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He was smiling as he sat on the ground. Currently, he was not the least bit nervous, as Chen Xiang suspected that he still did not know about the matters regarding Black Hairs Human, but it did not seem to be possible. As the Natural Law Divine Spirit was, he was definitely aware of the matters regarding Black Hairs Human. ybdu!

Furthermore, that group of Black Hairs Human s were originally requested by the group of Natural Law Divine Spirit s who were lazy.

"What happened to the island my father was on?" Chen Xiang was most curious about that island. For example, the island had suffered a punishment, and he also wanted to make that island more stable.

"That island …. You should have already been there. Furthermore, I know that the poison on it has not been expelled, so it should be you who did it! " Natural Law Divine Spirit laughed: "You can always do things that even we can't do."

"Hey, answer my question!" Chen Xiang scoffed, "Is it all your fault?"

"Of course not. If I did not inform that Island Spirit in time, the creatures on that island would have died a long time ago." Natural Law Divine Spirit quickly waved his hand and said.

"There are many things that the Heavenly Dao cannot control now." Natural Law Divine Spirit sighed: "If it was in the past, as long as we had something to do, we could just make an altar or something, and we could have the Heavenly Dao come down to help us, but now it's not going to work!"

"In other words, the movement of the Heavenly Dao is in a state of automatic adjustment. I don't know the specifics either. In short, what is happening now isn't something that anyone can control." Natural Law Divine Spirit sighed: "For example, which island should we punish? … It is because that island has evolved to a certain degree by itself. The Heavenly Energy sensed that that island could possibly severely damage the balance of Heavenly Energy. That is why it is being punished. "

The city where Xia Bailing was originally at was the same, and the reason for his punishment should be for the same reason as that island!

"Is there such a thing happening in the future?" Chen Xiang asked: "My father is still up there, and the punishment for that island is still there.

"This will definitely not happen again. After all, the Heavenly Dao is not in a good situation right now!" Natural Law Divine Spirit replied, "You can be at ease with that."

"You promise?" Chen Xiang said.

"I promise!" He is the Natural Law Divine Spirit, so it is normal for Chen Xiang to make him promise something.

"Alright, I believe you!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, "I came down from above profound Wasteland, what happened to those Black Hairs Human s up there? I heard that those things were actually called Natural Law Guardians s or something like that! "

Speaking of this matter, Natural Law Divine Spirit and Earth's Core Divine Spirit looked at each other, a little embarra.s.sed. Seeing their reaction, Chen Xiang immediately confirmed that those Natural Law Guardians s back then were indeed related to them.

"Don't misunderstand. We know about this, but it definitely has nothing to do with us." Natural Law Divine Spirit saw Chen Xiang's look of contempt and immediately said.

"Is that so? But you guys seem to be very guilty! " Chen Xiang said.

"We were supposed to be responsible for this matter. This is our responsibility, but our power is limited." Natural Law Divine Spirit's face was filled with helplessness: "This matter was caused by the previous Natural Law Divine Spirit and the others in order to be lazy. At that time, I was still just a little brat in Natural Law Divine Realm."

"Then what do we do now? These guys seem to be a threat to both the new and the old. " Chen Xiang curled his lips: "I really didn't think that you Natural Law Divine Spirit are so weak. You can't even solve this little problem."

Earth's Core Divine Spirit finally spoke, he used a rough voice to say: "We have no other choice! The majority of our divine powers come from the Heavenly Dao. However, we do not know what kind of situation the Heavenly Dao is in right now, leading to chaos in the world that is born with the power of Natural Law Principles, as well as greatly reducing our strength. "

Natural Law Divine Spirit nodded his head: "It really is like that, otherwise we wouldn't have to be afraid of those Evil Spirit Race's."

Chen Xiang looked at him with contempt. "Could it be that you are looking for an excuse? Is the positive recession that bad? "

"This is real! I am a Natural Law Divine Spirit, so I definitely need sufficient strength to control the entire Heavenly Dao, and the other G.o.ds are the same as well. If not for something unexpected happening, we would not be in this state, and the entire Heavenly Dao is not something we can control right now. " Natural Law Divine Spirit shook his head: "Of course, the Heavenly Dao also left a trump card, which was the Three Great native bank s!"

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. "The three great native bank s are indeed powerful, can they deal with those Natural Law Guardians s? Right, how many were there in the Natural Law Guardians? "I saw a lot of them in a lake!"

"profound Wasteland is still considered good, there are only a few of them! Now that both Evil Wasteland and Devil Wasteland have fallen, it is fortunate that we had all set up strong barriers in these three Ancient Wastelands, which should be enough to sustain us for a very long time. " The Natural Law Divine Spirit's words made Chen Xiang worry deeply.

The situation between the Evil Wasteland s were actually so terrible!

"The three great native bank s have also only just found out, and this is what I have just told them. Can they really deal with those Natural Law Guardians s?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious of this matter. Out of the three native bank s that had sent out, six had died.

"If it's only the normal Ancient Desolation and Eight Desolations, the combined strength of the three native bank s would obviously not be enough to contend against those Natural Law Guardians s. However, there shouldn't be a problem for those above Sacred Wasteland s." Natural Law Divine Spirit said: "I will head to Sacred Wasteland in a while to discuss this matter with them."

The Earth's Core Divine Spirit said: "Every native bank has three Villa Masters, the weakest is the one in charge of managing the New Eight Wastelands, and the second strongest is the one in charge of managing the Ancient Desolate, profound Wasteland, Spirit Wasteland, Devil Wasteland, Devil Wasteland and Evil Wasteland! And the strongest are the ones in charge of the Beast Wasteland s and the Sacred Wasteland s. "

If the Earth's Core Divine Spirit didn't say it, Chen Xiang would have forgotten about the other Ancient Wastelands.

"What's going on with the Human Wasteland? Is he also in the New Eight Wastelands? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Human Wasteland isn't very strong. She is currently in the same condition as Spirit Wasteland, it's just that the place she is at is a little hidden, so you all have not found her yet." The Natural Law Divine Spirit said.

"Where's the Sacred Wasteland? Are all the guys inside very strong? " Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

The Great Landlord s of the three great native bank s are all in the Sacred Wasteland, what do you think? And among the Sacred Wasteland, not only are the Three Great native bank s the strongest, there are also a few other Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family s. Natural Law Divine Spirit said: "That group of fellows from Heaven Wasteland Aristocratic Family, their att.i.tude towards us is way worse than you. They don't even put us in their eyes."

"Who asked you to be so incompetent? It's normal for you to not be worthy of respect." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Sigh, we can't help it. Of course, we wish to become stronger." Natural Law Divine Spirit sighed again.

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