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Hearing that, Chen Xiang was immediately enraged: "We must kill them!"

Xia Bailing had already teleported, his expression cold, and landed in front of the group of people.

The sudden appearance of Xia Bailing made the eyes of the group of young men shine, it was rare to see a lady with an aura that was as beautiful as a fairy like Xia Bailing, especially when her face was frosty cold, making people feel that she had a cold and beautiful temperament, giving people a strong desire to conquer her.

As for the four women, they were extremely jealous, especially when they saw the way the men were looking at Xia Bailing!

"Could it be that you heard our words and ran out on your own, wanting to be our maid?" The violet-clothed man laughed sinisterly and walked over.

Xia Bailing immediately used her extremely strong spatial energy and locked these ten people in place. After hearing what they said just now, she felt that there was no need for these people to live anymore. She also did not expect those disciples of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family to be so arrogant.

The group of youngsters felt their hearts turn cold as they felt themselves frozen and unable to move. They knew that they had kicked an iron plate!

All of a sudden, they wanted to cry. All of the fellows they had encountered were Dao Sovereign level experts. They were all people who could easily deal with them!

"Humph!" Chen Xiang suddenly teleported over, the Heavenly magic sword directly slashed towards the purple-clothed man's head, chopping it off.

"Ah... What are you doing! " Although his head fell to the ground, it didn't die.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you!" As Chen Xiang spoke, he ruthlessly stomped his foot on that face, and then, threw his head into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and sealed it.

"You guys, it's fine as long as you stay in your own family. Why do you have to act so arrogantly?" Do you really think you are invincible!? " Chen Xiang walked over to a woman, who was just saying that she was going to grab the girl inside Hundreds of Flowers Village and beat her up.

"Are you still a man? You want to make a move on a woman? " The lady initially wanted to use the name of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family to scare Chen Xiang, but she did not expect Chen Xiang to already know, since he dared to attack them, it was obvious that he was not afraid of them.

At this time, they could not believe that their Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's name was actually so useless, like a street rat.

"You're not even human!" Chen Xiang nimbly swung his sword over, chopping off the girl's head, then throwing her into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

They were all cultivators of Dao Sect, as long as their heads were in Divine Sense Sea, they would not die, and the bodies that they painstakingly cultivated through were turned into ashes by Chen Xiang.

Although Chen Xiang was furious just now, he did not lose his reason. He knew the consequences of killing these fellows, but if he let them continue to act arrogantly, sooner or later something big would happen, so he might as well make them disappear. This way, these people wouldn't be able to go back, nor would he know that Long Jiuxiao had attacked them.

"I never thought that Long Jiuxiao would actually have a grudge with the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family!" Yue Er said.

"Un, I find it strange too. Let's go and ask him!" said. He had also heard from Long Jiuxiao's words that it was from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family.

Xia Bailing and Yue'er both entered the You Yao Mountain Villa, and Chen Xiang also entered the Ninth Heaven Dragon Villa.

"Senior Long, those Eternity …" As Chen Xiang spoke till here, Long Jiuxiao interrupted him and then led him into a room.

"I think you were at the city wall just now. Where did you go after that?" Long Jiuxiao asked, Chen Xiang was watching by the side just now, of course he knew, but when he turned back, Chen Xiang was nowhere to be seen.

"I went to chase after those guys, they went to the Hundreds of Flowers Village afterwards!" Chen Xiang said.

"That direction is indeed correct, but there is a Spirit Formation over there. They will definitely not be able to enter!" Long Jiuxiao said: "Although this group of fellows is strong, it's still not enough to destroy the Hundreds of Flowers Village's barrier!"

"No, they can even get into the Three Money Divine City, so it shouldn't be difficult for the Hundreds of Flowers Village!" Chen Xiang said.

"Looks like I was careless. What happened next?" Long Jiuxiao sighed.

"I'll cut them down!" Chen Xiang said: "This group of people actually have designs on the Hundreds of Flowers Village!"

"Killed them all?" Long Jiuxiao knew that Xia Bailing was right beside Chen Xiang, so dealing with those dozen over kids was definitely not a problem.

"No, chop off their heads and throw them into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. Even though they didn't die, they would definitely feel worse than dead." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

"Well done!" Long Jiuxiao patted Chen Xiang's shoulder and laughed.

"Senior Long, you and Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family seem to have a grudge, don't you?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Mn, I've been to a lot of places. Although the Ancient Eight Desolations disappeared mysteriously afterwards, I can still go to the Transmission array of the Three Great native bank s. Back then, when I was working as a money maker in the Eternal Life Native Bank, I went to the Sacred Wasteland. Those Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s are the ones who caught me, they sold me around as if I was a slave. Those were the days when I couldn't bear it any longer. " Thinking about this, the muscles on Long Jiuxiao's face twitched.

"There is such a thing!" Chen Xiang also didn't think that Long Jiuxiao actually had such an unbearable experience.

"Later on, I ran out myself. I went to the Eternal Life Native Bank, and with the help of the Second Villa Master, they were finally willing to release the Master-servant Contract! The Second Manor Lord had also warned me that I absolutely cannot seek them out for revenge before I possess absolute power! "

Long Jiuxiao clenched his fist tightly. "Of course I know that they are very strong, that's why I have been enduring it this whole time! Of course, if I were to seek them in the future for revenge, I would definitely not let Heavenly Dragon City follow me.

Chen Xiang did not expect the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family to be so vile, this made him even more worried!

"These fellows have already hooked up with the Undead Divine Race. The Heavenly Dragon City and the existence of the Hundreds of Flowers Village was told to them by the Undead Divine Race." Chen Xiang said.

"Hmph, colluding with you. Just you wait, I'll take care of them sooner or later." Long Jiuxiao coldly snorted.

"This is truly a troublesome situation. It seems like we have to hurry up and increase our strength!" Chen Xiang sighed, "Senior Long, has Shuang Ru ever told you about the profound way?"

"Yes, as I said, training in the profound Tao Power can make it easier for me to deal with Black Hairs Human." Long Jiuxiao nodded his head, "We have already started to cultivate, it's all thanks to you! I have a feeling that the group of Black Hairs Human will engulf the entire New Eight Wastelands soon! "

"Why do I have such a premonition?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"Because Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family … Whether it is the Ancient Desolation or the New Eight Wastelands, they have not been in chaos for a long time, and the existence of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s is precisely to create chaos! " Long Jiuxiao sighed: "Back then, when I was captured by them as their slave pet, I understood us quite well, this is a group of people who only want to stir up trouble!"

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