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Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye, as well as his own unique method to sense the structure within the Black Hairs Human's body.

Seeing Chen Xiang's forehead filled with sweat, Xia Bailing knew that Chen Xiang was studying it very carefully.

"Did you find anything?" Rest first. Although you are only sitting here, I can see that you have consumed quite a bit! " Xia Bailing helped Chen Xiang wipe his sweat.

"Yes, there are some major discoveries!" Chen Xiang frowned: "It's very strange, there are many these tiny particles in the heart of these Black Hairs Human!"

Chen Xiang spread out his palms, which were filled with golden granules, like thin sand.

"What is this? Was it made in the heart? " Xia Bailing also felt that this was unbelievable.

"Yes!" Chen Xiang said: "I feel that each grain contains profound Tao Power!"

"Oh? How much does a grain contain? " Xia Bailing very carefully took out a small grain.

"These granules are the most terrifying part. Many of the hearts that we just detonated did not explode. Look around, many of them were scattered." Chen Xiang said.

Xia Bailing walked around in a circle, releasing some light, and sure enough, he saw a lot of shiny little golden particles on the ground.

"Those particles didn't explode. If all of them exploded, I might have sustained serious injuries." Chen Xiang couldn't help but feel some lingering fear.

Then, he took out a bit of profound Tao Power from the Six Realms mirrors and injected it into a small grain.

Bang! There was actually a very strong explosion!

"Sure enough!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, "These hearts are too dangerous!"

"Luckily you didn't manage to get much profound Tao Power just now!" Xia Bailing was surprised.

"These fellows are clearly training in profound Tao Power, but why are they so afraid of it? For it to explode the moment it touches? " Xia Bailing did not understand.

"I don't know either. It might have been a weakness left behind by the Heavenly Dao when it created them!" They can use the powerful profound Tao Power, but they are also afraid of the profound Tao Power, especially the area of the heart. Chen Xiang said.

"Then do we have any way to cultivate the profound Tao Power quickly?" Xia Bailing asked again: "Looks like we need to find some herbs to refine the pellet, this way we can quickly acquire the profound Tao Power."

"That won't be necessary! I do have a way. " Chen Xiang said: "We can learn these Black Hairs Human s and also cultivate a heart!"

"How do I learn?" Xia Bailing never thought that Chen Xiang would have such an idea. She thought about it and didn't know how to realize it.

"If we want to cultivate profound Tao Power, we will first have to absorb the Dao Qi here, which contains a tiny bit of profound Tao Power, and this bit of profound Tao Power will only go once inside our body, then run out. When we run out, we will need to guide it into the furnace to burn it, and only after the refinement will it be absorbed into our body, storing it in the Divine Sense Sea." Chen Xiang said.

"You told me this before, but if our Alchemist were to cultivate, it would be much easier. Xia Bailing nodded his head: "But even so, it's still rather slow, because we first have to absorb a lot of Dao Qi, and the profound Tao Power s are very thin."

Chen Xiang nodded, "So we need to cultivate a heart that can only absorb profound Tao Power! This is the case for these Black Hairs Human s, and they even managed to cultivate out a special kind of tiny pellet that was specially used to store profound Tao Power s inside the heart. "

"How should I train?" Xia Bailing thought for a while, she didn't think of this: "Don't tell me we are going to change their heart to ours? I don't want to! "

"Of course not, their heart of the profound way is naturally born, and it has a very serious flaw!" Chen Xiang said: "We want to refine it ourselves, it requires a large amount of profound Tao Power! It is equivalent to us putting our own hearts into a large amount of profound Tao Power to soak, and refining them into the heart of the profound way! "

"If it succeeds, with every beat of our heart, we will absorb a large amount of profound Tao Power and condense it into tiny crystals by ourselves, just like these Black Hairs Human s. Moreover, we won't have their fatal flaw."

"Will it work? Where are we going to find a large amount of profound Tao Power to refine our hearts? " Xia Bailing shook his head: "This is too difficult."

"It's not difficult, let's go back to the city first!" Chen Xiang said: "I already have a way. If I succeed, I'll let you try again, then let Hongqing and Xiang Yin try again!"

"Alright, I knew that you had a lot of evil ideas, I believe in you!" Xia Bailing laughed, then entered Chen Xiang's You Yao Mountain Villa.

Chen Xiang tidied up Black Hairs Human's corpse and returned to the city. By the time he returned, the sky was almost bright.

During the day, only this kind of city was safe!

However, these cities were all extremely crowded. It was impossible for Chen Xiang to even find a quiet place to stay, but they were all houses.

"I can only enter my own Divine Sense Sea World. I wonder if I can succeed here." Chen Xiang was helpless, he could only enter the You Yao Mountain Villa. When he entered the city, he found out that many people had done the same thing, and when they rested, they had all been in his real Divine Sense Sea World.

However, there was one big drawback to this, and that was that the Dao Qi was absorbed extremely slowly. This city was already very crowded, and everyone was training, trying to absorb more Dao Qi in order to cultivate more profound Tao Power, which resulted in the city's Dao Qi being extremely spa.r.s.e.

"It's impossible to absorb them here!" Chen Xiang sighed helplessly: "Looks like I have to ask around to see if there are any medicinal herbs that can produce dao qi, and the dao qi contains profound Tao Power!"

"Only the Daoists in the fantasy world have a profound Tao Power … Perhaps there will be medicinal ingredients that can directly produce profound Tao Power s, and can refine them into pills. " Xia Bailing said: "As long as we can find one, we can immediately start. There are a lot of plants that can be planted here!"

Xia Bailing had stayed in there for so long, how could he not know about Chen Xiang's creator's well? That was a very scary and mysterious thing to her, and also the reason why she was so attached to Chen Xiang.

"Alright, looks like it isn't what I expected!" Chen Xiang came out from the You Yao Mountain Villa and asked around on the streets.

After asking around for an entire day, he found that the ingredients were extremely valuable here. It was not like the time where he could go out to pick them, where going out now was equivalent to him stepping into a coffin. Hence, he did not sell them.

These profound stones were stones that he had created using the profound Tao Power.

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