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Chen Xiang immediately looked at his own fingers, but nothing happened.

"Death poison? What is it? " Chen Xiang was currently letting the Six Realms mirrors fly higher, because the lower part, the thicker it was.

"Do you feel anything wrong with your body?" Xia Bailing's face was full of panic as she asked, her delicate face was as white as paper from fright, it was strange in this pitch black place.

"No, what about you?" Chen Xiang asked: "Sister Bai Ling, your face is not good!"

Xia Bailing frowned: "Are you really alright? This is impossible! Legend has it that once someone touches the death poison, they will die without a doubt! "

"What exactly is death poison? "Maybe that thing just now was not it?" Chen Xiang said.

"No, it must be. I recognize that smell. I've seen it before!" When Xia Bailing spoke, her delicate body couldn't help but tremble slightly as fear filled her face. It was as if a little girl that had been frightened in the middle of the night had started to tremble.

"Sister Bai Ling, don't be afraid!" Chen Xiang immediately pulled her into his embrace. Xia Bailing's delicate body was actually extremely cold, and Chen Xiang immediately released some fire energy to warm her up.

"Don't be afraid, I'm here!" Chen Xiang never thought that the death poison would actually arouse the fear in Xia Bailing's heart. Maybe the death poison had given her a deep shadow before, which was why she felt so afraid when she thought back to the past.

Xia Bailing hugged Chen Xiang tightly, her delicate body also trembling extremely badly, but as Chen Xiang lightly carried her back, and felt the warmth coming from Chen Xiang's body, she had gradually recovered, yet she was still hugging Chen Xiang.

"Sister Bai Ling, are you feeling better now?" Chen Xiang asked.

"En!" Xia Bailing placed his face against Chen Xiang's chest and sat on Chen Xiang's thigh. Both of his arms were wrapped around Chen Xiang, and his entire body was curled up in Chen Xiang's embrace.

Chen Xiang originally did not plan to ask further about the death poison. He was worried that this would cause Xia Bailing to be even more afraid, but Xia Bailing still said it out loud.

"When I was very young, I had seen the deadly poison. At that time, our family members all died in this poison, and I don't know why, but a black rain suddenly fell, and then everyone died. I was born with the power of the s.p.a.ce Laws, so I used my s.p.a.ce barrier to protect myself, so I wasn't poisoned." Xia Bailing slowly spoke in a very soft voice.

"After that, everyone in our city died. Our city was very big, there were over a hundred million people in there. After they all died, the city was sealed up. It's just like this place, full of poisonous gas and endless grievance. "

Chen Xiang gently caressed her face, then hugged her close, giving her warmth and a sense of security.

"Later on, I lived in that city for over a hundred years, and that memory was sealed away by me. Just now, when I saw the deadly poison and smelled that smell, it brought back my memories. I was still a child then, living in that fear every day."

Chen Xiang had thought about it himself. If he had lived in this city with billions of dead people for so long, it would already be rare for him not to go crazy.

He suddenly understood why Xia Bailing was like a little girl at times. It was because the experiences from her childhood were like a nightmare to her, so she chose to seal that portion of her memories, and only retained the happiest moments of her childhood!

"Humph, little scoundrel, take advantage of me!" Xia Bailing lightly pinched Chen Xiang's chest, then pouted at Chen Xiang, she was currently still in Chen Xiang's embrace.

"Of course not, aren't I concerned about you?" Chen Xiang wanted to let go of her, but she refused to do so no matter what.

"Look, you're the one taking advantage of me right now!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"I don't care, I'm scared!" Xia Bailing scoffed, then laid in Chen Xiang's embrace.

"Why don't you enter the You Yao Mountain Villa? The environment inside is very good!" Chen Xiang laughed, then fiercely lowered her head and kissed Xia Bailing's beautiful face.

Being ambushed by Chen Xiang, Xia Bailing was infuriated, but she only pinched Chen Xiang's arm, and then pouted playfully, "Scoundrel, you even said that you didn't take advantage of me, and unexpectedly took an inch, and kissed my face!"

"I can't help it, seeing how beautiful you are!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Go inside the You Yao Mountain Villa, it won't scare you like that!"

Xia Bailing pinched Chen Xiang's face and said: "Okay, let me in!"

Chen Xiang took the opportunity to pinch her b.u.t.tocks, and sent her into You Yao Mountain Villa. At the same time, he also heard Xia Bailing cursing from inside.

When Xia Bailing entered the You Yao Mountain Villa, she knew that he was Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea World, but she never expected him to be so beautiful.

It was only then that she found out that Chen Xiang had always been carrying around two extremely beautiful servant girls, and this caused her to uncontrollably scold Chen Xiang a few more times.

"Little Scoundrel, why didn't you get poisoned? Both Xu Kong and Qingyang have seen how powerful the deadly poison is. They say that even Dao Sovereigns find it difficult to defend against it, but you're actually fine. " Even when Xia Bailing thought about it this way, he still couldn't understand what was going on.

"I don't know either!" But I already had my impenetrable a long time ago. " Chen Xiang said. He had just heard Xia Bailing talk about how strong the death poison was, but he did not know how strong it was.

Right now, he was even more worried about Shen Tianhu. In this kind of environment, it would be difficult for him to survive, and if Huang Jintian did not tell him that Shen Tianhu had a very long life ahead of him, he would probably be extremely miserable right now.

Chen Xiang rode on his Six Realms mirrors, under normal circ.u.mstances, it would be safer, he did not know what happened on this island either, nor did he know what happened to meet this kind of calamity that could destroy the world.

"Sister Bai Ling, why did your city have this poison back then?" Chen Xiang saw that Xia Bailing was having fun in the You Yao Mountain Villa, so he asked.

"I don't know either. Many years have pa.s.sed and I can't find out why! However, Qingyang and the others back in the city were also attacked by this deadly poison and a black rain suddenly fell. The moment the rain touched the rain, the living beings would gradually melt and everything else would be covered by the black liquid and gradually rot. " Xia Bailing was no longer so afraid.

Because Feng Yujie, Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin were all inside, and Yang Xiangyin was even playing a beautiful zither that could soothe the soul.

"Could it be that the city where you three Dao Sovereigns lived all those years ago suffered the same punishment as this island?" Chen Xiang said: "Then how did you come out of it all those years ago?"

"One day, I suddenly saw a golden light in the city. When I ran over, I touched a golden light and came out. Later on, I used many things to search for the city, but I couldn't find it." Xia Bailing said: "I found something in the void. He said that it was a poison punishment!"

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