. However, they all stopped in front of the barrier.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? to be able to pa.s.s through this barrier at will, that is something that even I am unable to do. " The leader of the Black Hairs Human said.

Chen Xiang had already seen the leader of the Black Hairs Human. He was dressed in a set of black robes, his face was dark and he looked relatively tall, but when Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look at his Jin Xin, he actually didn't look like a heart. Instead, he looked like a crystal, and emitted a strong golden light.

"I will kill you!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he urged the Six Realms mirrors to fly away, leaving behind the Black Hairs Human Leader who was roaring angrily.

Chen Xiang brought Tie Xiong and the others to Heavenly Dragon City. On the way, Chen Xiang had simply told Tie Xiong and a few other teams about New Eight Wastelands, so they were extremely shocked at this moment. They did not expect that outside of profound Wasteland, there would actually be such a huge world.

"Devil Wasteland and Evil Wasteland have fallen! profound Wasteland will soon be coming soon, but the profound Wasteland's barrier will be able to hold on for a while longer. It's hard to say for sure for Devil Wasteland and Evil Wasteland, so this New Eight Wastelands will also have to bear an extremely huge threat. " Chen Xiang brought them to the Heavenly Dragon City and placed them inside the Dragon Villa of the Ninth Heaven to help them heal their injuries.

Long Jiuxiao was also here at the same time. He felt that it was a good thing for Chen Xiang to bring these small squads here, because he could teach them some of the experiences they had with the Black Hairs Human.

"Our city should be able to hold on for a while longer. There are also three Dao Sovereigns and several small teams within the city." Tie Xiong said: "When everyone recovers, I will enter the profound Wasteland!"

The other team leaders also agreed. Now that they were all injured, even going to the profound Wasteland would be useless.

While these small teams were healing their wounds, Long Jiuxiao would frequently visit them and ask them about many things related to the Black Hairs Human, as well as the secrets behind fighting the Black Hairs Human.

These Heart Hunting Squads had already heard from Chen Xiang that the New Eight Wastelands outside was preparing to deal with the Black Hairs Human, and as the City Lord of this city, Long Jiuxiao was most nervous about him.

Chen Xiang made a trip to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, asked the girls to copy a Diprofound fruit for him to keep, and then headed to the White Spirit City.

White Spirit City was also shrouded in a very tense atmosphere, it would be best to prepare for battle. It was just that this time, they were not fighting with the Beast Race, but with the Black Hairs Human.

When Chen Xiang went into the White Spirit Palace, Xia Bailing who was refining pills received Chen Xiang's message and immediately ran out.

"What is so important? Didn't you go to profound Wasteland? You're back so soon? " Xia Bailing hurriedly ran out after finding out from the messenger that it was an important matter.

She grabbed Chen Xiang and teleported him to her room.

"Many of the Black Hairs Human s have awakened, and there's even a leader of the Black Hairs Human." Chen Xiang sighed, then told Xia Bailing about the matter of crossing the Sky Lake.

"So many Black Hairs Human have awakened, this is not a good thing!" Xia Bailing also felt the seriousness of the situation, "Not bad, Qingyang, Xu Kong and the others have talked to the beastmen, the beastmen have agreed to join hands with us in fighting the Black Hairs Human, and their leader seems to know some things about the Black Hairs Human."

"That's good news!" Chen Xiang nodded, then laughed: "I have good news as well!"

Then, he took out the Diprofound fruit.

"Emperor grade medicinal herbs!" Xia Bailing saw through it at a glance and asked anxiously: "What medicine is this?"

"It's called the Diprofound fruit! I am not too sure about the specifics, but it can help people cultivate and produce a very strong profound Tao Power, and there is a crystal core in the middle of this fruit. " Chen Xiang said, "It should be able to concoct an Emperor Pill."

"Have you started planting?" Xia Bailing took it and looked at it carefully, also appearing very excited.

"Not yet, but the Tianpo fruit's several fruit trees have all ripened. They can be used to refine Shipo Dan now." Chen Xiang said: "Time waits for no one, I need to quickly raise my cultivation, this time we are surrounded by the Black Hairs Human, if not for other people's profound Tao Power, it would not be so easy for me to obtain it."

When Chen Xiang borrowed the profound Tao Power from the Iron Fighting Team, he could clearly feel how great it was to have a strong profound Tao Power, so he really wished to quickly obtain that level of profound Tao Power. At that time, he could easily sweep through the enemies of the Black Hairs Human.

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