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After Tie Xiong heard what Chen Xiang said, he could not help but be shocked: "I never thought that not only do you know how to refine pills, you're also so proficient in formations!"

Chen Xiang shook his head, and laughed: "We'll talk when we get back!"

Returning to Tie Xiong's small villa, Tie Xiong was already impatient to know what method Chen Xiang had. If it could make the dao aura in this city denser, then it would be a very good thing for this city. If Chen Xiang could really do it, then he would definitely receive very good treatment.

"We used to do it from the center of the earth." Chen Xiang said: "As long as we succeed in bringing the energy up from the core of the earth, then we will have endless energy."

This was how Long Jiuxiao did things. Originally, the location where the Heavenly Dragon City s were located was a region with a very thin dao aura. Because of the spa.r.s.e dao aura, there weren't even any savage beasts there.

However, Long Jiuxiao had used his own method to attract a lot of energy from the Earth Core, and then used the array to convert the Earth Core into Dao Qi. After a long time, the Dao Qi in that area started to become denser and denser.

And the Heavenly Dragon City was a lot bigger than this place.

"Will that work? What do I do? " Tie Xiong frowned.

"Definitely. You have three Dao Sovereigns here!" "As far as I know, a Dao Sect can complete it!" Chen Xiang said.

"Let's go, I'll bring you to see my father, he is the City Lord, he is most concerned about this kind of thing, if your method succeeds, he will definitely not treat you unfairly." Tie Xiong said, then pulled Chen Xiang along as he walked toward the City Lord's Mansion.

Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty jade tablet was given to him by Tie Yuntian. Although he had not interacted with Tie Yuntian much, his impression of him was not bad.

After arriving at the City Lord's Mansion, Chen Xiang and Tie Xiong sat in a hall, waiting for Tie Yuntian.

Tie Yuntian also had something he needed to busy himself with, but when he heard that Tie Xiong had something important to talk to him about, he immediately went out to take a look.

"Ah Xiong, what is it?" When Tie Yuntian saw Chen Xiang, he politely smiled at him. This was also for Chen Xiang to not be so formal, after all, he was a City Lord and a Dao Sovereign.

"Dad, Brother Shen said he has a way to make the dao aura in this city thicker." Tie Xiong said: "If he can do it, what kind of treatment will you give him?"

Tie Yuntian was surprised, and asked anxiously: "Is this true? "How much certainty do you have?"

"Fifty percent!" Chen Xiang said.

A fifty percent chance was quite great. It was worth a try.

"If you can do it, I will naturally not treat you unfairly. I can even give you the position of City Lord." Tie Yuntian said.

Chen Xiang did not need the position of City Lord, he wanted this city to become stronger, and it was also to let this city block the Black Hairs Human, if not the Black Hairs Human would think of ways to expand after this city was flattened.

"We'll talk about this later. I'm not completely sure right now." Chen Xiang laughed and said: "Moreover, I will need the help of your array masters."

"I am a formation master, I am the one who completed all the formation here." Tie Yuntian said: "Tell me your method."

"It's very simple. It is to draw power from the earth's core. There is an extremely strong flame energy in the earth's core. If you can draw fire energy from the earth's core and then use the formation to turn that flame energy into Dao Qi, that would be enough." Chen Xiang said, "The dao energy in the earth is created from the constant burning of the earth's core, combined with the fusion of the sun and earth."

"I have thought about it before, but the process is very complicated. Furthermore, profound Wasteland is currently floating, and there is no heart left." Tie Yuntian shook his head.

"profound Wasteland has already merged into the new Eight Desolate." Chen Xiang said: "City Lord, you don't know about this?"

"What's going on?" Tie Yuntian did not know about this, or perhaps the people inside did not.

The profound Wasteland had yet to appear before the New Eight Wastelands, and had instead encountered the Black Hairs Human. None of the people here had ever gone to the outskirts of the New Eight Wastelands, because that place was still rather far away.

Then, Chen Xiang told Tie Yuntian about this matter in a simple manner.

"So that's how it is. If the barrier is broken, we can also leave … Of course, the New Eight Wastelands outside would also be affected by this destructive force. " Tie Yuntian sighed: "As long as Black Hairs Human is here, we have nowhere to hide!"

Chen Xiang did not say that he came from outside. He only said that this was something that a mysterious senior had told him.

"Alright, let's go to the core to take a look. I have a way!" Tie Yuntian said: "Ah Xiong, this little brother and I will go. You stay here."

Tie Xiong brought Chen Xiang into the City Lord's Mansion, and surprisingly came from here. Tie Xiong was also very surprised, but he was a little unhappy right now, because he really wanted to follow along and take a look.

"There are dangers in the earth's core, especially for Earthly beast!" Tie Yuntian said as he brought Chen Xiang to a very deep underground room.

"New Eight Wastelands is so big, there must be a lot of Earthly beast. When the time comes, we just need to pay attention to a little." Chen Xiang said, "Senior, do you have a spatial Transmission array Plate?"

"Of course! You mean to say that you want to place the spatial Transmission array disk below the earth's core and then transfer the energy below it up, right? " Tie Yuntian said.

"Yes!" "The array disc placed below must be able to resist the heat. Moreover, it must also have the ability to absorb energy to maintain its circulation, and the amount of energy to transfer must be great as well." Chen Xiang said: "I am only providing you with a way of thinking, I am not able to help you with anything else."

Tie Yuntian nodded his head. Chen Xiang was just a Dao Po realm.

"Looks like I have to send people to dig many underground palaces under the city." Tie Yuntian said: "Let's try entering the earth's core now!"

Tie Yuntian was a formation master, so he had to be proficient in array discs. He took out an array disc and said, "This can be transmitted downwards … "How about this, I'll go down by myself. If I encounter any danger, I'll deal with it myself. You just wait here for me."

"I'll go down with you!" Chen Xiang said. He was also curious about the Desolate Earth's Core, he wanted to take a look too.

Tie Yuntian pondered for a while, but in the end, still decided to bring Chen Xiang to the center of the earth.

After activating the formation disc for a few seconds, Chen Xiang felt a wave of heat. Then, he hurriedly used his spatial energy to wrap himself up, isolating himself from the extremely hot energy.

"Spatial energy? No wonder you were able to sneak in, and you seem to have very high spatial strength! " Tie Yuntian could not help but be shocked, and then, laughed.

At this time, Chen Xiang and Tie Yuntian had already reached the core of the earth. They were floating above the continuously boiling Flame Essence, and there wasn't much s.p.a.ce above them.

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