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Not long after Chen Xiang and her successfully refined it, Chu Hongqing was also able to successfully refine three pills.

"I wonder how effective it will be!" Chen Xiang said: "I'll eat a few pills first to see what happens!"

Chen Xiang immediately swallowed the four profound Dao king Dan s that he had refined, and after eating it, the profound Tao Power exploded in his stomach. He immediately started circulating his cultivation technique to stimulate the profound Tao Power to attack his heart, controlling the profound Tao Power to enter his heart.

At this moment, his heart was being "attacked" from inside and outside the profound Tao Power. Then, he used the method of refining pills and used the profound Tao Power to refine his own heart.

Following the continuous beating of his heart, the profound Tao Power also rapidly decreased, being continuously refined into his heart, and changed it.

"profound Dao king Dan are not enough, continue refining, you have to speed up!" Chen Xiang said. In just a moment, more than half of his profound Tao Power had been used up.

After that, Chen Xiang ate the profound Dao king Dan s refined by Chu Hongqing and himself and entered into cultivation. He wanted to complete a heart of the profound way in one go.

Four hours had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang had already used up all of his medicinal power, but he was still unable to successfully cultivate the heart of the profound way.

"It's still not enough!" Chen Xiang sighed.

"How many do you think you'll need?" Xia Bailing asked.

"Around fifty pills!" Chen Xiang said.

"So many!" Xia Bailing was a little surprised: "However, if you're familiar with refining, this would also happen very quickly."

"Un, let's forge it together!" Chen Xiang said.

Currently, Yang Xiangyin was in charge of growing the medicinal herbs. Chen Xiang, Chu Hongqing and Xia Bailing specialized in refining this profound Dao king Dan, and after familiarizing themselves with it, their refining speed had become faster and faster.

Chen Xiang closed up for an entire day and finally got forty profound Dao king Dan.

Tie Xiong knew that Chen Xiang was in closed door cultivation, so he did not disturb her.

Chen Xiang gobbled down the profound Dao king Dan one by one and then began to cultivate …

After a day had pa.s.sed, he suddenly began to shout in a low voice.

"What's wrong?" Xia Bailing who was still concocting pills heard this and asked immediately.

"It's nothing, I'm about to succeed, so my heart hurts!" Chen Xiang said: "My heart is undergoing a transformation, and just as I had expected, I can refine a heart of the profound way!"

An hour later, Chen Xiang let out a long sigh and wiped his sweat, "I've finally succeeded!"

At this time, whenever his heart beat, he would automatically absorb a large amount of profound Tao Power into his body!

Of course, the biggest benefit of the heart of the profound way was not only the ability to absorb profound Tao Power from between heaven and earth, but also the ability to quickly activate a large amount of profound Tao Power and control it more freely.

"If I can cultivate this Mysterious Heart even better, then I'll be able to use it to convert my Dao energy into profound Tao Power." Chen Xiang said: "Looks like it's just focusing on cultivating the heart of the profound, there's no need to cultivate any sort of profound Tao Power, there's no need to store the profound Tao Power."

"That's pretty good. He should be able to cultivate his mind through training his heart!" Xia Bailing laughed: "If it's really possible, like Bones, then I can transform Dao Energy into become even more powerful!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That's right, I have that intention!" He looked at the white aura that had come out of his palm, and realized that it was an extremely pure profound Tao Power.

His current goal was to find a way to deal with the Black Hairs Human, because there were a lot of people here, especially those who had yet to awaken.

There were many lakes and seas in the profound Wasteland, if there were Black Hairs Human s below, the number of lakes and seas would far exceed his imagination.

Chen Xiang had refined two more batches of pills, and his refining speed was even faster now. He would be able to complete them in four hours, and furthermore, he had to control two pill furnaces at the same time.

This made Xia Bailing extremely jealous.

"How did you refine it so fast?" Xia Bailing scoffed, "And I can even condense another pellet!"

"Hehe, you haven't even seen my pill refining when I tried my best. This is just a small matter!" This is the result of my many years of cultivation. " Chen Xiang laughed, he was able to refine the pill to the maximum three levels, producing a very high quality pill.

"When I'm free, I'll make a cauldron for you to see!" Chen Xiang had many excellent techniques that he had never shown others before.

He walked out of his room and went into the Little Villa's garden. He found out that the ten people from Iron Fighting Team and Tie Xiong were all there, cultivating.

"Brother Shen, you've finally come out of seclusion!" Tie Xiong opened his eyes and said to Chen Xiang.

"Sorry to bother you!" Chen Xiang said.

"Now that the Dao Qi is thinning out, we can only cultivate here because we have nothing better to do, so we don't really expect to be able to cultivate anything!" Usually, we all go out at night to train, so our squad is free to go in and out. " Tie Xiong said.

"So it's like that!" Chen Xiang nodded, then said: "Big Brother Tie, how about you use the Sky Profound Golden Ginseng and the Profound Spirit Gra.s.s to refine a kind of pellet?

"He refined it so quickly?" It's only been a few days! " Tie Xiong said in shock.

As he said that, Chen Xiang took out eleven profound Dao king Dan s.

"Eleven of them!" You can refine that many out of those two things? " When Tie Xiong saw Chen Xiang take out the pill, he was shocked. The ten warriors of Iron Fighting Team were the same.

"Don't worry about it so much, do you dare to eat it?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Why wouldn't I dare?" As Tie Xiong said this, he picked up one pellet and placed it into his mouth to eat it.

"Everyone, take one and try it out!" Chen Xiang laughed, the people from Iron Fighting Team immediately came over.

After they ate it, their reactions were the same as Tie Xiong's. They clearly knew that this pellet was extremely pure and contained the same amount of profound stones they had absorbed!

They would have to spend many nights outside to cultivate so many profound Tao Power s, and the pills here would allow them to obtain a lot in one go.

"A profound Tao Power of this level would at least cost ten thousand profound stones … No, at least twenty thousand! " As Tie Xiong refined it, he estimated the effects of the pellet.

"The Alchemist is powerful! To be able to bring out such a great amount of value with those two things, if we were to exchange them for Xuan Dao Stones, it would only be twenty or thirty thousand at most. " A big fellow sighed.

Chen Xiang himself didn't know how strong the effects of this profound Dao king Dan was in the hearts of these people, because he didn't have the arduous experience of chasing after the profound Tao Power.

As for the people here, if they wanted to obtain the profound Tao Power, they would have to take a risk and go out at night, or find a way to obtain a large amount of profound stones.

But the pellet Chen Xiang gave them right now contained a large amount of profound Tao Power s. If they could take one every day, they felt that it wouldn't be a problem to surpa.s.s Seventh Squad.

"Brother Shen, is there anything else?" As the Dao Sect was Tie Xiong, he refined it the fastest.

"Not yet!" Chen Xiang smiled mysteriously.

Tie Xiong also laughed twice. He could guess that Chen Xiang had a way to quickly grow those medicinal herbs, which was a great thing for him. This meant that his Iron Fighting Team would quickly become stronger.

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