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Chen Xiang had already previously cultivated the heart of the profound way, and he had also trained quite a few profound Tao Power s. However, forget about dealing with the stronger Black Hairs Human, even dealing with the weaker Black Hairs Human would be difficult, so he had to rely on Tie Xiong and Iron Fighting Team's profound Tao Power.

Tie Xiong and the others had grown up in the profound Wasteland and had cultivated the profound Tao Power for many years. After acc.u.mulating all of it, it was already very rich.


Chen Xiang shot out another arrow, instantly piercing through dozens of Black Hairs Human s, accurately hitting one of them who knew how to use spatial energy!

If the Black Hairs Human's Jin Xin were to be attacked by an external profound Tao Power, it would violently explode! The larger Jin Xin was, the more powerful the explosion would be. Black Hairs Human who knew how to use their spatial energy were all extremely strong.

As a result, after being hit by the heart, it would immediately explode and spread to the surrounding Black Hairs Human!

"It's a pity!" When Tie Xiong saw that there were less than a thousand Black Hairs Human s left, he could not help but sigh, because Jin Xin was extremely valuable, especially those stronger Black Hairs Human s, their Jin Xin was the most precious.

"Yeah, but there's nothing we can do." Chen Xiang also knew what this was a pity. Actually, he also wanted to get more Jin Xin from the Black Hairs Human to try and see if he could refine it into a pill.

As long as one of the Black Hairs Human s completely exploded, the surrounding Black Hairs Human s would also be affected, and their Jin Xin would also explode, causing a chain reaction. Thus, when Chen Xiang struck one of the Black Hairs Human s, the resulting explosion would also kill him.

"Brother Shen, your bow is really powerful, the arrows that were formed could actually penetrate Black Hairs Human of that level! I have fought with Black Hairs Human of this level before, their defenses are very strong, it is very difficult to break through their defenses, even with a very strong profound Tao Power. " Tie Xiong said.

"It's all thanks to everyone's profound Tao Power. This bow of mine is more powerful because it can quickly fuse many different types of energy together, then strengthen a bit. When it is shot out, it will also have a very high cohesive force, which is why it has such an effect." Chen Xiang laughed, then pulled the bowstring again, and took out the third arrow.

There were only two Black Hairs Human s that knew how to use their spatial power. As long as they could kill these two, they wouldn't need to be chased so closely.

"Brother Shen, if you join our team, our team would definitely be stronger than the seventh squad." The captain of the Iron Fighting Team laughed.

At this time, Chen Xiang had already released an arrow, and aimed it accurately once again. He had a lot of experience using bows and arrows, furthermore, this bow was one with him.

"Don't think about it, Brother Shen is a very powerful Alchemist, fighting and killing all day is not good." After Tie Xiong finished speaking, he could not help but sigh with emotion: "Although he is concocting pills, but looking at his appearance, he does not seem to be afraid of fighting and killing at all. Instead, he has a lot of experience."

With the last arrow, Chen Xiang killed the remaining Transmission Master, and most of the other Black Hairs Human s also died.

"We've finally gotten rid of him!" We must have killed thousands of Black Hairs Human already, if this were to spread, others might not believe us. " Tie Xiong was a little excited at this moment. "The other teams don't have such achievements, we were able to kill off that many Black Hairs Human s in such a short period of time, we are really powerful!"

"If we can get Jin Xin, others will believe in us!" Captain Tie Zhan said.

"That's not important. As long as we can survive!" Chen Xiang laughed: "We'll go in when it gets dark and see if we can find anything inside!"

They were already out of danger, and there were really many treasures on the island. Otherwise, Tie Xiong and the rest wouldn't have been able to obtain the Diprofound fruit.

Although the surroundings of the island was dangerous, for treasures, Chen Xiang felt that it was worth it to take the risk, not to mention that he was with the Iron Fighting Team right now.

Just now, Chen Xiang had borrowed quite a bit from them with the help of their profound Tao Power, which had caused them to consume a large amount of profound Tao Power s as well.

"Brother Shen, how many of these things do you have?" Tie Xiong was very surprised to see Chen Xiang taking out more than ten profound Dao king Dan s in one go.

"Just eat, don't ask!" Chen Xiang chuckled, Chu Hongqing's pill refining speed had also increased, refining the profound Dao king Dan pretty quickly.

Iron Fighting Team and Tie Xiong ate the profound Dao king Dan that Chen Xiang gave them and recovered very quickly.

… ….

Night time, Chen Xiang activated his Six Realms mirrors and went to the island. Everyone rested for a long time, they were all in peak condition now.

Chen Xiang was currently holding the Nine-Soaring Sky Divine Bow tightly. This had been transformed by the Heavenly magic sword, other than being able to transform into a divine bow, it could also transform into something else as well, and this was a function that only came with a complete recovery.

After entering the island, Tie Xiong took out Communication jade Symbol paper and sent a message to the leaders of the other teams, asking them about their current situation and whether they had met Black Hairs Human.

Not long after, Tie Xiong received a reply. His expression became serious as he said seriously: "Be careful, the Black Hairs Human here can come out at night. I heard that several small teams were all killed!"

Several small teams had actually died. At the same time as Chen Xiang was feeling apprehensive, he saw Iron Fighting Team with a face full of grief. These small teams usually had good relations with the small teams, so they were able to help each other out whenever they met with danger.

"There has never been such a loss!" The captain sighed.

"Seriously, I told them to leave this place as soon as possible when I sent the message, but they didn't listen to me!" Tie Xiong sighed helplessly. "Looks like we have to fight at night, and try our best to save the other teams!"

Chen Xiang asked, "How many teams are still inside? How are they? "

"There are only a few teams left. They have all been hunted down by the Black Hairs Human, and the situation is very bad. Brother Shen, whether or not we can save them all will depend on you. " Tie Xiong knew, he and Iron Fighting Team knew that Chen Xiang had some tricks up his sleeve. After they cooperated with Chen Xiang today, they killed several thousands of Black Hairs Human.

"No problem!" Chen Xiang nodded. He had a good impression of those small groups, because those small groups were all very brave and very loyal. Otherwise, he wouldn't have let Tie Xiong take the risk to save them.

"Let's go now!" Chen Xiang entered the depths of the island and used the Dao heart Eye at the same time.

After using the Dao heart Eye, even though the Black Hairs Human was very far away, he could still vaguely capture those Black Hairs Human s. This was because their Jin Xin was extremely bright, like a golden dot of light in the darkness.

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