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Not only did the old man look at Chen Xiang in shock, the people in front of the old man all heard Chen Xiang's words and turned their heads as well. They looked at Chen Xiang with astonished eyes, causing him to feel uncomfortable.

"We're queuing up here, so of course we're entering the city!" The old man said.

"It's already so late … "Why don't you go in during the day?" Chen Xiang felt that it was weird to ask so many questions, so he continued to ask.

"The city gates only open at night, because during the day … It's too dangerous! " The elder sighed, "We're all from nearby cities. Those cities were all destroyed by that thing."

Chen Xiang immediately looked around, he never thought that such a thing would happen in profound Wasteland, the city was being attacked by such a powerful being.

"What is that thing?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Black Hairs Human, we don't know why there would be such a thing. In short, many cities have been destroyed, and only cities like these that use profound Tao Power to set up enchantments haven't been destroyed." The old man sighed: "Black Hairs Human like that usually don't come at night, so we always come at night to line up."

Chen Xiang finally understood that the energy in the Spirit Dao Qi here was originally called the profound Tao Power. When he thought about it again, he felt that it was extremely inconceivable that it had such a unique power.

"Then why isn't the door open?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Because the people inside are discussing whether to let us in or not!" The old man said, "And entering also requires conditions. Not just anyone can enter."

Chen Xiang now understood why these people dressed so decently. They were here to seek shelter in this city.

Most of them belonged to the Dao Po realm, and there were even people at the tenth stage of the Dao Po realm. However, they still had to enter the city to seek shelter, which showed how dangerous it was outside.

"If they don't open their doors by day soon, we will have no choice but to hide. If we are unlucky and are found by the Black Hairs Human, we will die for sure." Fear was written all over the elder's face.

Chen Xiang looked at the other people, and when he heard the two words Black Hairs Human, their faces were filled with fear, showing just how terrifying Black Hairs Human was.

Chen Xiang also patted the old man's back, waiting for the city to open up, he wanted to enter and learn more about the situation.

"Old grandfather, where are the three great native bank s? Aren't they very strong? They can't do anything to Black Hairs Human? " Chen Xiang asked.

The old man shook his head: "None, they can't even protect themselves, many of the native bank s were destroyed, which is strange, those Black Hairs Human s all attacked with a purpose. I heard that when the Black Hairs Human was about to erupt, the moment they entered the city, the first thing they did was to get rid of the three great native bank s."

"So it's like that!" This definitely was not by chance. He suspected that it might be some kind of punishment that deliberately weakened the strength of the three native bank s.

He and the old man were waiting in line, they asked the old man what the profound Tao Power was, the old man said that it was a power unique to the profound Wasteland, and they had trained together, but they did not expect it to be used to set up a formation. They did not know that the Black Hairs Human was extremely afraid of this power, if their city had a barrier formed from this power, the city would not have fallen one by one.

"How should I train? Why can't I absorb them?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"What exactly happened to you? No one in profound Wasteland would not know of it, you couldn't have come from some other wasteland, right? " The old man's words once again caught the attention of many people. They knew that they could not leave profound Wasteland now, and if they could, they would not be here.

"I don't know, I woke up here!" Chen Xiang pretended to be stupid. He felt that if he told these people that he was from another world, there would definitely be trouble.

"It seems like you went berserk during your training. Your brain must have broken down. How pitiful." The old man sighed: "Cultivating profound Tao Power requires fire, and most people absorb it into their body, then filter out the profound Tao Power from the body, and then force the profound Tao Power into a furnace. After being burned by the fire, it can transform into a type of golden mist, and when the time comes, it can be absorbed and cultivated."

Chen Xiang nodded, but at the same time, someone shouted: "Open the door!"

The door was open, but it was not. It was a very small door. Many people were very excited. They were all prepared to hide, but now the door was open.

"Come one at a time! If you don't pa.s.s, you won't be able to enter the city!" More than ten people walked out from the small door, they were all very strong.

"Not bad!" After entering our city, you all have to protect our city, and the first thing you have to do is to join our team that is hunting Black Hairs Human. " A man said, "Don't worry, we know the weakness of the Black Hairs Human. We will train you when the time comes!"

As long as he could enter, it was better than staying outside!

"Let's test each person's cultivation. Those who pa.s.s will be able to enter." An old man said. Then, everyone lined up and began to test their cultivation.

All of them placed their hands on top of a crystal ball. Once the crystal ball was lit up, they would be able to enter the city.

Chen Xiang observed for a while and felt that it wouldn't be too hard for everyone to make the crystal ball shine.

After a while, Chen Xiang suddenly heard a weak voice from the front: "I … I am of the tenth stage of the Dao Dan realm, so I will enter very quickly! "

The person speaking was a young girl dressed in simple clothes. She looked to be around thirteen to fourteen years old, and she looked extremely pretty. Her pretty face was full of grievance, and she looked very pitiful.

"No, the higher ups have requested for us to not allow anyone below the Dao Po realm in!" The old man was very cold as he pushed the girl to the side.

"I have a Jade money, let me in. I'll give you a billion Jade money." The young girl grew anxious, and her delicate voice became slightly louder.

"The three great native bank s are already finished. What use do you have of Jade money?!" The old man sneered.

The young girl was standing at the side, biting her lower lip. Her eyes were filled with tears, making her look very pitiful. However, no one was speaking up for her. They were all worried that they wouldn't be able to enter the city if they angered these people.

The young lady did not leave, but continued to plead. If she did not enter, with her strength, she would definitely die outside. Furthermore, she was only in her teens and had no experience in surviving. At this moment, she was filled with fear of the outside world.

This time, it was Chen Xiang's turn. He pa.s.sed the test.

"Can we let her in?" Chen Xiang said to the old man, and pointed to the young lady who had tears all over her face.

"No, say one more word and you won't be able to enter." The old man coldly snorted.

This old man's cultivation was very high, Chen Xiang guessed that he was from the Dao Shi realm, so no matter how angry Chen Xiang was, he could not fight against him.

"Then I'm not going in!" Chen Xiang also could not bear to see the girl alone outside. He walked over, held her hand, and gave up the chance to enter the city.

"Little sister, I'll accompany you. Don't be afraid!" Chen Xiang lovingly wiped away the tears on the girl's beautiful face.

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