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It was impossible for the Undead Divine Race and the Evil Spirit Race to not know, but because the three great native bank s were inside, they did not dare to act rashly. They still had some reservations towards the strength of the three great native bank s.

In order to deal with the three great native bank s, Undead Divine Race and the Evil Spirit Race had gone somewhere to contact the disciples of the Desolate Land and brought them here to cause trouble. It was obvious that this was to allow the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family to deal with the three great native bank s.

"Right now, we only need to pay attention to Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race. Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's opponent is the Three Great native bank s." Long Jiuxiao replied: "You don't have to worry too much, for now, we are still very safe."

Chen Xiang nodded. He and Long Jiuxiao talked about a few more things, something relating to the situation in the profound Wasteland, such as the things underneath the earth's core.

After the discussion, he and Xia Bailing headed towards the White Spirit City.

Right now, Xia Bailing also needed to make sure that this place was protected, so she went to find Xu Kong and Qing Yang, and instructed them on a few things.

As for pills, Xia Bailing did not need to worry. When she was inside the Hundreds of Flowers Village before, she had already discussed this with Feng Yujie and the others.

And right now, the Azure Void Yang and Long Jiuxiao had a lot of interactions, and had already secretly formed an alliance. This kind of alliance wasn't too bad, when one party has difficulties supporting the other, the Azure Void Yang's strength was rather strong.

Chen Xiang stayed in the Spirit Wasteland for a few days, and then headed towards the Three Money Divine City from there. He wanted to ask Fan Shixin if he had any news about the Tianpo fruit, which he desperately needed right now.

Fan Shixin was not here, but Chen Xiang heard from the shopkeeper that he would be back in three days.

Chen Xiang patiently waited for three days, and sure enough, Fan Shixin was back.

"It was so easy to get it. This is something that an old Alchemist has been collecting for a long time!" Fan Shixin handed over a jade box to Chen Xiang: "Because it has been in my collection for a long time, that guy almost forgot, so I don't usually take care of him, so this Tianpo fruit is not so good."

Chen Xiang opened the jade box and saw that the Tianpo fruit was already dried up, but he could still sense a trace of vitality. As long as it was not completely dried up and died, it was not a problem for Chen Xiang.

"I'm fine!" Chen Xiang said, about to take out the Jade money and give it to Fan Shixin, but Fan Shixin did not do so.

"This Tianpo fruit was also gifted to me by the old Alchemist. You have to tell us what happened inside the profound Wasteland, and we are very grateful to you. Fan Shixin smiled, he was the owner of the native bank, and he did not lack Jade money.

"Thank you very much!" Chen Xiang was extremely happy at the moment. As long as he could grow this Tianpo fruit in large quant.i.ties, he would be able to reach the Tenth Layer of Dao Po realm very quickly.

He brought the Tianpo fruit to the White Spirit City.

"Are you refining a Shipo Dan now?" Xia Bailing asked: I still have some things to do here!

"Not yet. We still need to wait a while before it can grow. What business do you have here? Do you need my help? " Chen Xiang asked.

"No need, right now I also need to choose some outstanding people to teach them the way to cultivate the heart of the profound way. In the future, if I meet any Black Hairs Human s, it would be easy to deal with them." Xia Bailing said.

Hearing Xia Bailing's words, Chen Xiang immediately took out a lot of medicinal ingredients to refine the way of the profound.

"You can use it to refine your way of cultivation! The environment here is different from profound Wasteland, there is no profound Tao Power to absorb, we need a large amount of help in the way of the profound. " Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, I'll ask Azure Sun Void to help me with the selection. I'll go and concoct pills first!" Xia Bailing said.

"En, I will go to profound Wasteland to take a walk and see if I can find better herbs there." Chen Xiang said, he felt that there were definitely many other good herbs in profound Wasteland.

"Then you must be careful. Without me by your side, encountering Black Hairs Human will be very dangerous." Xia Bailing said.

"Don't worry about that!" Chen Xiang laughed.

… ….

Chen Xiang left the White Spirit City and headed towards the profound Wasteland. Now that he had cultivated the heart of the profound way and had Heavenly magic sword by his side, he felt that even if he met Black Hairs Human, if he couldn't beat them, he could at least hold on for a while and escape.

Moreover, he still had Six Realms mirrors s, but he had to wait until night before he used the White Tiger to jump in.

Night time, Chen Xiang entered the profound Wasteland and immediately teleported to the city, very quickly entering it.

"Where's Brother Tie?" Chen Xiang asked the shopkeeper here. In the past, Tie Xiong was always in this little villa.

"He went out with Iron Fighting Team because Iron Fighting Team made some important discoveries!" The shopkeeper said softly, "I heard that there's some good stuff. Not only did the Iron Fighting Team come back to look for the Boss Tie, the other teams also came back one after another and sent their experts to follow them. I wonder what kind of good stuff it is."

"Do you know where it is?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

"How could I know? This is a very secret thing! " The shopkeeper shook his head.

Chen Xiang also wanted to see what exactly that thing could actually cause Tie Xiong to personally make a move. This was because Tie Xiong had once said that he was very afraid of death and normally would not run out on his own.

"When did Brother Tie set off?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Yesterday!" With that, Chen Xiang disappeared.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the City Lord's Mansion, he was very busy right now and was refining the array disc. When Chen Xiang entered the City Lord's Mansion, he also felt that the dao aura there had become denser than before.

In order to make the dao energy even denser in the entire city, Tie Yuntian was currently putting in great effort to refine array discs. Those array discs were all Transmission array s, which were able to transmit dense dao energy from the center of the earth.

Although he was busy, when he found out that Chen Xiang was here, Tie Yuntian immediately ran out of the secret room to meet him.

"City Lord Tie, do you know where Tie Xiong and the others went?" Chen Xiang asked: "After Iron Fighting Team came back, he told him that there were good things, and then he followed Iron Fighting Team and set off."

I know, not only the Iron Fighting Team, but the other teams have also found some treasures at the island cl.u.s.ter in the middle of the Sky Span Lake. I don't know what exactly it is, but it's said that there are good things hidden inside. Tie Yuntian frowned: "You should not go, that place is more dangerous!"

"Crossing Heaven Lake? There are also islands in the middle of this lake, so wouldn't this lake be very big? " Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"Of course, otherwise it would not be called the Sky Crossing Lake. It would be more or less fine to call it an inner sea." Tie Yuntian said.

"There might be Black Hairs Human down there, do they not want to live?" Chen Xiang was very worried about this. If he were to wake up the Black Hairs Human at the bottom of this super lake, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"They said that they have investigated and that there are no Black Hairs Human s at the bottom of the lake. Moreover, they said that nothing will happen if we are careful." Tie Yuntian laughed, "Speaking of which, extracting Daoqi from the core of the earth is really too good. The Daoqi in this city will quickly become denser, and all of this is thanks to you."

"This is a small matter! Iron City Lord, where is Crossing Heaven Lake? I want to take a look! " Chen Xiang asked.

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