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Chen Xiang also wanted to see exactly how strong the people of the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family were, to actually be so overbearing. Although the three great native bank s were easy to bully, they would not be looked down by so many people.

Amongst the New Eight Wastelands, these three great native bank s were the strongest, but they were still treated like this by the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s from the Sacred Wasteland s. It was obvious with a glance that these Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family's people were extremely arrogant.

Chen Xiang followed behind Fan Shixin and headed towards the plaza, because that group of people were currently in the plaza, he did not know what they were planning to do.

"Aren't there any defensive arrays here?" Chen Xiang asked, standing beside Fan Shixin.

"Of course we have them. However, these defensive arrays are useless against those fellows!" Even if they do not have enough strength to break through our defenses, they do have some powerful Divine Weapons. When they came, the powerful families definitely gave them many defenses. " Fan Shixin said.

Chen Xiang and the rest had already reached the plaza, and in the middle of the plaza, he saw 10 people standing there, and many of the Transmission array s had already been destroyed.

Chen Xiang felt that these people were all very young, so their mental states were not mature enough. Normally, they were raised in a large family and thought that they were superior to others, so they would definitely not think much of New Eight Wastelands.

"Did you destroy this?" After Fan Shixin arrived, he asked indifferently. Even so, Chen Xiang, who was beside him, could feel his anger.

After Fan Shixin arrived, Chen Xiang saw two other groups of people rushing over. They should be the Villa Masters of the other two native bank s.

"So what?" One of the purple robed man laughed coldly: "I came to this broken place, and I actually still need to collect our Jade money, I deserve it."

"This place was built by us. You can leave it to the Jade money but no one is forcing you to come! But now, not only did you use this method to force your way in, you even destroyed the Transmission array in here! Considering that you all don't understand the rules, you all only need to compensate the Transmission array and leave this place immediately. " Fan Shixin said in an amiable tone. His self-restraint was extremely good, so he did not reveal the anger in his heart.

This kind of person was always very scary, especially when they didn't want to put up with it …

The purple robed man sneered and said: "I won't compensate you. What can you do to us? Don't tell me you dare to attack us? "

As soon as the word "succeed" came out of his mouth, there was a crisp "pa" sound. The purple-clothed man that had just spoken had already been sent flying. He was actually sent flying by someone's heavy slap.

Chen Xiang was startled, because he did not see who it was. Fan Shixin was always there, his expression was extremely natural, and it did not seem like he was going to attack.

"It was from the goatee on Fan Shixin's right." Xia Bailing said: "That guy is very strong, he should be a Dao Lord!"

Chen Xiang looked at the Goatee Elder, who had a smile on his face, and stroked his beard.

"You all … Which one of you hit him?! " The dozen or so people from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family panicked. They really did not think that there would actually be someone who dared to attack them.

"So what if I hit you?" Fan Shixin said: "Although I did not do it, but I want to say, well done!"

Only now did the ten-odd youngsters realize that the three manor lords standing in front of them were not easy to deal with!

"Just you wait..." The man in purple had already gotten up. His face was now completely black. He didn't know why, but he looked like he had been poisoned.

"Let's go!" A man in black knew they were no match for him and decided to go back and find help.

"Want to leave?" You all destroyed the Transmission array here, and you want to leave just like that? Fan Shixin said, while talking, no one knew what he had done, but the surrounding s.p.a.ce had suddenly become extremely st.u.r.dy.

"One Transmission array's one billion Jade money, in total seventeen of them were destroyed by you, so you have to pay one billion seven hundred! Otherwise, you're not allowed to scram! " Fan Shixin said coldly.

"You guys have already made your move, don't expect us to compensate you!" He wanted to charge over, but they were not his opponent. Previously, they thought that Fan Shixin and the rest would be afraid of them because they were from the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, but now, before they could even say anything, they were beaten up.

"Did the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family send you guys to deal with the Natural Law Guardians?" Fan Shixin suddenly laughed, "With your current abilities, you will definitely die without a single hair remaining!"

"They must have been unable to survive in the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, or perhaps they were neglected in the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, which was why the Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family sent them here to die." The goatee middle-aged man laughed, "No matter how you look at it, these guys don't look like they'll live long. They still dare to be so arrogant!"

"You all … Who do you think you are, three native bank s? If they were to fight, our Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family will not be afraid of you. " a man said angrily.

"Yo, I'm so scared!" Let your elders beat me up! " Fan Shixin laughed.

Just as Fan Shixin finished speaking, those young men and women, all flew out and received a slap on their faces.

This time, Chen Xiang still could not see who hit him!

"It's that bald fatty!" Xia Bailing said: "The Villa Masters of these three native bank s are all very strong!"

Chen Xiang looked at the bald fatty. He had heard from Jiang Xian that this bald fatty was the Three Villa Master of the Lifeless native bank, and the goatee should be the Three Lives native bank.

Although they came from three native bank s, they were unexpectedly united. This also surprised Chen Xiang.

In the end, under Fan Shixin's intimidation, these dozen or so youngsters finally took out seventeen billion Jade money s. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to leave the city.

"Three manor lords, is there really no problem in doing so?" Chen Xiang was a little worried.

"No problem. We are the elders of this group, and our strength is much higher than theirs. How can we allow them to insult us like this? We must teach them a lesson!" Not to mention these youngsters, even if those old fellows were arrogant here, we would still beat them up. " The bald fatty laughed.

This was strength! With strength, as long as he met such an arrogant fellow, he would be able to do whatever he wanted.

"Alright, I will go and see what those fellows from Undead Divine Race are doing. The two of you stay here and guard against those youngsters." After Fan Shixin finished speaking, he said to Chen Xiang: "I'll help you settle the matter that you've requested of me as soon as possible."

"Alright, thank you very much!" Chen Xiang told Fan Shixin to help him purchase the Tianpo fruit. As long as he could get it, Chen Xiang believed that he would be able to reach the peak of the Dao Po realm very soon.

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