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Shen Tianhu did not die, Chen Xiang was ecstatic and elated, but when he thought about how his Shen family had suffered a tragic death, his heart was immediately filled with sorrow, that was his roots!

"Old mister, do you know where Shen Tianhu is?" Chen Xiang asked: "How much do you know about him?"

"Shen Tianhu was originally the Earth Spirit World's Realm King. He was a very good person and his Shen family was also very powerful. However, they were still unable to defeat the dozen or so powerful forces and were ultimately destroyed." The old man sighed: "I heard he isn't dead yet, is he still alive? He's still in Earth Spirit World, hiding somewhere to plot revenge!"

"Thank you for telling me. Do you all have places to go?" Chen Xiang asked.

This Earth Spirit World is very big, if we hide here, they won't be able to find us, but you have to be careful, honorable hero. "Su Yun said calmly.

"Mm, you guys hurry up and leave. I will stay here for a while, and if anyone comes, I will kill them. That way, they won't be able to catch up to you for a short period of time." Chen Xiang said.

The group of slaves were once again grateful to Chen Xiang, and then left together. They knew that they had to unite together now in order to fight the enemy.

Chen Xiang waited for four hours, and sure enough, someone came. It was an army, hundreds of people, all of them wearing armor, and they were all at the tenth level of Dao Dan realm!

"Where are the slaves?" The leading man asked, the spear in his hand was already at Chen Xiang's throat, his voice was extremely cold, filled with killing intent.

"You should ask your supervisor!" Chen Xiang said.

"Where's the overseer?" The leader asked.

"Dead!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he teleported behind the supervisor. A violent tiger roar sounded and Chen Xiang's fist turned into the shape of a white tiger. This was his father's fist technique.

Upon seeing it, the Bai Lai soldier immediately recalled that Shen Tianhu had used this move to kill many of their powerful leaders back then.

Chen Xiang's fist techniques became even more violent, because he added Meteor immortal power!

The tiger head bit towards the leader's head, smashing him into pieces, he laid on the ground, turned into dust by Chen Xiang's Fire Palm.

"We are from the King Qi …"

Just as one of the soldiers finished speaking, his mouth was pierced by a fire sword, and Chen Xiang's fire sword dao mark was also extremely powerful.

Chen Xiang's group also reached high up in the sky and unleashed a gigantic Fire cloud palm. Using the Meteor immortal power's divine energy, they struck out and in the blink of an eye, they landed on the ground. Those hundred or so powerful soldiers were all instantly killed by him.

The Fire cloud palm caused the sky to be covered in dense fiery clouds, and the fiery light reached to the sky. Even from afar, it could still be seen very clearly, and when the Fire cloud palm pressed down, it was as if mountains were collapsing and the ground was cracking, causing the earth to tremble non-stop.

This kind of movement very quickly alarmed the rankers from the. They all moved out, but saw Chen Xiang floating in the sky, looking at them with a murderous look.

"Who are you? You actually killed one hundred of our King Qi's elites. " An old man said angrily: "You are only at the tenth level of the Dao Dan realm, but you actually possess such powerful strength. You are definitely from a famous clan, just what kind of power are you from?"

Behind the old man were ten middle-aged men, all of them in the fifth stage of the Dao Po realm.

"Are you from the King Qi Palace?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right, the King Qi is in charge of 30 cities, we are stationed at Qi Shuang City." The elder said coldly, "Why did you want to kill our people?"

This old man's strength is very strong, his Dao Po realm is at the seventh or eighth level, Chen Xiang is not his match, but he is not afraid at all.

"Because you are people from the King Qi, so I will kill you. You all must have also done a lot of heartless things for that bullsh * t King Qi, right?" Chen Xiang sneered.

"Hmph, it seems that you are going to be a person who extorts evil and punishes evil? You need to have the strength to insult our King Qi and that will be your death sentence. " The old man angrily said, "You can go and die now!"

After the old man finished speaking, the ten middle-aged men behind him immediately rushed over. However, as they rushed over, they discovered that only their bodies had pa.s.sed over, and their heads, feet, and legs were still standing in place!

What made them incomparably frightened was that after their feet, legs, heads, and bodies were separated, there was no pain at all. Furthermore, the connection was still there.

This was Xia Bailing's move, Chen Xiang had seen Xia Bailing use this move before!

"You … Just who are you? We, the King Qi, have never offended any major powers, and when we kill people, we only kill those lowly people. " the old man asked, because his four limbs were separated from his body.

"You're all going to die soon, why do you need to know so much?" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he walked over and gave the old man's head a powerful palm strike, turning it into ashes.

The rest of the 10 middle aged men were stunned, only their bodies could move, but their bodies could only move, what was the use of that, their hands and feet were all at their original places, only floating around, not attacking Chen Xiang!

Very quickly, Chen Xiang killed these ten people. Of course, he only killed one of them after absorbing his memories.

Chen Xiang learnt a lot about this Earth Spirit World from his memories. This Earth Spirit World was built by his father, Shen Tianhu!

Chen Xiang did not expect his father to have such abilities. He was able to build a city like this underground, and it was also very obvious that his father had predicted that a poisonous rain would descend, allowing many people to survive.

However, because of the appearance of the spatial crack, they were brought here by people from another world, where a war eventually broke out and many experts from Earth Spirit World were killed.

"I have to find father as soon as possible!" Chen Xiang could only let his father know that he was here.

Chen Xiang came to the nearby Qi Shuang City, where there were over a hundred thousand people surrounding the city walls. The son of the King Qi who was serving as the City Lord was just a popinjay, and because he had the King Qi's father, many powerful people kneeled and licked him, just to curry favor with the King Qi.

Chen Xiang now knew what kind of existence the King Qi was. The first Emperor who took over the Earth Spirit World was called the Earth Spirit Emperor, and the ten Great Leaders that came with the Earth Spirit Emperor were all conferred the t.i.tle of King. The King Qi was the Qi Family, which was also very strong.

After all, this was a relatively small city, but there were Transmission array s in here that could lead to other cities.

"Qi Xianlang is that hedonistic son of the King Qi. He seems to be having some sort of gathering here, and I can go and disrupt it." Chen Xiang looked at the most luxurious building in the distance. It was Qi Xianlang's residence.

When Chen Xiang came, he had already become one of the middle aged men that was killed by him, the middle aged man also had a very high position here, after all, he was strong, so he easily entered the tall building.

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