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When Chen Xiang arrived at the city, he saw many crowded houses. The only thing he could see from there was a pretty little villa, it was truly a rare sight, the Boss Tie would definitely not want to let this place go.

At this time, Chen Xiang also obtained a s.p.a.cious room, and there was a secret room for refining pills below the ground, which was extremely rare for him.

"Sister Bai Ling, Hongqing, how's the Profound Spirit Gra.s.s? Can it concoct a pill?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's fine, but I don't feel that it's enough. If only there was another medicinal ingredient, then it would be fine. Although this Profound Strength Gra.s.s has a large amount of profound energy, the profound energy it condenses is not natural enough. It's a bit berserk." Xia Bailing said.

"Okay, we'll wait two more days." Chen Xiang said: "For the next two days, we will first refine a few more Shengdao Dan. The Shengdao Dan are still very useful here."

Chen Xiang had only used two Shengdao Dan and he already received such a good treatment.

Two days later, Chen Xiang and the other two had refined a total of one hundred Shengdao Dan pills, and Boss Tie had also come to find him excitedly.

"Brother Shen, my team is back." Boss Tie shouted, "They have arrived at the city gate."

It was currently night time, and the city would only open at night. Usually, teams would come back and open the city gates.

Previously, when Chen Xiang was eating with Boss Tie, he already knew that he had a small team of ten. This small team was raised up by him alone, and they were completely loyal to him.

Every time a team returned, there would always be a lot of welcome, especially if they were able to return alive.

"Come, let's go to City Lord's Mansion." The Boss Tie laughed.

"Why are we going to the City Lord's Mansion? Aren't those teams coming back directly?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They will, but they will go to City Lord's Mansion first, because some of them will be injured. Furthermore, the City Lord will receive them and help them wash their clothes. To this city, they are all existences similar to heroes." Boss Tie said: "You have never been to City Lord's Mansion, I will take you out."

"Boss Tie, I don't have an ident.i.ty jade plate, this isn't appropriate, right?" Chen Xiang replied: "Didn't you tell me before that you don't want to wander around?"

"It's more dangerous for you to be alone, but no one will dare to investigate you when you're with me." Boss Tie laughed: "What's more, it's inside my father's City Lord's Mansion."

Just like this, Chen Xiang followed Boss Tie to the City Lord's Mansion. At this time, the City Lord's Mansion was brightly lit, the door was wide open and a red carpet covered the entire place. Several groups of people were lying on the red carpet, and amidst many cheers and praise, they walked into the City Lord's Mansion.

Chen Xiang saw these small squads from afar, and could feel the killing intent coming from them. Although they looked to be in a sorry state, no one dared to underestimate them because the killing intent coming from each and every one of them were fighting for their lives.

Under everyone's gazes, these dozens of people entered the City Lord's Mansion.

"Let's go through the back door. After all, we aren't the type of people who would risk our lives. We aren't worthy of taking that road." The Boss Tie laughed self-deprecatingly, then led Chen Xiang into the City Lord's Mansion through the back door.

"Boss Tie, you were very nervous when you came, but now you have become so relaxed." Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

"I'm worried that my squad will suffer heavy casualties. Just now, I saw that they were able to walk with their backs straightened, so I was relieved. I raised them myself, so they're equivalent to my disciples. I don't want to see them …" The Boss Tie said, then pointed to a round table in front of them: "Our team is over there."

"I saw it. They're all men." Chen Xiang laughed.

Of course they're all men, but these days, it's very male to find a strong female warrior, and there's only one in Squad Seven. That female warrior is indeed powerful, and she's also the captain of Squad Seven. The Boss Tie said.

"Oh, I remember there's no blood in Black Hairs Human." Chen Xiang frowned.

"Those are all little Black Hairs Human s. Powerful Black Hairs Human s have blood on them, and it's very red as well. Look at the people in those small teams, the ones with blood on them are all Black Hairs Human s who have fought against strong ones." The Boss Tie said.

Chen Xiang had already seen Squad Seven. Just as he entered, he heard the loud name of Squad Seven, which was that they had captured more than ten Black Hairs Human s alive.

"The Lionheart Holy Man from Heart's Hunt Squad is sitting at the table of the 7th Squad." The Boss Tie said, "Right now, Team Seven is the strongest team in the whole Heart Hunt Squad."

Chen Xiang was shocked, there was actually a Dao Sovereign here.

"Dao Sovereign, so powerful." Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"Isn't that so? My father is also a Dao Sovereign and I am only in the Dao Sect. I would not dare to charge into the Tao Doom right now. I will die." The Boss Tie said, "Many of those small groups of soldiers are either from the Dao Masters or the Dao Zong realm Realm. Their overall strength is very strong.

Boss Tie brought Chen Xiang to his team's table.

"Brother Shen, this is our Iron Fighting Team. Even though they are a private party and don't have a good ranking, they would almost always be able to bring some black-furred Jin Xin back alive." Then, he introduced the members of the Iron Fighting Team to Chen Xiang.

The warriors in the Iron Fighting Team were all fierce men, and were all much taller than Chen Xiang. They looked very fierce, and all of them were very generous. Although they did not know who Chen Xiang was, but they knew that he was Boss Tie's friend, they all poured wine for him.

After returning from fighting outside, they should have rested and recovered from their injuries. However, these people were here eating, drinking, and boasting. It seemed like they were like this all the time.

Chen Xiang had been paying attention to the female party leader of the seventh group quietly this whole time. She looked very strong and had a good alcohol tolerance too, even Chen Xiang could not stand the strong alcohol and did not dare to drink too much.

"Tie Xiong, your team members managed to get a Sky Profound Golden Ginseng. Our city's resources are so scarce, you should donate it." An old man chuckled.

Boss Tie's name was Tie Xiong.

Chen Xiang knew that the old man was the leader of some Divine Military Academy. He was t.i.tled Divine Troop Tao Venerable and also had a cultivation base of Dao Sovereigns. There were three Dao Sovereigns in this city, and the City Lord was a Dao Sovereign.

"Our team is working so hard. I must be thinking for them." Tie Xiong smiled faintly.

"Oh, how do you want to split the ingredients? Why don't you sell them in exchange for a large amount of Xuan Dao stones?" Divine Troop Tao Venerable said, "Name your price."

The Sky Profound Golden Ginseng was sold to Chen Xiang, and Tie Xiong had already agreed on it beforehand, so no matter what price the other party offered, he would not sell it.

"Not for sale." Tie Xiong's tone was extremely resolute, and anyone could hear it.

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