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Before, Chen Xiang did not know the value of Sky Profound Golden Ginseng, but in the end, it could be seen that the value of the Sky Profound Golden Ginseng was much higher than what he had imagined.

"Tie Yuntian, look at your son. How can he still care so much about his own personal interests at this time? Divine Troop Tao Venerable sighed, "You can't blame him for this. I heard that he has a very beautiful little villa."

Tie Yuntian was the City Lord, which was also his father. It was obvious that the Divine Troop Tao Venerable wanted to make this kind of thing happen to him, because he understood his own son very well. Furthermore, his own son was a man with backbone, and had always been independent and independent since he was young.

"Divine Troop Tao Venerable, Ah Xiong's Iron Fighting Team is not weak either, and the Sky Profound Golden Ginseng was exchanged with their lives, so how they handle it is their business. I remember that the three squads under your command often get good things, and you have not yet shared it with everyone." Tie Yuntian chuckled, his laughter carrying a trace of ridicule.

"My little team serves this city. We all know the nature of Tie Xiong's Iron Fighting Team and the reason why they went out specifically to find resources and then sell them off was for their own personal interests." The Divine Troop Tao Venerable said: "Of course, I am a reasonable person. Tie Xiong always pays his Profound Cultivation Stones on time, and his team also gets a lot of achievements. Every time they return, Jin Xin would hand it in."

"If that's the case, then why are you still spouting nonsense? If you want my Sky Profound Golden Ginseng, then just say so." Tie Xiong stood up, and said angrily.

Tie Xiong's Little Villa was caused by the Divine Troop Tao Venerable, and it was almost gone. He had to pay a large sum of profound way stones in order to protect it, so he had already long since held back his anger.

Furthermore, he had drank quite a bit now, and was being pressured by the Divine Troop Tao Venerable to such an extent.

Chen Xiang never thought that the normally gentle and kind Tie Xiong would actually have such an explosive side to him, and that his Iron Fighting Team was indeed not bad. Seeing Tie Xiong's anger, they all stood up, looking as if they were about to fight.

"Oh my G.o.d, you're truly Tie Yuntian's son, how dare you contradict me like that?" Divine Troop Tao Venerable stood up and laughed.

At this moment, everyone was very quiet. Other than Iron Fighting Team, the other teams here were mostly from Heart Hunting Academy and City Lord's Mansion. Divine Troop Tao Venerable's team wasn't here, they had the least people here.

"Hmph. I am quite selfish, but you are a greedy ghost. Don't think that I don't know what you are doing in the dark." Tie Xiong scoffed, "Don't force me to fall out with you. If you want to hit me again, just wait for your ugly matter to be revealed to the public."

"Hur hur, looks like you drank too much." Divine Troop Tao Venerable's face was full of smiles: "I was just joking with you just now, I just didn't expect the usually heroic Boss Tie Tie Xiong to not be able to make such a joke."

Everyone was secretly shocked, Tie Xiong seemed to have grasped some weakness of the Divine Troop Tao Venerable, if not, he would definitely not let things rest after he was rebuked by others. It could be seen that the Divine Troop Tao Venerable had secretly done many shameful things.

Tie Xiong was also much more clear-headed now, after he grunted, he sat down.

Tie Yuntian did not say much, he did not seem to be worried about his son, but now, he could actually toast to the Divine Troop Tao Venerable.

"Boss Tie, I heard that a VIP came to your shop. I a.s.sume that this is the little brother that came with you." An armored man walked over with a bowl of wine in his hands. From his attire, one could tell that he was from the Divine Military Academy and he was sitting at the same table as Divine Troop Tao Venerable.

Tie Xiong did not have a ident.i.ty jade plate, so if he were to be found out, it would be extremely troublesome. Divine Troop Tao Venerable would definitely make a big fuss on this matter, he scolded himself for being careless, he had originally planned to have Iron Fighting Team leave behind some of his ident.i.ty jade plates, but Iron Fighting Team had already handed them over to his father.

"He's a friend, and he doesn't have a lot of alcohol." Tie Xiong said: "You should be able to tell, so please return. Moreover, he doesn't like to talk to strangers, his personality is very eccentric."

"Yuan Tong, don't disturb him. Come back quickly." Divine Troop Tao Venerable shouted.

That Yuan Tong ignored the Divine Troop Tao Venerable and continued to speak with a smile instead, "I heard that this friend of yours exchanged the Shengdao Dan for a stalk of your profound strength gra.s.s. Your son Tie Lang, who is around ten years old, just stepped into the third level of the Dao Dan realm not long ago.

Tie Xiong scolded in his heart. This kind of thing actually spread out, and it was even known to his mortal enemies.

"Yuan Tong, your ears are really as good as a dog's nose. Not bad, it's true." Tie Xiong admitted it, and everyone looked at Chen Xiang.

The people here were all elite warriors, although they did not know how to refine pills, they understood a lot about pills, especially the Shengdao Dan, many Alchemist were unable to concoct such pills, but the pill recipes were everywhere, and now someone could take them out, and it was even a handsome man.

"Your friend here looks unfamiliar. Does he have an ident.i.ty jade token?" Yuan Tong said with a smile.

"Nope." Chen Xiang answered him immediately.

Tie Xiong did not know what to do, if Chen Xiang was kicked out, it would be troublesome if he still wanted to bring Chen Xiang back.

Yuan Tong sighed and said, "That's truly unfortunate. According to the rules of our city, you must leave immediately. I'm sorry, but you are really amazing. You do not have an ident.i.ty token, yet you are actually sitting here. I am truly impressed."

Chen Xiang was very calm as he replied, "I know a little about the rules of this city. I heard that as long as you have Jin Xin, you can exchange him for a ident.i.ty jade token, right?"

"Yes, I need five." Yuan Tong said.

"Isn't it four?" Tie Xiong shouted.

"That's because he has already entered the city, so he has to hand in one more person. If he were to apply at the city gate, he would only need four more people." "Five Black Hairs Human s is not easy to obtain. Even using profound stones would require a lot, and there are only one or two of your Iron Fighting Team s who return at a time, and you even need to hand them over."

Yuan Tong had already arrived beside Chen Xiang and said, "Little brother, please leave our city immediately."

Chen Xiang said: "I have five Black Hairs Human s, I can stay here, I have disappointed you."

As he spoke, he took out five Jin Xin s. Tie Xiong had given him two previously, so he had already killed a few Black Hairs Human s.

Of the five Jin Xin s that Chen Xiang had taken out, two of them were dim, and were slightly smaller, while the other three were slightly bigger and golden. They looked much better than the two beside them.

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