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Although the profound Wasteland was facing the threat of the Black Hairs Human, as if they were in the apocalypse, the people in these cities were still divided into different ranks. And the most important part was that it was divided according to the hunting Black Hairs Human.

To be able to kill Black Hairs Human meant that he had absolute strength. There, he would be respected and be able to enjoy abundant resources.

For example, every month, they would have to pay a certain number of Profound Cultivation Stones to the City Lord's Mansion. A portion of these Profound Cultivation Stones were given to the warriors who were guarding the city, because these warriors could face death at any time.

If the city was breached, these warriors would have to come out and defend, which was equivalent to paying a protection fee.

At this time, Chen Xiang was on the street and saw a few people from the City Lord's Mansion going to each other's houses to retrieve their Xuan Dao Stones.

He didn't have to hand in too many Xuan Dao stones every month. It was only 10, but he would be able to condense them in 10 days. As long as his family paid 10, it would be relatively easy.

Chen Xiang's current profound Tao Power was very weak, unlike these people who grew up here. He did not cultivate in the profound Tao Power since young, thus he was unable to condense a Profound Stone.

He had also seen these profound stones before, they were small round beads that contained pure profound Tao Power s. They were all for the small teams in the city to use, so they would be able to become stronger after using these profound stones.

now understood the weakness of the Black Hairs Human. The Black Hairs Human was extremely afraid of the profound Tao Power, the more profound Tao Power one could cultivate, the easier it would be to deal with the Black Hairs Human. The experts of the cities here all knew this, and this was the reason why they could protect the city.

"How can I get a Xuan Dao stone?" Chen Xiang was extremely anxious now, he had many Jade money but these Jade money were like trash. Unless the three great native bank s were newly constructed here, his Jade money would not be of any use at all.

"Sell the Shengdao Dan! Not everyone in the profound Wasteland has a Dao Po realm, Shengdao Dan are extremely useful, and there are more in the profound Wasteland. " Xia Bailing said: "You, Hongqing, and I will refine them together. You will be able to refine many of them very quickly."

"En, I also have the same plan, but right now I have to find the medicinal ingredients that contain profound Tao Power s. I still don't know the price of those medicinal ingredients yet." Chen Xiang replied, "This way, I have confidence in myself."

Chen Xiang had already heard of the only place in the city that sold pills, but there weren't many of them.

"I wonder if he's selling anything now. I'll go take a look first!" Chen Xiang said, he already knew that this city would not have any medicinal herbs to sell, and now that there was such a shortage of medicinal herbs, the pill shop did not have any, so even if there were, it would be first for the elite teams to use.

If they were willing to sell it, its quality would definitely be of the very worst quality. This was in order to swindle more Xuan Dao stones out of them.

Chen Xiang went to the place that sold medicinal ingredients. Usually, weapons were sold here, and this shop also had its own small team.

"Little brother, what do you want?" The shopkeeper said with a kind smile. He was an old man dressed in an elegant manner.

"I would like to ask if you have any medicinal herbs for sale here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This... Are you sure you want it? This is very expensive! " The old man was stunned for a moment before he asked with a smile.

"How much?" Chen Xiang asked. Chu Hongqing and Xia Bailing had already refined ten Shengdao Dan s, he felt that they could bargain at that time for each other's ingredients.

"Alright!" The old man was very polite. He took out a box and opened it. Inside was only a dried up yellow gra.s.s.

"What kind of medicinal herb is this?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Profound Spirit Gra.s.s, after eating, you can quickly obtain a lot of profound Tao Power s, which is equivalent to three thousand profound stones. But now that you think about it, it has already withered a lot, so you only need one thousand profound stones." The old man said.

"That's one thousand Xuan Dao stones?" Chen Xiang did not know what level a thousand Profound Cultivation Stones was, but he did not have it now, nor did he feel that it was too much.

"Little brother, this is extremely cheap. I estimate that the profound Tao Power contained within this Profound Strength Gra.s.s is at least equivalent to one thousand two hundred and three profound stones." The old man asked, "Do you want it?"

Chen Xiang thought for a moment, then took out a pellet and handed it over to the old man, asking: "Innkeeper, do you recognize what pellet this is?"

The old man seemed to be knowledgeable, he accepted it and looked at it, then took a deep breath: "This seems to be a Shengdao Dan!"

"Sir, I'm impressed, but you actually recognize it. This is a pill that has been lost for a long time!" When they were in Spirit Wasteland, only Xia Bailing and the others had them.

"I only learned about this from an ancient book. The smell of this pill is recorded in it." The old man exclaimed, "Where did you get this from?"

"This is a secret. Do you think this pill can be exchanged for the Profound Strength Gra.s.s in your hands?" Chen Xiang laughed and asked.

Xia Bailing and Chu Hongqing both felt that Chen Xiang was a little stingy, he could take someone's Profound Spirit Gra.s.s with just one pellet, but they felt that he would need at least eight or ten of them.

"I need to consider this!" The old man couldn't make up his mind. He was only the shopkeeper, and the shop wasn't his.

"Let's go to the inner hall first. I'll have a chat with the boss." He returned the Shengdao Dan to Chen Xiang and also brought Chen Xiang to an elegant small hall inside.

Chen Xiang sat there and waited. Not long later, the old man and a blue-robed middle aged man arrived.

"You really have a Shengdao Dan? Quick, let me take a look! " The blue-robed middle-aged man was obviously the boss. At this moment, he appeared somewhat excited.

Chen Xiang laughed and quickly took out the Shengdao Dan.

"Although I do not recognize Shengdao Dan, the quality of the pills here are quite good!" The owner nodded: "If I can confirm that this is a Shengdao Dan, I can trade with you."

"Oh? "How do I confirm it?" Chen Xiang asked.

The boss forced out a smile and said, "The best way is to eat it directly, so it's not easy to prove it!"

Chen Xiang said: "I believe you, so I allow you to find a Dao Dan realm to test this pellet!"

The owner was shocked and asked, "Does that mean you have another pill?"

Chen Xiang nodded.

He felt that if he used it well, he would be able to sell it for a good price. Very quickly, he found a person, who looked to be in his teens, to be his son.

"Ah Lang, eat it, and then refine it!" The boss told his son, if it really was a Shengdao Dan, he felt that he had struck it rich, because if his son could eat one, he could get another.

After the owner's son consumed it, he sat cross-legged on the ground and refined the medicinal power. It didn't take long for him to finish refining it, and he also levelled up from the third level of Dao Dan realm to the fourth level.

"This is a real Shengdao Dan!" The boss said with a bit of excitement.

Chen Xiang laughed, then he and the owner successfully exchanged for the Profound Strength Gra.s.s. The moment he obtained the Profound Strength Gra.s.s, he immediately gave it to Xia Bailing, allowing her and Chu Hongqing to quickly soak it in the Creation G.o.d's Spring, so that the withered Profound Strength Gra.s.s could be resurrected.

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