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This matter not only angered the King Qi, even the other n.o.bles were very worried about it, because they never thought that Shen Tianhu would have such a person under his command.

Chen Xiang had been waiting inside the city the entire time. He didn't make him wait too long, he only waited for Shen Tianhu's signal!

Shen Tianhu found a secret record in the city and found a jade talisman there. Only then, could he use this jade talisman to send a message to Chen Xiang and contact him.

"Xiang'er, is that you?" Chen Xiang heard his familiar voice from the jade talisman, but it was low.

"Dad, it's me!" Chen Xiang said excitedly.

"Good!" Good... Where are you? I'll go look for you right now! " Shen Tianhu was also very excited at this time. He did not think that he would be able to meet his son again.

"Dad, I'll go look for you. Where are you now?" Chen Xiang asked, he was worried that Shen Tianhu would be discovered if he did not conceal himself well enough.

Shen Tianhu told Chen Xiang his location and Chen Xiang quickly teleported over, changing back to his original appearance.

When she saw Shen Tianhu, Chen Xiang's eyes became moist and she rushed over to hug Shen Tianhu.

Shen Tianhu was already like a middle aged man, with white hair and a lot of age, but what surprised Chen Xiang the most was that Shen Tianhu was in the tenth stage of the Dao Po realm, he was curious as to why Shen Tianhu was able to break through so quickly and have such cultivation.

"Let's talk somewhere else." Chen Xiang said before bringing his conical hat along with him and teleporting out of the city. They arrived at a forest far away from the city.

"Dad, what's going on? What about our Shen family... Is he still there? " Chen Xiang asked quickly.

"He's gone!" Shen Tianhu shook his head and sighed: "It's been so long, and after so many things, I don't want the Shen family anymore, but I did establish the Earth Spirit World, and it's just that … Sigh, it's all my fault, I don't have the ability to protect myself. "

Chen Xiang was currently very angry, because the people who were attacking Earth Spirit World were still enjoying life.

"Are you the only one left?" Chen Xiang patted Shen Tianhu's shoulder.

"Of course not, more than half of our soldiers died and a lot of civilians survived. Back then, I had antic.i.p.ated that those fellows would have ill intentions and had been defending them from time to time." Shen Tianhu laughed: "I created an underground palace at a deeper place. It's very close to the center of the earth, and there's even a very small river of fire there."

"I heard they were all killed! "Dad, you're so awesome!" Chen Xiang gave Shen Tianhu a big thumbs up.

"If I were powerful, I wouldn't have been driven away." Shen Tianhu laughed bitterly: "You're the awesome one, to think that you could actually find me, and even enter this d.a.m.ned place, and ruthlessly beat up King Qi's son."

"Right, what happened on this island?" Chen Xiang asked.

"A poisonous rain suddenly fell from the sky, causing the entire island to be shrouded in death poison. I already knew about this matter, because during that short period of time when I was sleeping, there would be people who would tell me about this matter. Furthermore, they would also tell me the method to dodge it." Shen Tianhu said.

was very surprised. Someone actually asked him to build a Earth Spirit World here!

"This Earth Spirit World existed in the first place, we only built many cities later on, so when the poisonous rain came, not a single one of us died." This Earth Spirit World existed in the first place, we only built many cities later on. When Shen Tianhu thought back to this moment, he could not help but become angry.

"Let's take a look at the underground palace!" Chen Xiang said.

Shen Tianhu instructed Chen Xiang to teleport and very quickly, they arrived at the entrance to the underground palace. It was in the depths of a mountain range and entered from the mouth of a dead volcano.

"Dad, how strong are those guys?" Chen Xiang asked: "I'll help you fix them so that you can take over the Earth Spirit World from here."

"The strongest should be that Earth Spirit World Emperor. That guy broke through the Dao Po realm, so I'm not his opponent. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have lost." Shen Tianhu said. At this moment, he opened a stone door.

"Dad, how did you cultivate so fast?" "You're faster than me by a lot. All these years, I've also relied on pills to speed me up." Chen Xiang said: "You definitely do not have that many pills here."

"Of course not!" When Shen Tianhu mentioned this matter, he thought back to his past. Chen Xiang also immediately knew that the people who were with Shen Tianhu back then were no longer here, and only he was still alive.

"For many years, it was the voice in my mind that helped me and guided me in my cultivation. As a result, I absorbed the power of this island very quickly." Shen Tianhu said: "In short, every time I encounter a bottleneck, as long as I meditate and cultivate, I can feel myself merging with the entire island, and I'll be able to break through it very quickly."

"But now … You know, the situation on this island isn't very good, so it is very difficult for me to enter the Dao profound realm! " Shen Tianhu brought Chen Xiang and entered the gates of the underground palace. There were a few middle-aged men guarding the gates, they were very curious about Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty.

Because it was very rare for Shen Tianhu to be so intimate with others, even though Shen Tianhu was usually full of dignity, but now he looked a lot more gentle.

"Our Shen family has disappeared a long time ago. These people all came from that island, and there are even people from that spatial rift." Shen Tianhu said.

Chen Xiang had also heard that back then, there were many people who were opposed to taking over Earth Spirit World, many people supported living in harmony with them, just that the great powers were too greedy, and were not willing for Shen Tianhu to take control of the entire Earth Spirit World, which was why they started the war.

At that time, many of the people who came over from the spatial crack had also joined Shen Tianhu's side, and fought with the royalty. However, Shen Tianhu lost in the end and brought them here.

"Father, do you have any plans now? Are you sure that the strongest people over there are only at the Dao profound realm? " Chen Xiang asked: "If that's the case, I feel that we can immediately go back and eliminate those ten kings and the World Emperor."

"You only seem to be Dao Dan realm now, right? What can you do? " Shen Tianhu said. He had already brought Chen Xiang to a hall in the underground palace. This was his cave.

"Yes!" Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, wait for me. I'll go gather those generals." Shen Tianhu trusted Chen Xiang a lot, so he didn't ask too much and immediately walked out of the hall.

Chen Xiang asked Xia Bailing: "Sister Bai Ling, can you handle the Dao profound realm?"

Xia Bailing scoffed, "What do you mean? Even if ten thousand comes, I will still kill them all. No matter how many there are, I will still kill them all! "

"Sister Bai Ling, you're so amazing. What is your Dao Sovereign cultivation level?" Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim. He did not have a deep understanding of these realms, he had previously heard from Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin that the Dao Po realm was very strong.

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