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Looking at the boundless sea of fire essence below him, Tie Yuntian frowned, because he didn't know where he should put the array disc to be safe.

"This method is a bit difficult! "Of course, for a city to have such a rich Dao Qi, it is not a simple matter. At the very least, it is a method that is possible." Tie Yuntian was still relatively optimistic, he brought Chen Xiang to walk all around, wanting to see how they would arrange the array discs.

"Can you embed it on top?" Chen Xiang looked at the fiery red rocks above.

"Not good, those stones are unstable, they might fall down at any moment." Tie Yuntian shook his head.

Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to observe, he wanted to see if there were any small mountains underneath the Flame Essence. As long as he pierced a hole inside it and placed the array disc inside, it would be enough.

More than two hours later, neither Chen Xiang nor Tie Yunshan could come up with a good idea. Just as they were about to go back, the fire liquid suddenly became extremely violent, undulating up and down.

"There's something down there!" Chen Xiang shouted in shock, "It's a Earthly beast!"

Hearing Chen Xiang's shout, Tie Yunshan immediately pulled Chen Xiang and prepared to teleport away.

"Be careful!" Tie Yunshan struck his palm towards the flame liquid that was spewing out from the ground, stopping it from sputtering onto Chen Xiang's body.

"Big Brother, it's me!" Chen Xiang suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Huo Lin?" Chen Xiang was shocked, and shouted.

Huo Lin was the Nine Heaven World's Earthly beast, a Fire unicorn.

"Big Brother, long time no see!" A beam of fire shot up from below, and all they saw was a smiling young man standing there, wearing a fiery-red armor.

"Good boy, you scared me to death!" Chen Xiang was very happy, he never thought that he would meet Huo Lin in this kind of place, furthermore, it had been a long time since he had last seen Huo Lin.

Tie Yun Shan was also surprised, Chen Xiang actually knew a Earthly beast, he suddenly felt that Chen Xiang was very mysterious, a Earthly beast was not someone that anyone could easily recognize, and even if it was him, it was his first time seeing a Earthly beast, but Chen Xiang could call this Earthly beast a brother.

"I didn't expect to see you here!" Huo Lin laughed, "Big Brother, you are still the same. Your strength is not that great, but you always go to those dangerous places."

"Brat, you're looking down on people!" Chen Xiang laughed and scolded: "How have you been recently? Are you used to being here? "

"It's not bad!" Huo Lin nodded his head: "Big brother, what are you doing here? Is there something wrong? "

"Of course. Is this your territory? "Help me place something!" Chen Xiang said.

"I have a palace down here, which is the one I used to have. Let me show you around!" Huo Lin took out a large transparent pearl and allowed Chen Xiang and Tie Yuntian to enter. After that, he turned into a huge Fire unicorn and dived into the depths of the earth's core while biting the pearl.

Huo Lin had constructed an Earth Core Realm and a Qilin Hall here. Just like last time in the Nine Heaven World, when Chen Xiang came here, he suddenly felt a very familiar feeling.

"What do you want to put on it?" Huo Lin asked: "I'm very safe, although there are a lot of Earthly beast here, but those guys are not my match. I myself belong to the Heavenly beast, and those mottled beasts are way too inferior to me."

Tie Yunshan took out an array disc and said, "I want to place an array disc here to absorb energy from the earth's core to supply energy to our city."

"No problem, leave it to me. I choose the best place here, it can quickly absorb the purest energy in the earth's core." Huo Lin smiled, and then, he accepted the formation plate.

Tie Yunshan also taught him how to activate the formation plate.

"Where's your wife?" Chen Xiang asked.

"She's sleeping. There's no helping it, when our Earthly beast gets stronger, we all need to sleep for a long time." Huo Lin said, he had already remembered how to activate the array disc.

"Thanks a lot, I'll go up now and see if I can absorb the energy from here. It might take some time." Tie Yunshan had yet to create an array disc that could convert earth's core energy. However, this was not a problem, and he could do it very soon.

"City Lord, you go up. I want to meet with my brother." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright!" Tie Yunshan left by himself. Along the way, he kept thinking about Chen Xiang, because no matter how he looked at it, he was not an ordinary person.

… ….

After Tie Yunshan left, Huo Lin asked, "Elder Brother Shen, who is that old man? It seems like he is a little unfamiliar with you! "

"It's a long story..." Chen Xiang told Huo Lin about profound Wasteland's situation, letting him know the situation of that city.

"Quite a few things have happened on the surface as well!" Huo Lin said: "Earth's Core Divine Spirit came to find me before, he said it was all thanks to you that they were unable to complete the task. He told me a lot, what two eras merging, what balance and so on! That's why he gave me a place like this, where I could sleep peacefully. "

"Did the Earth's Core Divine Spirit say anything else? "Do you have any way of finding him?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, he just wanted to find Natural Law Divine Spirit's group of Divine Spirit.

"He didn't say anything!" But he has a way to get in touch with him, and I'll get you in touch with him right now. " Huo Lin said: "Big Brother, what do you want to say to him?"

"Just say that I, Chen Xiang, have something to discuss with him and Natural Law Divine Spirit." Chen Xiang said.

Huo Lin took out a small disk, and then, he talked to the inside of it.

"Alright, I just don't know when they'll have the time to come. Although they might be G.o.ds, I don't think they're as powerful as you, Big Bro." Huo Lin chuckled: "If Big Brother's cultivation reaches their level in the future, I can exterminate them at any time!"

"I thought they would come immediately!" Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"Big brother, the ground won't collapse any further. Come to me!" If the two of us work together, the earth spirit realm will definitely be beautiful. " Huo Lin said.

"Hmm, it seems like this is my best safe haven." Chen Xiang laughed.

After a short while, Huo Lin shouted, "Big Brother, Earth's Core Divine Spirit said that they will be here very soon, I told you to be patient!"

Chen Xiang said: "Seems like they value me quite a lot!"

Huo Lin laughed: "Of course, big brother, you have helped them before! Although this group of birdG.o.ds are not that powerful, they are still quite considerate. "

The Earth's Core Divine Spirit arrived very quickly. It was the first time Chen Xiang had seen the Earth's Core Divine Spirit with his own eyes.

The Natural Law Divine Spirit also came, but he was currently chuckling, causing Chen Xiang to feel a little unhappy in his heart.

"Chen Xiang, you are truly omnipresent, even more powerful than us G.o.ds. It hasn't been long since you ran all the way to the heart of the wastelands!" The Natural Law Divine Spirit laughed.

"Of course, my big brother's strength doesn't need to be questioned." Huo Lin said.

Chen Xiang had too many things to ask of this Natural Law Divine Spirit, such as the island his father was on, and then the Black Hairs Human … The connection between the New Eight Wastelands and the Ancient Eight Desolations.

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