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Chen Xiang was concerned about his father's matters. He did not stay for long as he brought Chu Hongqing and Yang Xiangyin to the Three Money Divine City.

Xia Bai Ling was still unwilling to leave Hundreds of Flowers Village. Perhaps she had never met her rival's playmates, and now that she met such a crazy girl in Hundreds of Flowers Village, she was unwilling to leave. Sometimes, her temper was like that of a child's.

Chen Xiang felt that this was not a bad thing. At least with her in the Hundreds of Flowers Village, it would make the place safer.

He had once again returned to the Three Money Divine City. Now that his villa had been taken over by Huang Jintian, Xie Qiuyan and Feng Yujie were both inside.

Because Chen Xiang's father once stood at the place Feng Yujie had hidden her power, which was the mysterious tomb! So now that there was news about his father, Feng Yujie had personally come over. Furthermore, she wanted to come over with Xie Qiuyan to take a look at the three money Divine City s.

In the future, they might enter the city often.

"Sister Feng, I didn't expect you to come in!" Chen Xiang laughed, Feng Yujie's current cultivation was not very high, only at the third level of the Dao Dan realm.

"But he used a lot of jade coins!" Xie Qiuyan was more familiar with them now. When she saw Chen Xiang, she also knew how to smile, it was not like how cold and indifferent she was in the past.

"What kind of fortuitous encounters did you have in the Spirit Desolate Land?" Xie Qiuyan had also entered the Spirit Wasteland before, and had later returned to Hundreds of Flowers Village with Long Shuang and the others.

"There's a city inside …" Chen Xiang explained the situation inside, then asked: "Sister Feng, you said that you have news about my father, do you know where he is?"

At this time, Huang Jintian came out with some fruit wine and said, "Your father is in a rather complicated situation."

Feng Yu Jie nodded: "The tomb your father was in earlier was specially refined, it is equivalent to a small island that can float at any time. Adding to that, there is a dragon vein below, and the huge change in Nine Heaven World, that small island has undergone a very strange evolution!"

"Even small islands know how to evolve?" Chen Xiang was startled, the tomb was the world he was born in, he was already very familiar with the place. It was not an island, but a very large one. It had been missing for a period of time and had undergone a huge transformation. Many humans had died on it.

"That's nothing. After all, that island was specially refined. Perhaps because it had been supplied with energy by the dragon vein for a long time, it gradually gained its own intelligence." Huang Jintian said, "Everything has a spirit. You should understand it better!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, the mountain spirit he saw in the Chaotic Mountain was the same, and the little treeman he saw before was about the same.

"I didn't expect such a change. It's no longer something we can control. I suddenly had a reaction to this island before!" Feng Yujie said, "That island is still in this era."

Huang Jintian said, "Because of the merging of the two eras, the Nine Heaven World and the Star Law Divine Realm no longer exist and are all in the Wasteland. Originally, the island should be like this, but because it has a spirit and is considered a living being, it did not integrate into the Wasteland and is able to stand on its own!"

Chen Xiang said in surprise, "Doesn't that mean that it's an independent world?"

Huang Jintian nodded: "Yes, but if you don't have enough strength, it will be difficult to protect you!" And this island has only just appeared, so there must have been many things that happened before! "

"I know where that island is. I have a feeling, but I feel that it is a bit far away." Feng Yujie sighed, "And we are still relatively weak right now, so it's not convenient for us to face danger in the long run."

Chen Xiang also felt that this was a rather difficult task, although he had many methods, but if he were to meet someone extremely strong, he had no other choice.

For example, a powerful Dao Sovereign like Xia Bailing who knew how to use the laws of s.p.a.ce. Once he met someone like her who specialized in dealing with him, he wouldn't be far from death.

"That's not a problem!" Chen Xiang immediately thought of Xia Bai Ling. He felt that with his relationship with Xia Bai Ling, it would definitely not be a problem for her to follow him.

"There's a very powerful Dao Sovereign in the Hundreds of Flowers Village. I just came from the White Spirit City and she only wanted to escort me back. I never expected her to stay in the Hundreds of Flowers Village and not leave." Chen Xiang laughed: "With her accompanying me, it will definitely be very safe."

"Really?" When Feng Yujie heard the two words Dao Sovereign, she also felt that it was very powerful.

"Is there really a Dao Sovereign in the Hundreds of Flowers Village? Was it a man or a woman? You actually refused to leave Hundreds of Flowers Village! " Xie Qiuyan was also very surprised. With a single glance, she could tell that she was very clear on the Dao Sovereign's strength.

"Female!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Do you want to go back and see her now? She is also an alchemist, and her alchemy skills are quite special. She doesn't know how to release flames, but she can make use of external flames to successfully refine pills! "

"This is an eccentric apothecary. Alright, let's head back to take a look at her now!" Feng Yujie's eyes lit up. She actually liked to interact with those weird pill refiners. For example, when she was together with Xie Qiuyan, she learned a lot of things from her.

"Mn, be careful on your way back. Don't forget to have them teach you the method to refine Shengdao Dan. If you eat Shengdao Dan, you can quickly advance to the tenth level of the Dao Dan realm." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, when we are all at the tenth stage of the Dao Dan realm, let's see if we can get the female Dao Sovereign that you mentioned to come here with us to find you." Feng Yu Jie nodded.

After Xie Qiuyan and Feng Yujie left, Chen Xiang took out a few Shengdao Dan pellets refined by Chu Hongqing and gave them to Huang Jintian, saying: "Master, you are still in the Dao Dan realm right now, eating these pellets will allow you to reach the tenth stage of the Dao Pellet very quickly."

Huang Jintian quickly took it and smiled, "Let me try and see if this kind of dan is really that good!"

After seeing Huang Jintian leave, Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled, then entered a pill refining room. He was going to refine some Shengdao Dan and use them to sell.

"Hongyi, it will be a bit more difficult during this period of time. Let's refine a hundred pills first!" said. He could also grow the stone like materials used to refine Shengdao Dan, so Chen Xiang had a lot of materials as well.

"Only a hundred pills? This is too easy! " Her current pill refining skills had also increased by a lot. Although the number of pills produced in one furnace was not as many as Chen Xiang, the difference in speed and quality was almost the same.

A hundred pills was extremely fast for Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing. It only took him three days to refine a hundred and twenty pills, and the advantage of the [Heavenly Refining] technique was that as long as he was able to refine the same pill more often, he would be able to refine even faster and faster.

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