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Right now, Chen Xiang only wanted to quickly purge the poison from the island so that his father could appear on the ground again. However, he was a little worried, if the poison was purged, then would he be able to appear again in the future?

Of course, if he wanted to know the truth, he had to ask Natural Law Divine Spirit.

Currently, he only had the cultivation of the tenth stage of the Spirit Dao Pill. He needed to enter the Dao Po realm to be able to strengthen the World Creation Flames, and only then would he be able to remove the deadly poison.

Stepping into the Dao Po realm meant transforming the Bones within one's body into a dao soul, becoming an even more powerful existence. And the Dao Dan realm before, was transforming the Divine Deity into a dao core.

After transforming into a spirit, it also meant that Chen Xiang's body would become even stronger, and when using the Daoyuan immortal power, he could release even more of it in an instant, and he could also borrow even more when borrowing the power of the Heavenly Dao.

After eating a few Shengdao Dan, he quietly entered into a state of cultivation. It was currently very quiet inside, the Island Spirit did not disturb him, and only watched quietly.

With regards to Chen Xiang coming here and doing so many things, Island Spirit was pleasantly surprised, because this was his only hope at the moment. Previously, he had carried a death wish, but now, he had seen a glimmer of hope.

Chen Xiang could feel a slight change in his body while he was unknowingly cultivating. The Bones that were originally in various parts of his body were now gradually emitting a warm energy, causing the parts of his body that had Bones to itch.

This was a sign that he was in the process of transforming. If he succeeded, the Bones in his body would have completely turned into a Dao Soul.

After a few days, Chen Xiang's skin started to exude oily black impurities. He never thought that after his own body stepped into the Dao Po realm, it would actually have such a huge improvement.

"My body is stronger now." Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, his body felt as if it had been struck by iron, and when he was channeling the Daoyuan immortal power in his body, after his Dao Spirit transformed and raised, he became even stronger, several times stronger than before.

"The Dao Po realm is the result of your Bones being raised. Your current situation is pretty good, if you were to use that flame again, you should be able to purge the deadly poison from your body." Island Spirit laughed.

Chen Xiang immediately released the Creation Flames, and the Daoyuan immortal power that surged out of the Divine Sense Sea immediately became much stronger after being converted by his Dao Soul.

"Right now, your Dao Po realm is at the first level. If it's at the second level, the number of Daoyuan immortal power transformed by your Dao Soul will double." Island Spirit continued, "From the looks of it, although you have just entered the Dao Po realm, your strength is much stronger than ordinary Dao Po realm."

Chen Xiang laughed, "Senior, is my fire can really deal with the poison now?"

"Go and give it a try. I'm not sure either. If that's not possible, you can only continue to cultivate. If it is possible, that would be for the best." Island Spirit said, "Do you want me to send you up?"

"Alright, then send me up." Chen Xiang nodded, he was already impatient to try, this death poison seemed to be an extremely serious punishment, but it was nothing to him, not only was it unable to poison him, he could also remove and dissolve it.

Although the Island Spirit was weak right now, it was still very easy to bring Chen Xiang to the surface. After all, he was the spirit of this island and had once ruled over it.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang was on the ground. At the moment, the entire place was filled with the black death poison, it was filled with death aura, the cold wind was blowing, the poison had already engulfed all of the G.o.d machines on the ground, and the death poison could not find anything capable of devouring either, it continued to float around.

"The most powerful part of this deadly poison is its ability to quickly absorb energy." Chen Xiang threw a rock. When the deadly poison sensed that there was energy inside the rock, it immediately floated over and covered the entire rock.

The stone turned into black ashes after being enveloped by the black gas for a few moments. The energy within the stone was absorbed, and the remnants of the stone turned into black death poison.

"It is indeed terrifying. If just a little bit of it is leaked out, the outside world will be quickly submerged by this deadly poison." Chen Xiang took in a breath of cold air. He had grabbed a handful of death poison with his hand, he also felt that his body was unfathomable.

Such a terrifying death poison was actually unable to do anything to his body.

Chen Xiang looked at the black death poison in his palm, and with a thought, a flame appeared in his palm. The death poison immediately turned white, and disappeared into a mist.

"Success." Chen Xiang was immediately overjoyed. Then, he released a large amount of Creation Flames to burn the pool of dead poison in front of him and quickly dispelled it. It was just that originally, it was all water there, but now that the dead poison had been purged from his body, it was only a dried up pit.

"It really succeeded. This sort of flame is really strange." Xia Bailing was also ecstatic: If it was any ordinary flame that was being burned, most of it would have been engulfed.

Chen Xiang's flames were emitted from the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and this type of flame could purify and purify everything. It was said that when the world was created, this type of flame was used to refine all living things, and this type of flame could also burn and destroy all living things.

Following that, Chen Xiang flew above the island, continuously sending down b.a.l.l.s after b.a.l.l.s of creational flames, and even turning the flames into a rain of fire to rain down, to burn the death poison on the ground.

This island was not small, if Chen Xiang wanted to completely eliminate the death poison on it, it would not be easy either, it would need a lot of time.

was worried about this previously, but now, seeing the deathly poison being afraid of the aura of the Creation Flame, he felt at ease.

It took him a full three months to burn the entire island.

The island that was initially shrouded in darkness could see the bright sunlight and Lan Lan's sky. Although the entire island was still charred black, it seemed to be filled with more vitality than before, and was no longer lifeless.

"The deadly poison should have been eliminated by now." Chen Xiang was flying above the island. Although the deadly poison had been eliminated, the island was still constantly moving, so it was a difficult problem to stop the island. He had no choice, it might need a very powerful force to do so.

However, this was not bad. At the very least, others could not easily land on this island.

"Senior, can you hear my voice?" Chen Xiang shouted from the sky above the island.

"Yes, you did." Island Spirit's voice was very agitated. The island that had been corroded by this deadly poison for many years had finally seen daylight once more, and Island Spirit had quickly recovered.

Chen Xiang could also feel it now. The sunlight contained the Heavenly Energy, and after it shone onto the ground, it was quickly being absorbed.

Now that the island was no longer corroded, and the Island Spirit was able to quickly absorb the energy of heaven and earth, he could quickly bring the island back to life.

"How is Earth Spirit World?" Chen Xiang had already left the Earth Spirit World for a long time, he did not know how they were doing.

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