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Chen Xiang really wanted to go to the Ancient Wastelands and have a look. He had been to the Spirit Wasteland before and felt that it was safer there, but there was still some accident where he was almost killed by the Small tree fairy.

"I want to go in and take a look." Chen Xiang said: "Can you tell me the specific location?"

"It's really dangerous inside. Your current cultivation is still relatively low. Entering inside would cause trouble." Fan Shixin said as he furrowed his brows. He was indeed considering for Chen Xiang.

"No problem." Chen Xiang laughed: "First, tell me where profound Wasteland is, and then we'll talk about the things inside. I'll go take a look."

Evil Wasteland and Devil Wasteland only heard the name and felt that it was very scary, so Chen Xiang didn't plan to go right now. He was just rather interested in profound Wasteland, and from the name, he knew that it wasn't as scary as Evil Wasteland and Devil Wasteland.

"Fine." Seeing that Chen Xiang really wanted to go, Fan Shixin told him the location and repeatedly reminded him to be careful when entering the place.

And right now, the people from the Three Great native bank s were also unable to enter the profound Wasteland, so Fan Shixin was not too worried about Chen Xiang, who he felt was also unable to enter.

When Chen Xiang found out that the location of the profound Wasteland was empty, he immediately went back to greet Huang Jintian. He also gave Huang Jintian over a dozen Shengdao Dan s to let him see if he could enter the Dao Po realm.

He came to a large city in the Northern Wasteland, and there were a lot of people gathered there. Because the profound Wasteland, one of the Ancient Desolations, appeared nearby, although it was still quite a distance away from the city, it was the only city near the profound Wasteland.

Once he was in the city, Chen Xiang heard many people talking about the profound Wasteland. The current situation was that no one could enter the profound Wasteland, many big shots from the big powers had tried, no matter what they did, they would not be able to break through the barrier and enter.

And the three great native bank s received more information than these people did. They knew that the three great native bank s inside had already been destroyed by someone, so the ones who wanted to enter the place the most were the people from the three great native bank s.

Chen Xiang quickly arrived at the side of profound Wasteland. He heard that this place was originally a land of ice and snow, but profound Wasteland's sudden appearance on this land of ice and snow allowed Chen Xiang to see a lot of green mountains in front of him. Although it was a little cold, the inside of profound Wasteland was not affected.

The entire profound Wasteland was extremely huge, appearing in the Northern Wasteland and covering more than half of the Northern Wasteland. It was said that many small cities were devoured by the profound Wasteland, and they didn't know what was happening inside because no one could enter.

Below Chen Xiang's feet was a sheet of ice and snow, and not far away was the green gra.s.s red flower, and inside was the profound Wasteland. He was only a hundred steps away from the profound Wasteland, but the difference was like the sky and the earth.

Chen Xiang looked around, there were many people displaying their abilities, wanting to enter the profound Wasteland to see what was going on, because the previous Spirit Wasteland, when he appeared, someone had found an extremely powerful Heavenly artifact, so everyone felt that there might be more Heavenly artifact s in the profound Wasteland, and there might be even more heaven and earth treasures there.

Everyone knew that the profound Wasteland was bigger than the Spirit Wasteland. Ever since the appearance of the Spirit Wasteland, the story of the Ancient Desolation also spread. It was just that everyone did not understand why the Ancient Desolation would suddenly appear.

Chen Xiang also thought of one possibility. It was that the time lines of the Ancient Eight Desolations and the New Eight Wastelands's era would fuse together, just like the time lines of the Star Law Divine Realm's era and this era.

During the day, many people were trying all sorts of methods. At night, there were also many people because some people felt that the barrier might become weaker at night.

But still no one could get in.

Chen Xiang walked around the barrier, and after getting away from the crowd, he used the White Tiger Leap to jump, and easily entered the barrier. This made him secretly rejoice, the usefulness of the White Tiger Dao mark was too great.

After entering, Chen Xiang tried again and was able to jump out.

"I thought I saw someone inside." Suddenly, Chen Xiang heard someone speaking and immediately became a cloud of mist.

"The sky is so dark now, you must have seen wrongly. Where did these figures come from? The native bank s and people of the three great native bank s have all been destroyed, but the three great native bank s were still unable to enter. They are the three most powerful forces in the entire Wasteland, but there is nothing they can do about it." A person said.

In the ancient eight wastelands, the three great native bank s had already existed, and they had also formed a very powerful force. However, the profound Wasteland and the other two great desolate lands had all been destroyed, so something big must have happened inside.

When Chen Xiang entered, he immediately discovered that there were huge differences between the inside and the outside, especially the Dao Qi inside. Even though it was extremely dense, it contained a very peculiar kind of energy, and he did not know what that energy was either.

"How strange, I just absorbed it and it left my body soon after. What exactly is this energy?" Chen Xiang had just absorbed a very dense amount of dao energy, and the special energy contained within circled around his body before leaving.

"Whatever, let's go inside and take a look." Right now, Chen Xiang was also very curious about what was happening inside.

He used Teleportation, and each time he did so he would only teleport a distance away. Not long after, he arrived at a patch of gra.s.sland, and at this moment, he was already very far from the edge of profound Wasteland.

On the prairie, he saw a city. The city was surrounded by a tall black wall. This type of wall seemed very st.u.r.dy, and it also had a very unique aura.

When he sensed the Qi, Chen Xiang felt that it was very familiar. Previously, when he absorbed Dao Qi, he had absorbed this kind of unique energy, and this was the Qi that was contained within the Dao Qi.

"Don't tell me this kind of energy can be used?" Chen Xiang suddenly remembered about the enchantment outside the profound Wasteland. He felt that the enchantment was probably because it had this kind of energy that no one was familiar with, which was why it was hard to break through.

"What kind of power is this, and what use is it?" Chen Xiang approached the city quietly, when he reached the city's gate, he saw a man dressed extravagantly standing there.

In the middle of the night, this group of people were lined up in front of the city gate.

Chen Xiang walked over and asked an old man dressed in luxurious clothing: "Old sir, what are you doing here?"

The old man looked at Chen Xiang with a strange gaze. He had a surprised look on his face: "You don't know why you are here."

"I... "Just pa.s.sing by." Chen Xiang said, he suddenly remembered that this profound Wasteland was a little special, if not it would not be called profound Wasteland. He knew from Fan Shixin, the people in the profound Wasteland were all very powerful, and the people here trained in a unique technique, which allowed them to obtain a very special power.

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