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Although Chen Xiang had already interacted with the Black Hairs Human and conducted a simple research on it before, he still did not know much about it. After all, he needed some time, for example, he did not know how strong the Black Hairs Human was, and there were many people here who were experienced enough to do it.

"Brother Tie, how strong are the Black Hairs Human you've met so far?" Chen Xiang asked. apical novel)

At that time, it was said that a few small teams together could only kill this Black Hairs Human, and more than ten of them had died. " Tie Xiong said: "I have never seen it myself, so I am not too sure either, but my father said, there must be a stronger Black Hairs Human here."

Right now, Chen Xiang was worried that the Black Hairs Human would break through the barrier of the profound Wasteland and escape to the New Eight Wastelands. At that time, the New Eight Wastelands would definitely be killed by the Black Hairs Human and his strength would not be as strong as the Ancient Eight Desolations.

In the next few days, Chen Xiang would be refining his way through, this kind of pill could help him cultivate the vigorous profound Tao Power, and as long as he had enough profound Tao Power, it would be able to stop him from having to struggle when facing the Black Hairs Human. At that time, not only would he have to cultivate the vigorous profound Tao Power, he would also need to get the warriors from both the Heavenly Dragon City and the Heavenly Dragon City.

"Ten days are almost up. It's time to find those nine people." When he first came in, he had brought nine strong pract.i.tioners from the three great native bank s with him, and agreed to meet at that place for ten days.

Now that it was time, Chen Xiang also quietly left the city. Using the White Tiger Jump, he could easily escape from here.

The last time he entered, it was at night, and this time they were meeting up at night as well. Chen Xiang, with Xia Bailing's help, quickly arrived at that place.

"Here it is!" Xia Bailing said: "Strange, why did they not come? Could it be that they died?"

"Let's wait first!" Chen Xiang said: "I wonder how they are doing with the investigation, those Black Hairs Human s seem to be even more terrifying than I imagined."

"Yeah, just the number alone is enough to scare people. I wonder how many of these Black Hairs Human s are hidden in the profound Wasteland, Devil Wasteland and Evil Wasteland." Xia Bailing sighed: "If these Black Hairs Human come out, at that time, Spirit Wasteland will definitely suffer too!"

"If I want to know how many there are, I can only go to that Natural Law Divine Spirit. This guy must know a lot about this matter." Chen Xiang said: "It's just that I don't know how to find them right now."

Not long later, Chen Xiang sensed a few extremely weak auras approaching. They were the people he brought in last time, but it was not nine of them!

"Only three?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised. Those nine people were all strong, all of them were at Dao Sect, but now only three had returned.

There were only three of them, and they were all injured and looked very weak.

"What about them?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There's no need to wait for them, they're all dead!" One of the men said.

Chen Xiang just sighed, then suddenly took out the golden paG.o.da and let the three men in. Originally, he wanted to ask them what they had found out, but seeing their injuries, he did not ask, because the three men needed to rest.

After Chen Xiang used the White Tiger to jump out of the enchantment, he quickly rushed to Three Money Divine City and handed the golden paG.o.da over to Fan Shixin.

Fan Shixin had obviously known that six people had died.

"Those Black Hairs Human are very powerful!" Chen Xiang said: "I wonder what they found out?"

"That will only be known after they have recovered from their injuries. I will tell you about it when the time comes." Fan Shixin said. If not for Chen Xiang being able to enter the profound Wasteland, the three Great native bank s would not have known about the dangers that were hidden there.

Now that they knew there was a Black Hairs Human in there, they could make preparations earlier.

"Alright, I'll come back for you in a few days." Chen Xiang said before heading to the Hundreds of Flowers Village to pa.s.s the two types of medicinal herbs to Lv Qilian to duplicate. After that, he went to find Feng Yujie and Xie Qiaoyan to tell them about the method to refine the Profound Dao, and also told them the method to cultivate Jin Xin.

After doing all of this, Chen Xiang headed towards the profound Wasteland, returned to Tie Xiong's Little Villa, and continued refining pills there.

With Xia Bailing's spatial power, no matter how big the eight wastelands were, he could still quickly travel through them.

When Chen Xiang returned, the sky was almost bright, and he coincidentally saw Tie Xiong and Iron Fighting Team.

"Iron Fighting Team is preparing to set off." Tie Xiong laughed: "If I am able to obtain more precious medicinal ingredients next time, I will definitely give them to you."

"Mm, be careful on your way!" Chen Xiang said to the Iron Fighting Team.

Although Chen Xiang's cultivation level was a little low, the Iron Fighting Team respected him greatly, because Chen Xiang was a Alchemist. After they had eaten that piece of profound way, they knew that Chen Xiang's level was very high.

After that, Chen Xiang and Fan Shixin sent Iron Fighting Team out of the city.

"It's almost dawn. Wouldn't it be very dangerous to go out?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Don't worry, everyone should be in good spirits now. If you meet the Black Hairs Human in the day, you will be able to immediately fight them in your best condition." Tie Xiong said: "Right now, the warriors are all thinking about fighting. If we go out in the middle of the night and meet the Black Hairs Human in the day, our fighting spirit would drop a lot."

"Oh right, how did your father react? Even the affairs of the Black Hairs Human s are at the bottom of the lake! " Chen Xiang asked.

"The Heart Hunting Holy Man has already set out. He will go to another city and tell the teams from the other cities not to go to that lake and cause trouble." Tie Xiong said.

Chen Xiang immediately frowned, "Not good!"

"Why? Shouldn't it? " Tie Xiong saw Chen Xiang's expression changed and anxiously asked.

"It really shouldn't be. The people in the other cities definitely won't believe it. If they are suspicious and think that there is something good under the lake, then it will be troublesome!" Chen Xiang said: "The best way is to temporarily keep it a secret and think of a good countermeasure."

"They should have considered this before. My dad and the others are all Dao Sovereigns, so they should have a good way to discuss this with other cities." Tie Xiong said.

"Let's hope so!" Chen Xiang sighed: "But no matter what, we have to prepare to deal with the group of Black Hairs Human in the lake."

"That's for sure. I just don't know what to do right now!" Tie Xiong sighed.

"Don't you have any more formidable formation masters?" Chen Xiang said: "If there was a good array formation that could quickly gather the spirit energy of the Spirit Wasteland, it wouldn't be as thin as it is now."

Originally, there was such a great array, but it was only maintained for about two years before it was sc.r.a.pped. The main reason is that too much resources were used up, and it is too dangerous to go out and search for resources to maintain the array. Tie Xiong said.

"I have an idea!" Chen Xiang laughed: "It's just that I need to give it a try to know, I won't guarantee its success."

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