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When Chen Xiang was sucked in, his heart was in shock. He was worried that he would not be able to get out if he was trapped inside, but after he went in, he was not as scary as he imagined.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" His voice was very old, and even though he was asking Chen Xiang, his tone was very gentle.

Chen Xiang was currently in a s.p.a.ce that was completely white in all directions, so he couldn't see anything.

"I am looking for you, senior. My father is Shen Tianhu." Chen Xiang replied: "He's very worried about you right now."

"Oh, Tian Hu's son, I do know that you actually have the means to find this place. It truly isn't simple." The old voice was filled with excitement and surprise.

"Senior, how is your current situation?" Chen Xiang asked, now he was sure that the voice belonged to the Island Spirit.

"Not good. I'm going to die." The Island Spirit sighed, "How is your father and the rest?"

"Something happened in the Earth Spirit World that he was in." Chen Xiang then briefly told the Island Spirit about the situation.

After knowing that Chen Xiang had come here and killed the World King and the others, the Island Spirit felt a lot more at ease.

"I am truly sorry for them. I did not protect them properly." Island Spirit said guiltily.

"It doesn't matter. They will definitely understand you." Chen Xiang asked: "Senior, why would there be poison rain on this island?"

"It's a punishment." Island Spirit sighed: "At that time, there was also a mysterious existence that told me about this. He told me to prepare in advance."

"Why should I punish you?" Chen Xiang had thought that he had discovered the Island Spirit himself, he never expected that someone would actually be the one to tell him about it.

"Because I am a special existence, that person told me that because I have the potential to escape the constraints of the Natural Law Principles, he would kill me in advance and seal me in place." The Island Spirit replied, "That's why such a thing happened on this island."

Chen Xiang thought of Xia Bailing and the other two cities. Could it be that those three cities were also existences like this?

"Senior, if I remove all the death poison on the surface of the island, would you be fine?" Chen Xiang said, "Will that guy find out again?"

"If it can be completely eliminated, of course I would be curious. Right now, because of the death poison covering the surface, I am unable to absorb the Dao Qi of the heaven and earth. However, the core of the island is constantly consuming energy." The Island Spirit said.

"You have a way to get rid of it."

Chen Xiang released a bit of flame and said: "Senior, please see if the flame in my hand can burn the poison to death away."

Chen Xiang was currently releasing the flames of creation.

I am also quite familiar with flames. Although I have never seen this kind of flame before, it gives me a very familiar feeling, and it is also very strong, however, your current cultivation is too low. If you were a little stronger, this kind of flame should still have a chance to strengthen. Island Spirit was also very surprised after sensing the flame in Chen Xiang's palm.

Chen Xiang was only at the tenth stage of the Dao Dan realm, so he felt that it might be a lot better if he stepped into it.

"I'm cultivating here right now. If I break through again, I'll try the surface." Chen Xiang said. If this kind of death poison was removed, then this island could be reborn.

"Alright, if you need any help with your cultivation, you can ask me." The Island Spirit said.

Chen Xiang ate a few Shengdao Dan s, the Shengdao Dan had a lot of use to him now.

"Sister Bai Ling, the city that you and Azure Sky City were in back then shouldn't be any ordinary city, right?" Chen Xiang asked. The Island Spirit also said just now that this island has a lot of potential for growth, so it will be able to break through the restrictions of the Ancient Code in the future.

"Well... "I'm not too sure either. In short, the people in our city all knew how to use the power of law. They knew how to use it since they were young." Xia Bailing said: "We are a strange race."

"This..." Chen Xiang couldn't even speak, this kind of city was pretty scary. After all, not many people had mastered the power of the Ancient Code since they were young, but Xia Bailing and the others who lived in a city all had this kind of special power.

"Void and Azure Sun City are similar. They are both relatively abnormal races … It is indeed possible for us to break through the limitations of the Ancient Code and not be restricted by the current Natural Law Principles. " Xia Bailing said again: "As for this island, I don't see any difference."

Chen Xiang also felt the same way. If one said that this island was special, then it was probably because it was not restricted by s.p.a.ce, and the island was an independent existence after the fusion of two eras, could it be that it was because of this that they were punished? Then who was the one who informed the Island Spirit that they were going to be punished?

"Island Spirit, do you know why this island was punished?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm not too sure either, maybe it's because I suddenly acquired a special power. At that time, I felt that I could control this island and teleport, and I also absorbed a lot of natural Dao Qi. Also, I can also control the rapid growth of plants on this island, and in a short period of time, I'll be able to mature many medicinal herbs." The Island Spirit said.

Chen Xiang was shocked, this ability was truly heaven defying. He now knew the reason behind this island's punishment, if this continued, the creatures on this island would become extremely powerful, and this island would become even more powerful. At that time, they would be free from the restrictions of the Heavenly Dao.

"In that case... Little Scoundrel, you have to be careful yourself. " Xia Bailing said in a low voice, "I feel that not too long in the future, you might also trigger this kind of bottom line, and then you will be punished."

Chen Xiang snorted, "If it's a poisonous rain, then come at me, I'm not afraid."

Xia Bailing said: "Looks like our punishments are all part of the will of heaven, hah."

"Senior, have you seen the person who sent the message to you before?" Chen Xiang asked, he suddenly guessed that someone might be sent a message by the Island Spirit.

"Yes, he appeared here all of a sudden. I'll release his image." After Island Spirit finished speaking, he released a figure in front of Chen Xiang.

Seeing this figure, Chen Xiang was not surprised at all, because he had already guessed that it was this person.

"It really is him." Chen Xiang looked at the old man in front of him.

"Who is he? You know him." Xia Bailing immediately asked, and Island Spirit also asked.

"His name is Natural Law Divine Spirit, and he is a … "A very weak fellow. I have helped him enormously. However, he is also a pretty good person." Chen Xiang sighed: "Looks like I have to ask him next time, I just don't know how to find him."

The Natural Law Divine Spirit was also a very special existence. It could be said that he was a servant of the Heavenly Dao, but he was too weak.

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