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After the deal was completed, the boss would still treat Chen Xiang to a meal. Chen Xiang did not reject, as he did not understand much in this place, and being able to build a good relationship with the boss was not bad.

"Boss Tie, do you have any other medicinal ingredients?" Chen Xiang asked: "Most of these medicinal herbs have to have profound strength."

"Not at the moment, but I just found out that my team found a fresh one outside. If the price is generous, I can cut it off." Boss Tie chuckled, then lowered his voice, "Brother Shen, are you a Alchemist, and an outsider at that."

Since the Boss Tie was able to manage such a shop here, his strength was definitely not weak. Furthermore, he had a wide network of connections, and had experienced many things, so he was naturally able to see through Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty as a Alchemist.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"It's rare to see a young Alchemist these days, and they can even refine such a legendary Shengdao Dan. Before Black Hairs Human even appeared, the pill formulas for the Shengdao Dan have been circulating for a long time, but none of us here are able to refine one." Boss Tie took a sip of the wine and sighed, "And you, the little demon, were actually able to refine it.

"Yes, I've been in closed-door training for a long time, and I became like this the moment I came out." Chen Xiang sighed: "Boss Tie, do you have a place to stay? I do not wish to stay in the real world to rest."

"Of course, I'll give it to you for free." The Boss Tie chuckled: "When the time comes, even if I have the medicinal ingredients, I can inform you in time … …" Right, how many Shengdao Dan do you still have? "

The Boss Tie knew that Chen Xiang was a Dao Po realm and that the Dao Po realm couldn't be used by the Shengdao Dan, thus, Chen Xiang definitely wouldn't leave it for her to use.

"This... I still have five pills left, and I still have some medicinal ingredients that I haven't refined yet. At the moment, I'm not sure how many Shengdao Dan those ingredients can produce. "

In this period of lack of medicinal pills, having five Shengdao Dan was pretty good. Boss Tie nodded: "In two days, my elite group will return. If they can return, then they should be able to bring back fresh medicinal ingredients."

"Alright, I look forward to it too." Chen Xiang laughed: "If the quality of the ingredients is not bad, then I will have more motivation to refine the pills."

"Oh right, Brother Shen, are you someone from this city? I don't think I've heard of you before." Although this was the second floor of his shop, he was extremely cautious. He could also tell that Chen Xiang did not want to reveal that he was a Alchemist.

"No, I snuck in here. Is there a problem?" Chen Xiang asked.

The problem is quite big, but it doesn't matter. If you don't get caught, then it's fine, you can just stay here and don't run around. If you meet any city guards, they will ask you for your ident.i.ty jade plate, and if you can't take it out, you will be thrown out. The Boss Tie said.

"Ah, so strict." Chen Xiang had thought that he just needed to sneak in.

"Of course it's strictly done, because the city has followed the rules of collecting Xuan Dao Stones every month and they all came according to the ident.i.ty token. If they were in the city but did not pay any Xuan Dao Stones and were found out, they would be thrown out. You have to know, the city is very crowded, so they have to be strict with the rules." Boss Tie said in a serious tone: "That's why you have to be careful when you go out."

"It's too dangerous, I was just strolling around outside." Chen Xiang took a deep breath.

"Don't worry too much. I'll think of a way to get you an ident.i.ty jade token so that you can be at ease and stay in this city." The Boss Tie was a businessman. Chen Xiang, who was young and had potential, was a treasure. Even if it did not bring him benefits, they could still befriend him first.

Forget about the current period, even in the past, he would definitely try his best to form a relationship with these kinds of Alchemist.

"Thank you, Boss Tie." Chen Xiang cupped his hands across his chest and toasted with Boss Tie.

"It's hard to get an ident.i.ty jade token, so you definitely won't be able to do it in a short period of time. I'll give you this first." Boss Tie took out two golden hearts.

"Normally, four or five Black Hairs Human's heart would be required to exchange for an ident.i.ty jade tablet." Boss Tie said: "If it's the beginning, just a little bit of the profound way stone would be sufficient, but after the city gets crowded, the requirements are very high."

Chen Xiang received the Jin Xin of the two Black Hairs Human s and asked: "Boss Tie, what use do these Jin Xin s have?"

The main job of the warriors in the city is to kill the Black Hairs Human, and to obtain these Jin Xin to maintain the operation of the array formation in the city. You have to understand that our city is often attacked by the Black Hairs Human during the day. "Su Yun said in a low voice. The Boss Tie said.

"So that's how it is." Chen Xiang finally understood why the arrays in these cities could protect the Black Hairs Human.

After they finished eating, the Boss Tie brought Chen Xiang to the small villa at the back of the store. He didn't think that there would be such a good place in this crowded city, which made Chen Xiang feel that the position of the Boss Tie was out of the ordinary.

"Boss Tie, looks like you're quite capable." Chen Xiang said while laughing.

"To be honest, City Lord is my father." The Boss Tie laughed.

"Is this true?" Chen Xiang was very surprised.

"Hehe, anyone who has been here for a few years will know about this, so I was sure that you had snuck in." The Boss Tie laughed.

"You don't have to be surprised. Although my father's City Lord has quite a lot of power and strength, he has a tight grip on me. I was eyed like a tiger by many people in this courtyard." Boss Tie sighed.

"What, there are many powers in this city?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this.

"No matter what period it is in, it will always be there. As long as there is someone there, it will always be there." The Boss Tie said: There are three main forces here, one of them is the City Lord's Mansion, which is my father's faction, and the Army of the G.o.d Realm is next, mainly guards and the like, they have very strong powers, mainly to protect the city, and lastly, the Heart Hunt Squad, which is one of those small teams, they are mainly responsible for going out to hunt the Black Hairs Human, and obtain Jin Xin.

"I am being watched by the Army of G.o.d right now. They want my small manor, but fortunately I managed to hold on. I don't know how long they will be able to hold on for."

Chen Xiang replied, "Your father actually doesn't want to help you?"

Boss Tie shook his head: "This little villa was made by me back then, so it's my own matter. I'm too lazy to look for him, after all, if I look for his City Lord, other people would say that he's covering for his son or something, I don't want to ruin his reputation."

Chen Xiang patted his shoulder, and laughed: "You really are a good son, at least you won't cheat."

Boss Tie said with a wry smile: "But right now, there are already many rumors and rumors. It was only my father who came out to help me and saved my little villa from suffering."

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