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"Do you know where they are?" Chen Xiang asked Tie Xiong: "This island is very big, finding them like this isn't a solution, we have to quickly find them, you should ask their captain where they are, and see who is the closest to us, we will go over first."

Tie Xiong immediately took out the Communication jade Symbol paper and contacted the other party leaders. At this time, Chen Xiang also asked the Iron Fighting Team to lend him the profound Tao Power, allowing him to condense an arrow.

"The 9th squad is nearby!" Tie Xiong said, then pointed in a direction. Chen Xiang immediately urged his Six Realms mirrors and flew over.

After a moment, he saw many golden specks of light. It was Jin Xin from the Black Hairs Human.

"We've seen the Black Hairs Human!" Chen Xiang immediately enlarged the Six Realms mirrors, because he wanted to make the other team members come up.

When he flew over, the Black Hairs Human felt his approach and rushed over as well. With a teleport, he dodged dozens of attacks from Black Hairs Human and then arrived at team nine.

This team originally had ten people, but there were only eight now. Furthermore, their bodies were riddled with wounds, so Chen Xiang immediately used a teleportation spell to move them onto the Six Realms mirrors s.

"Help them heal!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, the Six Realms mirrors violently shook and suffered from multiple attacks, but its defense was extremely strong and it had only trembled a little.

Chen Xiang did not let the arrow fly, because the group of Black Hairs Human s were very loose at the moment. If he had released one arrow, he would not have lost many Black Hairs Human s, furthermore, he had not found the stronger one among the group.

"Brother Iron, keep in touch with the other teams!" Chen Xiang said before he teleported to avoid the attacks of the group of Black Hairs Human s. Just now, there were only a few hundred Black Hairs Human s, and even if he were to shoot an arrow at them, he wouldn't be able to kill them all. Unless they were all squeezed together, which was why he decided to gather a few more Black Hairs Human before attacking.

Tie Xiong quickly contacted the other party leaders, and immediately teleported over. This was the fifth group, and their overall strength was very strong, and they were currently unceasingly slashing at Black Hairs Human. They were still ten people, but the injuries on their bodies were shocking, and their injuries were even worse than the eight people in the ninth group.

Chen Xiang did not know why they were able to keep killing Black Hairs Human, but he admired them a lot. After he saw the fifth group, he quickly moved them to the Six Realms mirrors s.

And now, the Black Hairs Human that had surrounded and killed the ninth team had caught up as well. They had gathered with the Black Hairs Human here for over a thousand years already!

Chen Xiang immediately split the arrow in his hand into two, and then shot it towards the two Transmission Master s!

After releasing two arrows, he immediately teleported away!

After teleporting far away from the previous location, one could hear explosions resounding in the distance. The shockwaves and sound waves also slowly spread out, razing the mountain forest to the ground as the aftermath turned into a violent gale.

"Brother Shen, you seem to be able to confirm the other party's Transmission Master!" Tie Xiong asked: "Those two arrows must have hit Transmission Master's body, if not they wouldn't have such powerful might."

"Hehe, I know how to use the power of s.p.a.ce, so I can feel it!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Quickly ask the other party leaders, we have to save them!"

Because they were surrounded by so many Black Hairs Human s, if no one came to save them, they would only have a dead end.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang saved both Squad One and Squad Three!

"Only team seven is left. Their situation is the worst!" After Tie Xiong got the details from the Communication jade Symbol paper, he hoped that they could hold on!

Above the Six Realms mirrors, only Iron Fighting Team was still fine. The rest were all injured, some of them even fainted, only a few could still fight.

Chen Xiang followed Tie Xiong's guidance and arrived at a barren mountain. Originally, this place was a green mountain, but because of the outbreak of a fierce battle, it became like this, and under the night sky, it was enveloped in a dense amount of Evil Qi, causing the place to be extremely gloomy.

"They only have three left!" Chen Xiang frowned: "There are only three people left in Squad Seven!"

"What?" It's too tragic, the 7th squad is the strongest team! " A man sighed. He was the leader of a small team, and their team was severely injured.

There were more than two thousand Black Hairs Human s in front of him, and there were also many corpses on the ground. Chen Xiang estimated that there were at least a thousand of them, and those were all killed by Squad Seven.

Although these Black Hairs Human were not the strong ones, they were not weak either. Furthermore, their attacking speed was very fast, if it was tens or hundreds of people, these small teams could easily take care of them, but hundreds or thousands of them would be difficult. Furthermore, there were those annoying Transmission Master s among them.

"Come up!" Chen Xiang used teleportation to move the three people of Squad Seven to the Six Realms mirrors.

The other two were middle-aged. When they saw Tie Xiong and the others, they immediately fell onto the ground. They were already extremely tired, and could only prop themselves up by their will.

"Are we the only ones still alive?" The female team leader of the seventh group looked at the injured people on the Six Realms mirrors, her face covered in blood, and revealed a sorrowful expression.

"Yes, that's right, we're the only ones here. More than ten teams have come in, sigh …" This is probably the worst loss in history! " Tie Xiong lamented. His Iron Fighting Team was considered the best, and he wasn't injured at all. This was all thanks to Chen Xiang.

The female captain looked at Chen Xiang. She could also feel that the Six Realms mirrors was constantly teleporting and that Chen Xiang was holding onto a red bow. She never thought that this Alchemist, who only had Dao Po realm s, would actually be so powerful. Not only did she run over to this island, she herself had saved many people.

"Brother Shen, let's go back!" Tie Xiong said.

"We're in trouble!" Chen Xiang frowned.

"It's the leader of the Black Hairs Human." Even though she was injured, she looked very energetic right now. "Black Hairs Human's leader isn't an idiot, we were set up by them earlier, so you have to be careful."

"What is the cultivation level of the leaders of the Black Hairs Human?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Dao Sovereign!" The female leader's words made Chen Xiang's face change.

He activated more spatial energy than he could handle a Dao Sovereign level Black Hairs Human.

"Don't even think about escaping!" A sinister laugh thundered out, causing Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors to shake violently as well, causing everyone who was sitting on it to jump up.

The female captain gritted her teeth and said, "This is trouble. It's a very strong spatial enchantment!"

Anyone could sense that terrifying spatial energy, the leader of the Black Hairs Human was also a Transmission Master.

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