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At this time, Chen Xiang was surrounded by a group of Black Hairs Human s. Even though he was on top of the Six Realms mirrors and had many layers of protection arrays with him, he could still feel the powerful aura being released from the Black Hairs Human's body, which made him feel a lot of pressure.

In such a situation, Chen Xiang immediately activated his Six Realms mirrors and used his spatial energy to teleport out of the encirclement of the Black Hairs Human. At the same time, he also felt a wave of energy attacking him!


His Six Realms mirrors had been attacked, the attack was extremely powerful, bringing along a scorching energy, as well as an extremely violent lightning energy. It was unleashed by several Black Hairs Human s at the same time!

Even through the Six Realms mirrors's protective array formation, Chen Xiang felt his entire body becoming hot and numb, and that berserk force penetrated through the Six Realms mirrors's array formation!

Without the protection of the Six Realms mirrors, Chen Xiang did not dare imagine the consequences. The Black Hairs Human's strength was extremely terrifying, and it had coordinated very well, so their reaction was very fast. The moment they sensed Chen Xiang's teleportation, Chen Xiang's position could be determined, and they could immediately attack fiercely in that direction.

Chen Xiang did not expect his opponent's attack to be so ferocious, but his reaction was also very fast, after teleporting a few times, he was already far away from the previous place.

However, the Black Hairs Human was still nearby and he could clearly feel the powerful auras of that group of Black Hairs Human!

He then teleported again and again. Currently, he did not dare to leave the Six Realms mirrors, as only the Six Realms mirrors could protect him. He felt that even if he hid himself, the Black Hairs Human would notice him!

"What a terrifying fellow!" This was the first time Chen Xiang had met someone who was so difficult to deal with. Even when he had met those strong humans before, he had not escaped in such a miserable manner.

"Big Brother, are you alright now?" Lin Qiqi asked worriedly.

"It's nothing, I'm trying to escape, they're chasing me!" Chen Xiang replied with a solemn voice.

Under the encirclement of so many Black Hairs Human s, Chen Xiang was still able to escape. Lin Qiqi was already very impressed with Chen Xiang, because most Rankers would not be able to do it.

"Do they have any weaknesses?" Chen Xiang asked.

"There is, but I do not know. I heard that there are some people in some cities who are aware of the Black Hairs Human's weakness, but they did not make it public." Lin Qiqi said.

Currently, Chen Xiang only knew that the profound Tao Power had some effect on the Black Hairs Human, because the formations released by the Six Realms mirrors had some profound Tao Power!

If not for the profound Tao Power, he might have already been heavily injured!

"Looks like I need to hurry up and cultivate the profound Tao Power, it seems like only with this kind of power can I deal with the Black Hairs Human." Chen Xiang had planned to use the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace to release flames to burn the Black Hairs Human, but it was too late. The Black Hairs Human's attacks were extremely ferocious, so he could only use his time to escape.

After he continuously teleported for more than two hours, the group of Black Hairs Human s were still in the vicinity. It could be seen that the Black Hairs Human among them who used spatial energy was also very terrifying.

"Are we going to be chased by them?" Chen Xiang was a little anxious, if he could not get rid of these Black Hairs Human, he did not know how long he would run.

After considering it for a while, he decided to run towards the profound Wasteland's enchantment!

Since Black Hairs Human did not appear on top of the New Eight Wastelands, it should be because of the barrier, but those Black Hairs Human were unable to break through it!

Chen Xiang was getting closer and closer to the barrier. It had only been more than two hours, but he had already arrived at the edge of the barrier and a group of Black Hairs Human s had also arrived.

"White Tiger Jump!" When Chen Xiang approached the barrier, he used the power of the White Tiger Dao mark and left the profound Wasteland, arriving at the outside ice ground.

Black Hairs Human was right next to the enchantment, unceasingly attacking Chen Xiang, but their powers were unable to penetrate it, and Black Hairs Human was also unable to break through the enchantment.

This was exactly what Chen Xiang had guessed before, that none of these Black Hairs Human would be able to pa.s.s through the barrier!

Chen Xiang finally heaved a sigh of relief. If he was continuously chased for so long, he didn't know how long he would be able to last.

"These guys are too scary!"

Chen Xiang had never been pursued by someone using teleportation, but the other party only had a Black Hairs Human who knew how to use spatial power, while this Black Hairs Human wanted to bring a large group of Black Hairs Human s to teleport to chase after him.

Lin Qiqi asked: "Are you alright?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "It's fine, do you want to see them?"

Lin Qiqi shook his head: "I'm not looking, I'm scared!"

Chen Xiang came to a nearby city, and entered the Three Money Divine City from the city's native bank, then was teleported to the Heavenly Dragon City from there.

Lin Qiqi was already at the tenth level of the Dao Dan realm at the age of ten, so he was definitely a good sapling. He found Lv Qilian and gave him to her, so of course Lv Qilian would be happy to stay at the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

"I will stay here and refine pills! I feel that this New Eight Wastelands is getting more and more restless. " Feng Yujie said as he came out from the You Yao Mountain Villa.

"Indeed, we have to increase everyone's cultivation as soon as possible." Chen Xiang nodded.

… ….

When Chen Xiang went to look for Long Jiuxiao, he wanted to hurry up and obtain the Heavenly magic sword. He felt that it should have some effect on those Black Hairs Human s.

"There are still a few more days before the repair will be completed, wait a little longer!" Long Jiuxiao chuckled: "Seeing that you're in such a hurry, have you encountered some powerful guy?"

"Yes, I've encountered something really powerful!" Chen Xiang nodded, and then told Long Jiuxiao about the matter of the Black Hairs Human.

"Senior Jiu Xiao, do you know what that is?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't know, but it's definitely not simple. Back in the ancient times, profound Wasteland was one of the most powerful places in the Ancient Desolation, and now he's actually being made into such a miserable state by this kind of Black Hairs Human. If profound Wasteland's barrier is destroyed, wouldn't it be very troublesome for Black Hairs Human to come to New Eight Wastelands?" Long Jiuxiao's face became gloomy: Can you condense a bit of profound Tao Power for me?

Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors still had profound Tao Power in it, so he took out the remaining profound Tao Power and gave it to Long Jiuxiao.

"I will study it well!" Long Jiuxiao said: "I will a.n.a.lyse the form of this energy as soon as possible and then use it to set up an array formation. The array formations of Heavenly Dragon City and Hundreds of Flowers Village must be changed immediately."

Long Jiuxiao was very aware of the danger, because he had heard a lot of things from Chen Xiang. This was because the two generations had fused together, causing many things to change quickly and shockingly. No one knew what would happen in the future.

Chen Xiang had made some important discoveries in the profound Wasteland, so he immediately rushed to the Three Money Divine City to look for Fan Shixin. The three great native bank s were also very concerned about the things that happened in the profound Wasteland.

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