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The young girl was very moved by Chen Xiang's actions, and also shed a lot of tears.

"Big Brother, you should go in!" This is a rare opportunity, don't waste it on me, you will die. " The girl swallowed her saliva. "Both of us will die outside anyway. It's no use for you to accompany me. You should just go in!"

"Hmph, he has no chance. The city is very crowded!" The old man coldly snorted.

Chen Xiang held onto the girl's small hand and laughed: "Go, you won't die, believe me!"

The young girl was just a single person in her teens. She had been living in fear for the past few days, and being refused to enter the city was also very helpless! In order to accompany her, Chen Xiang had given up the opportunity to enter the city. This moved her greatly, and at this moment, she also trusted Chen Xiang a lot.

Just a moment ago, many people heard Chen Xiang asking many foolish questions, and thought that he was very ignorant so they were not afraid.

Chen Xiang brought the young girl and left the city. On the way, he found out that the young girl was called Lin Qiqi, and was originally the granddaughter of the Lin Family's patriarch, but their Lin Family had all been killed by Black Hairs Human, she escaped together with her parents. On the way, they met with bad luck, and even his parents sacrificed themselves to protect her.

"It's really not easy. After experiencing so much!" Chen Xiang let out a light sigh, as he caressed Lin Qiqi's face: "Don't cry anymore, I'll take care of you from now on!"

"En, thank you big brother!" Lin Qiqi hugged onto Chen Xiang's arm. Right now, the sky was about to brighten, and she was becoming more and more afraid.

In the past, it was only when the sky was dark that people began to feel afraid. But now, it was instead dawn that caused them to feel fear.

Chen Xiang said to Lin Qiqi, "Qiqi, you enter one of my spatial treasures first. There will be a few sisters who will play with you inside, this way you will be safer."

"En!" Lin Qiqi listened to everything Chen Xiang said, she was a weak little girl in the first place.

Of course, she was at the tenth level of the Dao Dan realm at such a young age, which showed how strong and powerful the Lin Family was previously. Furthermore, her apt.i.tude must also be very good, just that she had never experienced such a thing since she was young.

Chen Xiang entered the profound Wasteland in the middle of the night, so he had never seen that kind of Black Hairs Human before.

Feng Yujie, Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin, who were in the You Yao Mountain Villa, knew what had happened to Lin Qiqi.

Moreover, the You Yao Mountain Villa was also very beautiful, and there were a few great beauties inside. Lin Qiqi's mood was much better now, but she was very worried about Chen Xiang who was outside.

"Qiqi, you don't have to worry about him. He's just curious about what the Black Hairs Human looks like. If he really can't beat him, he would come in here." Feng Yujie caressed Lin Qiqi's face and chuckled.

"Really? Big brother can also come here to seek shelter? This is great! " Lin Qiqi suddenly frowned: "Is this big brother's true s.p.a.ce?"

"Yes?" "What's wrong?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If big brother comes in, those Black Hairs Human can also come in. Black Hairs Human is very powerful, they can enter into other people's real s.p.a.ce!"

Lin Qiqi started to worry, she also had real s.p.a.ce, there were people in the Heavenly Dao Realm, if the real s.p.a.ce was not too strong, he could enter the real s.p.a.ce on the spot, and any ripples would affect the real s.p.a.ce in Divine Sense Sea.

Chen Xiang had thought it strange previously. Since everyone had the real s.p.a.ce, wouldn't it be alright as long as they hid inside? That way, they could avoid being attacked by the Black Hairs Human and come out again at night!

So it turns out that Black Hairs Human could enter someone else's real s.p.a.ce!

"So you're saying that once I enter my own Divine Sense Sea World, my own Black Hairs Human can also follow me in?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, a lot of people thought they would be able to take refuge, but they all died in the end." Lin Qiqi was very sad at the moment. She felt that she had implicated Chen Xiang.

"Don't worry, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves!" Chu Hongqing comforted Lin Qiqi.

Lin Qiqi could only trust Chen Xiang!

Although Chen Xiang had never seen the Black Hairs Human before, he knew that the Black Hairs Human must be very strong. If not, he would not have forced so many people into a corner, causing the entire Lin Family to be completely destroyed and the three great native bank s to be destroyed.

In order to be safe, Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors, and used the large amount of Daoqi from the Six Realms mirrors. He also created an array formation that could absorb the Daoqi and refine the profound Tao Power into a barrier.

Now, Chen Xiang sat on the Six Realms mirrors and activated the protection array, waiting for daybreak.

"Looks like I have to find some time to go back to the Heavenly Dragon City and see if the Heavenly magic sword has been repaired." When Chen Xiang had Heavenly magic sword s, hacking things up was the easiest. Right now, he could only use the Fire Sword Marks to release fire swords to attack.

The sky slowly brightened. Lin Qiqi could also see the situation outside from inside the You Yao Mountain Villa. She could see Chen Xiang sitting on something right now.

Chen Xiang rode on the Six Realms mirrors s and slowly flew while being vigilant of his surroundings. If there was any movement in the wind or gra.s.s, he would be able to notice it immediately.

"Black Hairs Human? Is he covered in black fur? " Chen Xiang asked Lin Qiqi.

"No, it's because they're covered in black fog. From a distance, it looks like they have black fur all over their bodies, so that's what we call them!" Lin Qiqi said: "Big brother, they are extremely fast, you have to be careful of them … They are usually in a group. "

"A group? How strong was he? What kind of power do you know how to use? " Chen Xiang asked again.

"In an average group of Black Hairs Human, there would be one who knew how to use the power of the spatial laws, and there are even two who specialize in destroying formations, attacking, killing, and defense. They work together very well, each group has around a hundred people, and can easily destroy an entire city." Lin Qiqi remembered, his voice was filled with fear.

Chen Xiang was also extremely surprised at this moment. He had thought that these Black Hairs Human were all a group of barbaric fellows, but he never thought that they had such abilities. Furthermore, they had such teamwork, showing their high intelligence.

"You here?" Chen Xiang suddenly saw a black object in front of him.

"It's the Black Hairs Human. Big brother, you have to be careful!" Lin Qiqi shouted in alarm. Although she was inside the You Yao Mountain Villa, she still felt fear when she saw him.

Chen Xiang had only just seen Black Hairs Human appear in the distance, but he was already in front of him in the next moment! Just as Lin Qiqi had said, there were those in the Black Hairs Human who knew how to use spatial energy, and they were very smart, using teleportation to move a group of Black Hairs Human right in front of him!

These Black Hairs Human's body were no different from a human's, only their faces were white and their eyes were closed. There was no expression on their faces, only a black aura emitting from their bodies.

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