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After getting a seat from Tie Yuntian, Chen Xiang immediately headed over. It was also dark now, so it would be safer on the road. Black Hairs Human only appeared during the day, it was hard to say whether or not he would appear during the night in the future.

For safety's sake, Chen Xiang rode on the Six Realms mirrors and flew on the profound Wasteland's land towards the Sky Lake.

After a night of travel, he finally saw the Heaven's Crossing Lake. It looked endless, and was indeed a very large lake.

Chen Xiang flew in the air and looked downwards while using the Dao heart Eye.

There were actually many densely packed golden specks of light below!

These golden specks of light were extremely secret scrolls, so it looked like a field of golden fluorescent light. It was very obvious that this was the Black Hairs Human's Jin Xin!

And Tie Yuntian had told Chen Xiang before that someone had already investigated this place and confirmed that there were no Black Hairs Human s below!

But now, Chen Xiang could see so much!

Chen Xiang rode on his Six Realms mirrors and flew straight there. He looked down below with his Dao heart Eye and saw dots of golden light, which meant that the entire bottom of the lake was Black Hairs Human.

"I hope these fellows do not wake up during this period of time. Otherwise, it will be troublesome!" Chen Xiang was very worried, there were countless Black Hairs Human below, and now that it was daytime, he was very worried that these Black Hairs Human would suddenly appear.

However, along the way, he did not encounter any Black Hairs Human, which made him feel a lot more at ease.

An hour later, he saw the island. It was a group of islands of various sizes. It was extremely vast, and a few of the islands were very large. It looked like a land with mountain forests and beasts.

Chen Xiang landed on one of the islands, took out his Communication jade Symbol paper, and sent a message to Tie Xiong.

"Brother Iron, where are you?" Not long after Chen Xiang sent the message, the other party responded.

"Are you nearby? You went to the Sky Island by yourself? " Tie Xiong's voice was extremely surprised.

"Yes, you are on that island?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"Seven Horn Island!" Tie Xiong said. The biggest.

"Alright, I'll go over now. I'll contact you when I get there."

Chen Xiang immediately rode on his Six Realms mirrors and rushed over, landing on the top of the Seven Horn Island. This island was the largest, and it also had a very dense amount of Dao Qi.

"This is …" Chen Xiang saw many footprints that were almost the same size on the beach.

Only under one circ.u.mstance would there be so many identical footprints, and that was the Black Hairs Human!

Black Hairs Human's body was about the same size, and when Chen Xiang looked at the beach that was close to the sh.o.r.e, he realized that all these footprints were on the same place!

Seeing this, although it was noon, Chen Xiang shivered. The Black Hairs Human below had come ash.o.r.e!

"Brother Tie, you guys have to be careful. A large number of Black Hairs Human have already entered the island." Chen Xiang took out his Communication jade Symbol paper and sent a message to Tie Xiong.

"Is this for real?" Tie Xiong asked in shock.

"It's true. You all must be careful, and quickly escape. There are a lot of Black Hairs Human!" Chen Xiang said: "Their footprints are all over the beach!"

"d.a.m.n it... They are here, Brother Shen. You should run first! " Tie Xiong screamed in shock.

After that, Chen Xiang did not receive any more responses from Tie Xiong.

"Seems like Tie Xiong is in trouble!" Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, then controlled his Six Realms mirrors and flew into the mountain forest inside the island.

The forest was filled with giant trees. When Chen Xiang entered, he saw that many of the trees had been snapped by the powerful force, and some had even exploded into pieces. The ground was filled with all kinds of leaves, which was clearly done by the Black Hairs Human.

"I wonder what's going on with these Black Hairs Human s. If there is a leader among them, it will be even more troublesome." The only thing he wanted to do now was to quickly find Tie Xiong and bring them away.

After Chen Xiang flew for a while and saw the blood on the ground, he knew that there had been a fight before.

He had previously heard that there were many teams coming in. These teams all had a rather strong person with them, but if they met the Black Hairs Human's army, it would not be easy for them to escape.

Chen Xiang was even more nervous now, he did not want Tie Xiong to die here. Tie Xiong was his good friend, and it was possible that Tie Xiong came here to help him look for the medicinal ingredients.

"Boss, leave quickly!"

Chen Xiang suddenly heard a big sized man's voice. He immediately knew that it was the leader of the Iron Fighting Team, he remembered this voice.

"It's right in front!" Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword and it quickly flew over.

But when he arrived at the front, Chen Xiang's heart couldn't help but quiver, and he instantly became alarmed. The dense ma.s.s of people in front, were all Black Hairs Human s.

This group of Black Hairs Human s had surrounded Tie Xiong and the others, and had only left an open s.p.a.ce in the middle to fight with Tie Xiong and the others!

Previously, when the Black Hairs Human saw the human race, they had charged directly to kill them. How could they be as civilized as they were now? This could only mean that the group of Black Hairs Human all had intelligence, or were commanded by the powerful Black Hairs Human who had intelligence.

"There's over a hundred thousand people here!" Although there were a lot of Black Hairs Human s, Chen Xiang still rushed over.

This group of Black Hairs Human were all very strong, they could all sense Chen Xiang riding on the Six Realms mirrors flying over, with more than a hundred of them jumping up, preparing to stop Chen Xiang.

However, they were all dodged by Chen Xiang using his spatial energy!

When these Black Hairs Human saw that Chen Xiang knew how to use spatial energy, he stopped his jump as well. However, Chen Xiang did not relax because he could feel that a few Black Hairs Human who knew how to use spatial energy were closing in on him.


One of the Black Hairs Human s suddenly appeared in front of him and stomped down fiercely, but Six Realms mirrors was not weak either. Not only did it block the force, it even bounced back the force and shattered that Black Hairs Human's thigh.

Chen Xiang also quickly pulled out his sword and directly slashed onto Black Hairs Human's legs!

With the profound Tao Power and the sharpness of the Heavenly magic sword, Black Hairs Human was like tofu slabs as he was sliced into half from the middle of his legs.

After getting rid of Black Hairs Human, Chen Xiang immediately teleported back to where Tie Xiong and the others were. They were surrounded by a group of Black Hairs Human.

Chen Xiang enlarged the Six Realms mirrors and then enveloped them, allowing them to enter the center.

"Brother Shen, what are you doing here? This is too dangerous! " Tie Xiong had also seen Chen Xiang make his move just now, he never thought that Chen Xiang would actually be able to easily kill a Black Hairs Human.

"Nonsense, I was just here to save you!" Chen Xiang said, he then activated his Six Realms mirrors and teleported away, disappearing from the forest.

However, just as he teleported to a certain location, he saw thousands of Black Hairs Human chasing him from behind!

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