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It would also be much more convenient for Chen Xiang to go to the Heavenly Dragon City since the three great native bank s had already been constructed there.

Lin Qiqi, who he had just brought back, was doing very well inside. She no longer had to worry about it all the time, she was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang and even said that she would need to serve Chen Xiang for the rest of her life to repay him.

After Chen Xiang stayed in Hundreds of Flowers Village for a few days to relax, Long Shuangru gave the Heavenly magic sword to him.

The Heavenly magic sword was still the same, it looked like an ordinary iron sword, but it did not have a sword tip previously, but it had now been repaired.

As Chen Xiang held the Heavenly magic sword, he also felt that there was something different.

"My dad said that the repaired Heavenly magic sword will be sharper than before, and he has also improved a bit, so you will know when you use it in the future." Long Shuangru said.

"Un, as long as it's sharp and st.u.r.dy!" Chen Xiang brandished it a few times, and laughed: "It's best if it can cut through anything."

"Be careful when you go to that d.a.m.ned place!" Long Shuangru said with great concern.

"Little Scoundrel, do you want me to go with you? It's been a long time since I fought alongside you! " Long Xueyi patted Chen Xiang's shoulder and laughed. These few days, she had been pestering Chen Xiang everyday, but Chen Xiang was completely ravaged by her group of girls.

"No need, Little Naughty Dragon is still too weak right now, we should wait for him to become a little stronger." Chen Xiang curled his lips.

"Hmph, underestimating you. Just you wait." Long Xueyi was very unwilling to accept this.

After Chen Xiang obtained the Heavenly magic sword, he immediately headed to the Spirit Wasteland to find Xia Bailing.

"I have already told this to Xu Kong and Qingyang, and they are already making preparations … Oh yeah, the two of them seem to have a way to defend against those Black Hairs Human s. Tell the Heavenly Dragon City's dragon to talk to them. Xia Bailing replied: "They are very willing to help."

The Heavenly Dragon City and the Hundreds of Flowers Village had a very close relationship with Chen Xiang, Xu Kong and Qingyang both admired Chen Xiang a lot, and Chen Xiang had also helped them before, so they were naturally willing to cooperate with other cities as well.

"Un, I will inform them. Let's go!" Chen Xiang said.

Xia Bailing entered the You Yao Mountain Villa, and as soon as she entered, he played a song for her, while dancing.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the Three Money Divine City, he asked Huang Jintian here to tell him to take a trip to either Qingyang City or the Void City, to find Qing Yang about the matter of defending the Black Hairs Human.

After that, he went to find Fan Shixin.

"Manor Lord Fan, I'm preparing to set off. Where are your people?" Seeing Fan Shixin coming into the hall, Chen Xiang asked.

"They're all here!" Fan Shixin took out a nine story paG.o.da and smiled lightly: "They are all inside. As long as you hold the paG.o.da and enter the barrier, they will come out. Oh right, don't put this paG.o.da into your spatial magic treasure. "

"Well, is that really okay? Those Black Hairs Human s are very strong … And I heard that they are even what kind of Natural Law Guardians they were back then! " Chen Xiang said.

"Oh? You know about the Natural Law Guardians too? Who told you? " Fan Shixin had just found out about it from the Great Landlord.

"A friend told me!" Chen Xiang said: "Seems like it's true!"

"There are a lot of Natural Law Guardians in this group, we need to confirm about their situation! It was originally sealed in the profound Wasteland s, Devil Wasteland s and Evil Wasteland s. " Fan Shixin said, "After these Natural Law Guardians are awake, the three ancient barriers will activate on their own, preventing them from escaping. However, the humans inside the ancient barriers will be in trouble."

"Then are those barriers very strong?" Chen Xiang asked.

"They can't be sure either. All they know is that the barrier absorbs the power of the Ancient Desolate Core to maintain its circulation. If the Natural Law Guardians evolved to have intelligence similar to a human's, then they would definitely have a way to break it with their current strength." Fan Shixin said.

"The current Natural Law Guardians doesn't have intelligence. In their minds, there is only slaughter, and it is all daytime. At night, they will hide and rest! If they develop their own intelligence and have their own consciousness, then they will become a force that can move even at night and day. "

Chen Xiang was most worried about this, if he really ran out, this New Eight Wastelands would definitely be in trouble.

… ….

Chen Xiang took the golden paG.o.da and went to the side of profound Wasteland. He only went in when it was night.

Just like last time, he used the White Tiger's jump and easily entered the profound Wasteland. After entering, the Golden Tower suddenly flashed and nine golden-robed men appeared.

"We'll meet here in ten days. If you don't see us in ten days, then you don't need to wait for us. It means that we're dead, so you can just bring the paG.o.da back." One of the golden-robed man said to Chen Xiang, and after that, the nine of them turned into nine rays of light and ran off in nine different directions.

Chen Xiang didn't even have time to speak to them before they disappeared.

"Sister Bai Ling!" Chen Xiang shouted, Xia Bailing also came out from the You Yao Mountain Villa.

Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors and then sat on it with Xia Bailing.

"Those nine fellows from earlier all possess Dao Sect's cultivation. They can be considered very powerful. They are indeed worthy of being one of the three great native bank s. Only they are willing to send those nine Dao Sect members to their deaths." Xia Bailing said.

"After the Dao Sect, it should be the Tao Doom. After the Tao Doom, it should be the Dao Sovereign!" The Dao Zong realm is so strong, you actually went to die? " Chen Xiang frowned: "Could it be that we are still unable to deal with the nine of them?"

"If the nine of them are together, then it would be alright, but they are separated. From the looks of it, they are heading towards the native bank to investigate, and they definitely have a map on them, so they know where all the native bank s are located." Xia Bailing said.

Chen Xiang then began to urge the Six Realms mirrors to use the profound Tao Power to lay down the array, enveloping the outside of the Six Realms mirrors. This time, he used more array formations, layer after layer, to protect the Six Realms mirrors.

"Go deeper in and see their city. Those cities definitely have ways to deal with the Black Hairs Human." Xia Bailing said: "Didn't you go to a city last time?"

"Well, but I don't want to go any more, and Kiki said it's not just the city, there's something else." Chen Xiang said: "Since it's still night time, we should quickly find another city."

Lin Qiqi told Chu Hongqing a lot of things in the You Yao Mountain Villa, including the location of other cities. Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin also remembered it.

Chen Xiang would start searching for those cities according to what they told him. He first went to the city he came to last time, then teleported using this city's location, according to the direction that Qi Qi told him to teleport to.

In the middle of the night, Chen Xiang finally found a city. This city also had a tall and thick black city wall, its city gate tightly shut.

This city had a barrier, but to Chen Xiang, it was nothing. He just jumped in with a White Tiger, while Xia Bailing stayed inside the You Yao Mountain Villa.

Entering the city, Chen Xiang noticed that a lot of people were gathered at a big plaza, and in front of the plaza, there was a tall platform, there were actually tied up over ten Black Hairs Human s!

The powerful Black Hairs Human was actually caught!

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