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There were those in the Black Hairs Human who knew how to use spatial energy, so for them to be able to bring a large group of Black Hairs Human s to chase after him was something that Chen Xiang had long ago experienced.

Therefore, he had long since been mentally prepared!

"Thankfully not many of them know how to use their spatial energy. Otherwise, it would be troublesome!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, then suddenly calmly controlled the Six Realms mirrors to continuously teleport.

Being chased down to the point that they couldn't teleport either, Tie Xiong and the others didn't say a thing. That group of Black Hairs Human definitely couldn't handle it.

"I have to think of a way, I can't run like this!" Chen Xiang said as he flew above the lake.

"We are really unlucky. Just as you sent the message, this group of Black Hairs Human suddenly appeared!" Tie Xiong said.

"What about the other teams?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They are also on this island. I wonder if they have met the Black Hairs Human, could it be that they were the first to meet us?" Tie Xiong said: "I'll inform them now, tell them to be careful."

Although there was constant compet.i.tion between the two teams, they were very united, especially when it came to big matters like these.

Chen Xiang was also very gloomy. There were thousands of strong Black Hairs Human behind him, he was sure that he could not kill them all, he did not know what to do, he could only keep running, and do it at night.

"What's good on that island?" Chen Xiang asked. Although there were still Black Hairs Human chasing after him, he was not so nervous right now, because those few Black Hairs Human who knew how to use the power of s.p.a.ce would definitely be very tired. After all, they had to bring a few thousand Black Hairs Human behind them.

While when Chen Xiang stepped into the Dao Po realm, he used the power of his Natural Law Principles to sustain him for a very long time, even though he had Tie Xiong and the others with him.

"There are medicinal herbs inside!" Tie Xiong said, and then, he took out a jade box. "Take a look at what kind of medicinal herb is inside. "I don't know him!"

Chen Xiang took the fruit and looked inside, it was a pure black fruit, and said: "I don't recognize it either, but there is a very rich profound Tao Power inside … … There are a lot of profound Tao Power s, and there's even a crystal core in the innermost area! "

"Crystal core? Could it be the legendary Diprofound fruit? " Tie Xiong shouted in surprise.

"Diprofound fruit?" Chen Xiang had never heard of this fruit before, but from the name, he knew that this fruit was very powerful.

"Mm. I heard that this is an Emperor level fruit. It's great that it can be used to refine Emperor level Emperor level pills!" Tie Xiong pa.s.sed it to Chen Xiang: "This is for you, you can definitely concoct an extremely good pill!"

"Definitely!" Chen Xiang was also quite surprised that he could actually find an Emperor Rank medicinal ingredient, and it was a profound Tao Power on the inside.

What he was very concerned about was the inner core. He felt that it was very likely to be the Tao Ge condensed from the profound Tao Power, something that was equivalent to Divine Deity.

"Is this why they surrounded you?" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something: "These guys might really need this kind of heaven and earth treasure right now!"

"Why do they need it?" Tie Xiong thought for a while: "No wonder they didn't have enough energy to work their way over. They were worried that if they killed me, they wouldn't be able to get the Diprofound fruit, so that's why! I didn't expect these guys to be so smart. "

"He must have received an order!" Chen Xiang's expression became heavy: "There must be something behind this group of Black Hairs Human s that is ordering them to do this, I'm guessing that if there is something like this, that guy will become even stronger, and maybe be able to command the entire profound Wasteland."

"Motherf * cker, we have to kill this guy no matter what! This is a huge threat!" No wonder I felt that the Black Hairs Human I met today was different from the others. Tie Xiong scolded.

"Wait till night!" Chen Xiang said.

Tie Xiong nodded. At the moment, they were still escaping, and Chen Xiang was not far from the island as he wandered about on the surface of the lake.

"They have already sent word, they did not encounter the Black Hairs Human!" Tie Xiong took out a Communication jade Symbol paper and read its contents, "Looks like those fellows were after me!"

"Who let you obtain the Diprofound fruit?" Chen Xiang laughed, then looked towards the Black Hairs Human behind him. He used the Dao heart Eye to look, and discovered that Jin Xin, who used four of them, was relatively large. He felt that it was very likely that those four Black Hairs Human s knew how to use spatial power.

"The reason why they were able to keep catching up is because of the few Transmission Master s … Of course, brother Shen is also a Transmission Master. " Tie Xiong laughed: "If only I could get rid of their Transmission Master!"

"Kill them?" Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, and he took out the Heavenly magic sword.

He held the sword hilt tightly and frowned. The Heavenly magic sword suddenly lit up and turned into a red domineering bow.

Heavenly magic sword was originally refined from five Divine Weapons, and there was one among them, so he planned to use the Suzaku bow to kill the Transmission Master s inside!

"Everyone, let me borrow your profound Tao Power!" Chen Xiang said: "My own is too weak!"

Only the profound Tao Power could easily destroy the Black Hairs Human's defensive capabilities, and only then, the Black Hairs Human would die even more thoroughly!

"Put your hand on my back." Chen Xiang said.

Iron Fighting Team and Tie Xiong immediately followed his instructions. They imbued the profound Tao Power into Chen Xiang's body, and then, Chen Xiang controlled the profound Tao Power to condense an arrow.

He stood straight, while controlling the Six Realms mirrors's teleportation, he pulled on the bowstring, and used the Dao heart Eye to aim at one of the larger, golden hearts.

When the Six Realms mirrors teleported to a certain location, the Black Hairs Human followed closely behind. Remember, if Chen Xiang did not teleport away immediately, they would immediately attack from not too far away from the Six Realms mirrors.

In the instant after his teleportation, Chen Xiang shot out an arrow and controlled the Six Realms mirrors to teleport away!

"How is it?" Tie Xiong looked at the red bow in Chen Xiang's hand. He could naturally tell that this was not an ordinary item, otherwise, he would not have been able to transform from a sword into a bow.

Furthermore, the Six Realms mirrors he was sitting on right now, he also felt that this was an extremely amazing thing!

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "It's working, their numbers have decreased, the moment these Black Hairs Human hearts are struck by the powerful profound Tao Power, a huge explosion will occur, and a few of them should have died just now!"

Tie Xiong and Iron Fighting Team also saw that the Black Hairs Human behind them had recovered more than a thousand times. Furthermore, some of them had injuries on their bodies, which should have been caused by the explosion.

Right now, there was still a long time until night time, Chen Xiang could not wait any longer, and the effects of the arrow just now was not bad, so he planned to use the power of Iron Fighting Team and Tie Xiong to kill all the Black Hairs Human who were chasing him from behind.

"We still need three more arrows to finish them off, is everyone's profound Tao Power enough?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course!" Tie Xiong was very sure of that, and then he laughed out loud. "Let's work together to kill off this group of fellows!"

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