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Chen Xiang had already heard quite a bit about this underground world from the conversation between the two just now. There were some extremely powerful people here, and just because they were looked at by others, they were extremely unhappy, and then they captured and turned into slaves.

This showed how cruel the underground world was, and how hateful those with power were!

There were beasts here as well, and they were called fire beasts. After all, the underground world and the core of the earth had been hot places for a long time.

Chen Xiang floated in the air, looking at the strength of these people, they were actually the size of Dao Dan realm, people with strength like theirs, they actually had no dignity at all!

This made him feel that the ones with power in the underground world were extremely powerful!

"Save them!" Xia Bailing said.

"I know!" Chen Xiang nodded, he was currently looking for the supervisor. This group of people were already slaves, so what they were afraid of the most was supervisors.

They all had a long whip that was emitting fire in their hands. Just now, Chen Xiang had seen the shocking whip marks on the bodies of many people, it was obvious that they had all been whipped.

"You bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, don't complain. The only reason you guys ended up like this was because you had offended the n.o.bles and they allowed you to live. This is luck, otherwise you would have been eaten long ago. Of course, they will not eat the meat of lowly people like you. At most, they will feed you to their pets or to the soldiers beside you. "

"All of you, behave and don't even think about escaping. Otherwise, I'll kill you all!" As the overseer spoke, he laughed sinisterly and then lashed out at the two extremely skinny youths. Surprisingly, he laughed at them, making Chen Xiang very angry.

Chen Xiang could not imagine what kind of world this was, to actually eat humans!

"The five supervisors are all at the tenth level of Dao Dan realm. I can handle them myself." Chen Xiang said, You Yao Mountain Villa's Xia Bailing wanted to take action.

"I'll be fine. Sister Bai Ling, killing this sc.u.m will only dirty your hands." Chen Xiang said, he had already changed back into his human form. His Heavenly magic sword had already been repaired for Long Jiuxiao, but this did not affect his ability at all.

Chen Xiang had just taken out his sword, when one of the supervisors noticed him, and immediately shouted: "Who exactly are you? This is the territory of King Qi Palace! "

Chen Xiang immediately descended, his face full of smiles. Right now, he dressed relatively decently, with a handsome and masculine appearance, he seemed to be someone with status.

"I'm here to kill you!" With that said, a flaming sword suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's hand and stabbed into the supervisor's throat.

Violent fire energy exploded out from the fire sword and poured into the supervisor's body!


The overseer's body exploded into ashes. When the two youths who were beaten up saw this, they froze on the spot!

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you truly have the guts to actually kill someone from the King Qi Palace. You're courting death!" A supervisor rushed over, but before he could take a few steps, Chen Xiang had teleported over and punched the supervisor on the forehead.

The Meteor immortal power burst out, the berserk energy created a strong pressure and crushed the supervisor. Adding on the terrifying flames, his fist was smashed into powder by Chen Xiang.

The remaining three supervisors were dumbfounded. They never expected this person to be so reckless.

"Who exactly are you? Everyone in Earth Spirit World knows that as long as you offend our King Qi Palace, you will die a horrible death. These fellows are the best examples." a supervisor shouted. He didn't dare to come over again.

"I don't know what the King Qi's Palace is, but no matter how powerful it is, I will do my best to flatten it! Of course, before that, I will annihilate all three of you dogs from King Qi. " While Chen Xiang was speaking, he had already arrived in front of the supervisor, and with one punch, he turned him into dust.

The remaining two supervisors did not dare speak anymore. Just as they were about to run away, the fire vines wrapped around their feet and Chen Xiang threw a punch at them through the air, sending two streams of flames into their bodies, burning their bodies to ashes.

The slaves were stunned. They never thought that this man would be so reckless. Moreover, he was very powerful. Just like that, he killed off the five supervisors.

After that, Chen Xiang and the group released the chains that bound them. The chains were made of extremely st.u.r.dy materials and were made of Dao Dan realm s.

"Thank you for saving us!"

"Big brother, thank you so much. Otherwise, who knows how long we would have been tortured for."


The group of slaves all thanked Chen Xiang.

"Everyone, you all shouldn't have been added to the Master-servant Contract, right?" Chen Xiang said.

"Of course not, we do not have the qualifications. Only the stronger people would be chosen by the n.o.bles and be able to form Master-servant Contract, which would allow them to have better control over us." The youth said, "So they can only use iron chains to lock us down."

"Hero, where did you come from? You do not seem to be from here, you are truly powerful, to not be afraid of King Qi Palace. " An old man said. His body was covered in whip marks.

Chen Xiang took out many pills, which were all given to him by Xia Bailing, and were not some precious pills, but they were extremely useful to these people. After they ate them, the injuries on their bodies healed by a lot.

"I am from the outside world! "Do you know anything about the surface?" Chen Xiang asked.

"He actually came from outside? Aren't you afraid of the black poison? " The teenager exclaimed as he looked at Chen Xiang with eyes full of respect.

"No!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"After the heavy rain, countless people died. We are outsiders. The people of this world have all died!" The old man said.

"Foreign? How can you all come from here? " Chen Xiang immediately asked, he was secretly worried, because the old man said that all the people here were dead.

"The world we were originally in was punished, but under the circ.u.mstances of a coincidence, a crack appeared in the world we were in, and then we came to this place. People from both worlds could have gotten along with each other, but those … In order to control the Earth Spirit World, the Evil Demons waged a war and killed all of the indigenous people here … Those guys are also n.o.bles now. "

The old man sighed: "At that time, I was still very young, and my parents were also captured and killed because they were against the war. Those who were initially opposed to it were all killed, and those who partic.i.p.ated in the war are now all n.o.bles.

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth, he was trying his best to restrain his anger, this was his birthplace in the first place, why would he be in such a disaster?

"Oh right, there seems to be one more person who is still alive. His name is Shen Tianhu!" The old man suddenly said, "Those evil spirits have been trying to catch him!"

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