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Chen Xiang had previously seen the might of the Black Hairs Human, but the Black Hairs Human before him had actually been tied up to act as an example to the public. He began to suspect that these Black Hairs Human were captured because they were weak, but when he walked closer, he could feel an angry yet powerful aura being emitted from the Black Hairs Human's body.

Although these Black Hairs Human were tied up and sealed inside the array, the power within their bodies was not weak at all.

Feeling that strong aura, Chen Xiang was a little worried that these Black Hairs Human would come out.

"This must be captured by Squad Seven!" A spectating old man exclaimed.

"How amazing! The other teams are only going to bring the corpses back, but they managed to capture them alive!"

"That's right. Capturing these guys alive really requires a lot of strength, and there's even more than ten of them. I heard that even Squad Seven only has eight people."

"Team seven is undoubtedly the strongest team. We can relax now that these teams are so powerful."

At this time, Chen Xiang also understood that this city had small teams that specialized in killing Black Hairs Human. These small teams were definitely very strong, and they also received very good treatment.

"The people from this city are really powerful. They are much stronger than the previous city, but they are actually able to catch this kind of thing alive. The reason they are doing this is to appease people." Chen Xiang said.

"I wonder how strong those Black Hairs Human s are!" Xia Bailing said: "If it's just ten guys like you, I can handle them."

"Really?" Chen Xiang anxiously asked: "If you can get me a corpse, that's enough, I really want to see the structure of these guys."

"These ten fellows should have just been caught. It was currently night time. Didn't they say that this fellow didn't have any offensive ability at night? Of course it's easy to catch. " Xia Bailing said, "The seventh group must have groped their way over at night to capture these fellows."

Chen Xiang nodded: "That's possible!"

Sure enough, it was just as Xia Bailing had said. The seventh group did indeed go and capture these Black Hairs Human s at night, and at this moment, Chen Xiang heard someone talking about this matter.

"The City Lord is here!" Someone suddenly shouted.

City Lord was an old man. He walked in front of the ten Black Hairs Human s and said loudly: "Everyone knows that these ten fellows were captured alive by our Seventh Squad! "Although they are moving at night, according to what the captain of the 7th squad said, these guys' fighting capabilities are also very powerful at night."

"It's almost no different from the day, only they won't take the initiative at night, and their vigilance and perception will decrease a little at night. However, once we attack them, they will also retaliate fiercely, and our 7th team will be able to catch them through sneak attacks."

"This will allow us to understand more about these Black Hairs Human s, it is possible to kill them at night, which means, we cannot sit still and wait for death, we need to retaliate."

Chen Xiang had already known from Lin Qiqi that Black Hairs Human only appeared in the profound Wasteland a few years ago, and it was growing. Everyone's understanding of the Black Hairs Human was also very limited.

"Now, our ten teams are ready to recruit people. If you're interested, you can go to the City Lord's Mansion to register, undergo the a.s.sessment, and then join the team. After training, you will be able to follow our excellent team and not kill the Black Hairs Human. "

This city looked pretty good as well. They were prepared to fight back and kill the Black Hairs Human.

Chen Xiang only looked around, he obviously did not plan to sign up, because it was extremely dangerous. Furthermore, he was an unlucky person in the city, he had used the White Tiger Jump to enter and if he found out, he was afraid that he would be kicked out.

"Are you sure you're not going?" Xia Bailing thought that Chen Xiang had gone back.

"I don't want to go, it's too dangerous!" What kind of Natural Law Guardians are those? The three great native bank s were so powerful, yet they were killed, not to mention the people who took refuge in this city. " Chen Xiang said: "These Black Hairs Human are definitely not that simple! If they are able to evolve their intelligence and act at night, then they will be in danger. "

Black Hairs Human's fighting strength was also very strong at night, but they were not vigilant, it was only because when they created it, they were given the order to rest during the night.

Chen Xiang was interested in the Black Hairs Human, but he just wanted to get some corpses to look at, so as to not fight face to face with these Black Hairs Human s. Last time he was besieged, he felt a shadow in his heart.

"Sister Bai Ling, where do you think these Black Hairs Human would hide? Then how did Squad Seven find it? " Chen Xiang asked: "How about we go out at night and see if we can find Black Hairs Human?"

"Go in a bit, and carefully observe these Black Hairs Human s." Xia Bailing said.

Chen Xiang squeezed to the front and carefully observed Black Hairs Human.

Black Hairs Human's skin was all white, but it was not the kind of white that looked good. It was just like a dead person, without any life in them, but only on their skin, while their bodies emitted a strong life force.

In addition, they were constantly releasing a black aura. If one looked from afar, they would see that they looked like people with wild, unruly hair. They were not wearing any clothes, and their bodies were covered in a black aura like a black bear.

"It's all very strange, I can't sense the elemental energy in their bodies." Xia Bailing said: "But there are still traces of water vapor outside of them. Since their skin can do this, they should be immersed in water often!"

"Don't tell me they were in the water at night." Chen Xiang said in shock.

"That should be it. Go out of the city and see where there is a river or lake nearby." Xia Bailing said.

Chen Xiang observed with his Dao heart Eye, and saw that the hearts of the Black Hairs Human s were covered with a ball of golden light. It was hard for him to tell what kind of power the Black Hairs Human s used, but it looked like they were all using the same type of power, making it hard to tell them apart.

"I can only capture one to take a look!" Chen Xiang could only look for it himself, although there was one right in front of him.

Chen Xiang quietly left the city, still using the White Tiger's jump to run out, it was impossible to leave through the city gate.

Once he was outside the city, Chen Xiang started using the Dao heart Eye to check the distribution of the Dao Qi. It was very easy to see where the water type Qi was, but if there was a large distribution in the area, he would head towards a certain direction.

Soon, he found the direction. After teleporting for a moment, he found a very quiet lake!

The lake was very large, and the end couldn't be seen. On the lakeside, there were many deep footprints, as if a burly man had stepped on them.

Chen Xiang also felt the aura of the Black Hairs Human, and he started to get nervous.

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