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The better Jin Xin was at Black Hairs Human, the stronger he would be. The Black Hairs Human that Xia Bailing had killed a few before, was already pretty good.

The Heart Hunting Team present all understood Jin Xin very well. Looking at the three very fresh Jin Xin s, they knew that they had just taken them out not long ago, and Chen Xiang's strength was merely at the Dao Po realm. It was impossible for him to kill three Black Hairs Human s.

Most importantly, even if it was the Iron Fighting Team s themselves, it would not be an easy feat to get ahold of these three Jin Xin s. However, everyone knew that the Iron Fighting Team had already handed them over just now.

Now came the problem! How did Chen Xiang's Jin Xin come here?

"Where did you get your Jin Xin from?" After Yuan Tong saw Chen Xiang's Jin Xin, he had a lot of questions.

Tie Xiong really wanted to know why Chen Xiang suddenly took out so many Jin Xin s, which surprised him greatly.

"None of your business. I only have five Jin Xin s." Chen Xiang laughed faintly: "Can you give me my ident.i.ty jade token now? My name is Chen Xiang! "

Tie Yuntian understood his son. Someone who could be considered a friend by his son was definitely not an ordinary person.

"Our city is very crowded right now, so the issuance of ident.i.ty tokens requires the presence of all three of us. This is perfect!" Tie Yuntian walked over with a smile, took the five Jin Xin s, and then gave Chen Xiang an ident.i.ty jade token.

Yuan Tong originally thought that he could give Tie Xiong a ruthless blow, but he didn't think that he would be the one to suffer such a setback.

"This little brother, where did your Jin Xin come from? This old one is very curious about this, can you tell me? " The person speaking was an old man. He was sitting in the same seat as the seventh squad - the Heart Hunting Holy Man.

Chen Xiang said: "When I was outside, because I was lucky, I met a senior. She was the one who helped me kill him."

"The profound Tao Power within these three Jin Xin s are very abundant and did not consume much energy. It can be seen that these three Black Hairs Human s were not killed in an intense battle. The senior you met was at least a Dao Sovereign." The one who spoke was a woman, and she was the only woman here, the captain of Squad Seven. Her voice was cold, but very pleasant to hear.

"Even if it's a Dao Sovereign, if he doesn't have any tricks up his sleeves, he would have to suffer a lot to deal with Black Hairs Human of this level. Killing him quickly wouldn't be an easy task."

The Heart Hunting Holy Man nodded, "Indeed. Even I am not that easy to deal with. The senior you met was truly powerful. I wonder where he came from?"

"I don't know where he came from. He was wearing a mask and so on, but I know how he killed them because I saw him bringing me to a pond. He said that at night, the Black Hairs Human would always hide under the water." Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang's words caused the members of the seventh group to be slightly shocked, because this was a secret that they had just discovered.

"At night, the Black Hairs Human will stay in the water. This is how we captured the Black Hairs Human alive before." The female warrior said.

"Right, there's a lake nearby, right? You must not go, there are millions of Black Hairs Human down there, if you wake them up, it will be troublesome. " Chen Xiang's words made everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

"Is that true? How did you know? We've been to that lake a few times, but we haven't even been to the bottom. It's really too cold down there. " A man asked. He was also from the seventh squad.

"That senior told me. Luckily you didn't go down, otherwise those Black Hairs Human who have not awoken will be alarmed. I wonder when they will wake up." Chen Xiang said.

The three Dao Sovereigns paid great attention to this matter. At this moment, they had also entered the house and were discussing this matter.

"Let's go back! We just came back from outside, so we must be very tired too. Tie Xiong said before bringing Chen Xiang and Iron Fighting Team back to his small villa.

When the Iron Fighting Team went to rest, Tie Xiong and Chen Xiang were drinking tea in a secret room.

"Brother Shen, I really didn't expect you to have three Jin Xin s." Tie Xiong laughed: "I almost threw it out just now."

"That guy looks down on people too much, hehe." Chen Xiang laughed: "Big Brother Tie, are you done exchanging these for your Sky Profound Golden Ginseng?"

Chen Xiang pa.s.sed over a jade box that contained over twenty Shengdao Dan s.

"Good boy, you didn't say much before, but now so many have popped up all of a sudden." Tie Xiong scolded and then handed over the golden ginseng that was giving off white Qi to Chen Xiang.

"I saw that Iron Fighting Team and the rest worked so hard, it was not easy to obtain this Sky Profound Golden Ginseng." Chen Xiang laughed: "These Shengdao Dan, are enough to exchange for a lot of profound stones!"

"That's for sure!" Tie Xiong laughed: "There are many wealthy people here who wish for their children to grow up quickly. This Shengdao Dan is just for them."

"Oh right, Brother Shen, do you want these ingredients to be used to concoct pills?" "What kind of pills can you concoct?" Tie Xiong said: "Our city only has that many Alchemist, and many of them haven't cultivated pill refining for a long time, they don't have any medicinal ingredients."

"I don't know what kind of pill I can refine, but I can definitely cultivate profound Tao Power quickly!" Chen Xiang said: "The weakness of those Black Hairs Human s is that they are afraid of profound Tao Power s that are cultivated by humans, furthermore, they explode when Jin Xin pokes them!"

"You know that too! But it would be best not to poke around, Jin Xin is useful! Just cut off the head. " Tie Xiong said: "The key to defeating the Black Hairs Human is not cultivation, but the profound Tao Power, if the profound Tao Power is stronger, then the stronger it is, the more able it is to defend against the Black Hairs Human's attacks, during battles, it is easier to not be afraid of the Black Hairs Human's attacks."

"So that's how it is. Then doesn't that mean that the seventh team cultivates a very strong profound Tao Power?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, that's why it is much easier for them to fight Black Hairs Human than it is for us!" Tie Xiong said: "Of course, they themselves are going all out, that's why they are able to obtain more cultivation resources for themselves, so that they can cultivate a dense profound Tao Power."

"It's late, I'm going to rest now!" Chen Xiang said.

"He's in a hurry to refine pills, right?" Tie Xiong laughed.

… ….

Chen Xiang returned to his room and walked down into the secret underground room.

"What rank is the Sky Xuan Golden Ginseng?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's only a high-grade king level pill, not something that's too difficult to refine. It will be able to replicate a few very quickly, and at that time, we can start to refine them." Xia Bailing said. She already knew about the matters regarding Chen Xiang's purple pearls, Chen Xiang's methods of obtaining medicinal ingredients left her in a state of amazement.


Chen Xiang didn't have to wait long before he received a stalk of profound energy gra.s.s and a Sky Profound Golden Ginseng, which he then started to refine.

His goal was to cultivate a heart of the profound way, and that way he would be able to quickly absorb the profound Tao Power within the profound Wasteland. He did not need to go through a complicated process of refining flames, and he would be able to quickly obtain a large amount of profound Tao Power.

Chen Xiang spent the entire night refining pills. At daybreak, he and Xia Bailing had always succeeded in refining a set of profound Dao king Dan s. He could refine five profound Dao king Dan s in one furnace and Xia Bailing would refine one less profound Dao king Dan than him.

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