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Lv Qilian nodded her head: "She is only talking about your father. You should ask her about the specifics, she and Qiao Yan will be staying in Three Money Divine City for a while, you guys can still go and find them now."

"I know." Chen Xiang's heart was heavy at this moment, because he did not want to hear bad news about his father.

"Don't worry, your father is fine. Yu Jie only said that she found your father." Lv Qilian held Chen Xiang's hand and calmed her down. Of course she knew what Chen Xiang was feeling at this moment.

Chen Xiang was now much more relieved than usual. "I will go look for Meiyao and the others. I have just learned how to refine pills, I will teach them the art of alchemy."

"Alright." Lv Qilian smiled sweetly at Chen Xiang. If Xia Bailing was not here, they would definitely get along after a long separation.

Chen Xiang brought Xia Bailing and headed towards Su Meiyao's small villa.

"Xiang Yue, sister Meiyao."

When Chen Xiang entered the courtyard, he saw that these two seductive girls were playing around. Their clothes were also cool now, exposing their long legs and beautiful snow-white shoulders.

With one glance, Xia Bailing could tell that the relationship between the two of them was not ordinary. These two bewitching enchantress actually made her feel a little moved, and she really wanted to go and strip her of all her clothes so that she could enjoy herself.

"You really do have quite a good luck with women." Xia Bailing sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang and snorted: "You already have so many women by your side, but you're still thinking about me.

"Little Scoundrel." When Su Meiyao saw Chen Xiang bringing the woman back, he pretended to be jealous and flew to Chen Xiang's side. With a pout, he lightly pinched Chen Xiang's stomach.

"Stop messing around." Chen Xiang glanced at her chest, curled his lips and said: "Sister Feng is not here, you guys are so free now."

"No way. We just concocted a pill for a period of time. It's a good time to rest." Hua Xiangyue walked over, and started stroking Chen Xiang's body.

"Enough, I have just taught you a kind of pill that I learned. This will allow you all to quickly reach the tenth stage of the Dao Po realm." Chen Xiang pinched both of their b.u.t.ts, causing them to let out a cry.

"They all know how to refine." Xia Bailing suddenly asked, she already understood the reason for Chen Xiang's return, it was to teach the pill technique to her own woman, because Chen Xiang had just refined a Shengdao Dan in White Spirit City.

"Yes, not only them, there are also quite a few pretty girls who know how to refine pills. I'll bring you to see them now." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Little Scoundrel, who is this beauty? Did you eat them? Speaking of which, you are becoming more and more unimpressive, yet you did not eat Qiao Yan and Hongqing." Su Meiyao giggled: "Are you saying that since I'm no longer by your side, no one will give you courage anymore?"

In the past, Su Meiyao would often instigate Chen Xiang to do such a thing when he was in the Serene Jade Ring.

"Don't spout nonsense. Sister Bai Ling is very strong …" She is the type of girl that is very, very strong. Chen Xiang was very serious, and when Hua Xiangyue and Su Meiyao realized that Chen Xiang was serious, they immediately restrained themselves.

Xia Bailing laughed: It seems like Chen Xiang has many things that I do not know, I want to stay here for a while, can I do it, that way I can exchange pill techniques with them.

"No, Sister Bai Ling is so busy, you still need to worry about the matters of an entire city." Chen Xiang immediately said. It would be fine for Xia Bailing to stay here for a period of time, but she would definitely know about all kinds of things related to him.

"It's fine, White Spirit City is not busy, there's still ten years left." Xia Bailing chuckled, then he went over to Su Meiyao and Hua Xiangyue's side and pulled their jade hands: "Little sisters, do you want me to stay or not?"

"Of course." Su Meiyao laughed: "Let's go, we will bring you to meet the other sisters. They are all great beauties."

Hua Xiangyue and Su Meiyao were already pulling Xia Bailing into the hall, and now, Wu Qianqian had just come out from a secret room. She saw Chen Xiang, and smiled at him.

After that, Ji Ling'er, Red Cloud and Du Yanyao all came out of their rooms and began to impart to them the method to refine the Shengdao Dan. They were very familiar with the Heavenly Alchemy, so it was not very difficult to learn it.

When he finished imparting the skills to them, Chen Xiang went to find Xue Xianxian and the others.

"Yuqing, have you seen your father?" When Chen Xiang entered the hall, he saw that Xu Youqing was carving a round piece of jade very seriously.

"Husband." Xu Youqing didn't sense anyone coming at all. When she saw Chen Xiang, she shouted in pleasant surprise and threw herself into Chen Xiang's embrace.

"I saw him. He's fine." Xu Youqing said: "I am worried to death about you, listening to your master, you are being chased by the Undead Divine Race."

"Hehe, the guy chasing me has never had a good ending." Chen Xiang pinched her pill refining: What about Xianxian and the others.

"They are all resting and haven't woken up yet." Xu Youqing chuckled: "Do you want to go in and see them?"

Seeing Xu Youqing's ambiguous smile, Chen Xiang immediately understood and entered the room. He saw that Liu Meng'er, Dongfang Xinyue and Xue Xianxian were all sleeping on the same bed.

"Jing Er was called away by Youlan. Those little sisters of hers would gather together every once in a while."

Xu Youqing had already taken off her clothes. Seeing his jade body, Chen Xiang could no longer hold on to it, and upon learning that Chen Xiang had returned, she anxiously came over, only to see Chen Xiang and Xu Youqing together.

… ….

Chen Xiang played with the few girls, then went to look for Xia Bailing and the others. At this time, they were refining Shengdao Dan s, so he didn't want to disturb them.

"Senior Long." Chen Xiang saw Long Jiuxiao, and at the moment, he was practicing with a few young dragons, and when he saw Chen Xiang, he quickly brought Chen Xiang to a room.

"I heard that you went to the Spirit Wasteland." Long Jiuxiao said, because Huang Yantian was also here. After calculating where Chen Xiang was going, he would tell Long Jiuxiao and Lv Qilian.

"Yes." Chen Xiang nodded. "I brought back a Dao Sovereign from inside. Senior, you know about the matters regarding Spirit Wasteland."

"Dao Sovereigns are extremely powerful. However, their powers have been restricted. The stronger Dao Sovereigns are, the greater their limitations are." Long Jiuxiao frowned.

Chen Xiang immediately understood why the void in his vision and the Azure Sun were both brats. It turned out that both of them had been restricted.

"Why is it like this?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I don't know either. I don't know, not even the Dao Sovereigns themselves. However, according to what they're saying, transcending the tribulation is a failure." Long Jiuxiao said.

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