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When Chen Xiang was chased by the experts of the Undead Divine Race, he did not know what their cultivations were. He only knew that they had definitely surpa.s.sed the Dao Po realm by a lot.

"There are a total of ten stages in the Heavenly Dao Realm. Dao Ti realm, Dao Yuan realm, Dao Dan realm, Dao Po realm, Dao profound realm, Dao Shi realm, Dao Zong realm, and beyond them are the extremely difficult Tao Doom s. After the Tao Doom s are the Dao Sovereigns!" Xia Bailing said.

"Sister Bai Ling, you're actually so amazing!" He's actually at the last realm! " Chen Xiang said in shock.

"To you, it's quite impressive, but so what? Even now, I still don't understand who the power that punished our city was." Xia Bailing said.

"I'll definitely understand it in the future. You must believe in yourself!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"En!" Xia Bailing nodded, because the punishment for her city's power, led to her family's destruction and death, she wanted revenge.

"The Undead Divine Race who were chasing and killing you before, were all part of the Dao Zong realm, and the strongest among all the Hundreds of Flowers Village were Xie Qiaoyan, Long Shuangru and Xue Ying. And the Long Jiuxiao in the Heavenly Dragon City is the Dao Zong realm. " Xia Bailing said: "Long Jiuxiao should be preparing to enter the Tao Doom Realm. Of course, for Heavenly beast like him, the Tao Doom is easier to pa.s.s."

"Sister Bai Ling, didn't you say the Void and the two Dao Sovereigns failed their tribulation? What do you mean, they're Dao Sovereigns? " Chen Xiang asked.

"They have successfully become Dao Sovereigns. However, there was a problem with the Tao Doom, which caused them to become like that! But of course, that doesn't affect their strength at all. But as they see it, that's because the tribulation has failed. " Xia Bailing said.

"Does everyone become like this when they fail at transcending tribulation?" Chen Xiang asked again: "Looks like Tao Doom is very powerful!"

"It's not that powerful. You'll know the specifics after you experience it. If it's really that powerful, then Void and Azure Sun would have already died long ago!" If the Tao Doom was not successful, they would lose some things, such as the Azure Sun and the Void, which would forever be small. " Xia Bailing said.

"Ah?" "Forever!" Chen Xiang was shocked: "They are so pitiful!"

"Yes!" Xia Bailing giggled: "So you better be careful in the future. If you become smaller forever, your beautiful wives would be very depressed."

"I'm not going to turn into that bird." Chen Xiang snorted, he also felt fear when he thought about it, "Besides becoming smaller, are there any other ways to pay the price?"

"There is! For example, half humans and half beasts could become beasts, or could become stars in the sky, or could become flowers, plants, and trees. In short, it would become something else. It was one kind of thing. It's more common to become a child and then become something else. " Xia Bailing said: "And the worst is that they have become weirdly shaped, I heard that some of them had their b.u.t.tocks and head swapped places."

Chen Xiang's brows twitched, this was indeed too tragic!

"You don't have to be afraid. You'll definitely be able to get through it." When Xia Bailing was in the Hundreds of Flowers Village, he had a rather deep understanding of Chen Xiang. He was a guy who could change his fate, and his luck had always been good.

"Sister Bai Ling, it's going to be tough on you. Help me get rid of those bad guys." Chen Xiang said.

"Un, I know!" I love punishing bad guys. " Xia Bailing laughed.

"Oh right, my old man is always being trifled by by some guy. What do you think, Sister Bai Ling?" Chen Xiang said: "That guy must be on this island."

Xia Bailing was silent for a moment, then said: "I am also very curious about this matter! That fellow knew beforehand that it would rain poison rain and told your father to prepare to evacuate to this Earth Spirit World. This Earth Spirit World is obviously related to that guy! "

"Although it's not difficult for your father to create a Earth Spirit World with his strength, it's definitely not over in a short amount of time!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "That guy possesses very powerful strength, and he treats my father quite well."

Xia Bailing said: "But he did not take care of your father anymore. Otherwise, your father's Earth Spirit World would not have been taken down!"

"Why is that?" Chen Xiang said as his brows knitted together, "Could it be that that guy felt that my father was too weak, so he gave up on my father and went to find that c.r.a.ppy World Emperor from the Dao profound realm?"

"No, it's just that he's not in a good situation right now!" Xia Bailing's voice became serious, "I think that guy is the spirit of this island, which is also the Island Spirit!"

"Island Spirit?" Chen Xiang took in a deep breath. What Xia Bailing said was true, he felt that it was true, if not for the fact that Island Spirit did not have enough power, spatial rifts would not have appeared.

In order to help the humans on the ground survive, Island Spirit must have a lot of power. Moreover, this island was constantly being corroded by the deadly poison, which had a strong devouring force, so after a long time, Island Spirit would definitely become very weak.

This island was the Island Spirit's body. If one were to suffer such devastation, the current condition of the Island Spirit could be imagined!

"If we can find the Island Spirit, perhaps I can find out why our city was poisoned back then! Island Spirit definitely knows about this matter, which is why he told your father in advance and told him to be on guard. " Xia Bailing said.

"Yes, the Island Spirit must be at the core of the earth, and the Earthly beast might even be the Island Spirit!" Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Once we settle the matters of the Earth Spirit World, we'll go to the core of the earth to take a look!"

"Chen Xiang, do you have any way to cure the death poison?" Xia Bailing suddenly asked, his voice weak: "I feel that this island is very pitiful, he is intelligent, and can be considered a living being, moreover he has helped your father before, if possible, we should help him."

It was only because Xia Bailing had asked Chen Xiang this question when she saw impenetrable that she had heard of him allowing two s.p.a.ce-time to fuse together. To her, this sounded like an unimaginable feat, but Chen Xiang had done it when he was very weak.

"Yes!" When we settle the matter of finding the Earth Spirit World, we can then find the Island Spirit and ask him for his opinion. " Chen Xiang quickly thought of a way.

"What method?" Xia Bailing suddenly became excited. She and the Azure Skysnake were both troubled by the issue of the death poison, because they had already constructed a very powerful city. They had also discussed how they could cure the poison if they were to encounter rain again.

"Fire!" Chen Xiang said, he felt that the flames released by the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace should not be a problem, and after using the Creation G.o.d Spring to water the soil that had been corroded by the death poison, it would be able to restore its vitality.

Of course, this was only his imagination. He had never tried it, and did not know if he would succeed or not.

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