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The Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race were running around like translucent souls now, unable to even speak. Chen Xiang did not know what kind of power caused them to become like this, but he could guess that it was the Void Holy Man who did it. Ybdu.

"What are you going to do with them?" Void asked.

"If I want to kill them, will there be any serious consequences?" Chen Xiang thought about it and said. These people were simply too annoying, and he didn't have enough strength to fight them.

"Not in a short time!" But I suggest you keep them alive for now and seal them somewhere! Undead Divine Race and Red Spirit Race are still quite troublesome. If they were to die right now, they would definitely find out about it. If they found out that it was you who did it, it would bring about quite a bit of trouble. " Void said.

Chen Xiang nodded, he thought the same, took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, and said: "Can you put them into my divine furnace?"

Upon seeing Chen Xiang's Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, both Xu Kong and Qingyang's eyes immediately lit up. They seemed to be able to see that Chen Xiang's Chuangshi G.o.d furnace was very good stuff.

"Where did you get this stove?" Xia Bailing also saw through it, she anxiously leaned over and asked.

"I picked it up." Chen Xiang laughed: "Can you seal them in this furnace? I've thrown a lot of tough guys in before. "

"There's no doubt about it. Your furnace itself is very scary! Furthermore, with our seal, we can definitely keep them inside for a period of time. Once you have enough strength, it will not be too late for you to kill them. " Ning nodded.

When the group of Undead Divine Race and the others heard their conversation, they all wanted to escape, but Xia Bailing had released a s.p.a.ce Domain long ago, enveloping them within. Therefore, they could only run around here, and from time to time, they would pierce through Chen Xiang and the others' bodies.

The Void, Qingyang, and Xia Bailing all joined forces to seal the group of fellows inside a pearl. Chen Xiang did not know how they managed to do it, but they were all Dao Sovereigns and had extremely powerful abilities.

Chen Xiang had thrown the pearl inside the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace in order to prevent them from escaping.

"It's much quieter now!" Chen Xiang laughed, "Thank you, seniors!"

"You're welcome, you've helped us a lot!" He then looked towards Xia Bailing and asked, "Bai Ling, did you give him any rewards for his Shengdao Dan?"

"Not yet, he hasn't thought of what he wants!" Xia Bailing stuck his tongue out at Chen Xiang.

"I almost thought of it. Let's talk about it when we get back." Chen Xiang said. Now that he did not have this group of irritating people constantly chasing him, Chen Xiang felt a lot more at ease. At least, when he went out in the future, he would not need to be worried.

Xia Bailing immediately used a spatial shift to bring Chen Xiang and Xu Kong back to White Spirit City.

The disciples brought by the Azure Sky Sword were all injured, and they were in a hurry to take them to recuperate. When they left, they told Chen Xiang that if he needed any help in the future, he could come to them at any time.

After Qingyang and Xu Kong left, Xia Bailing immediately pinched Chen Xiang's handsome face and said with a smile: "Brat, you're really awesome. To be able to help us turn the tide, I really like you more and more!"

"Sister Bai Ling, I like you a lot too. Why don't you be my wife?" Chen Xiang said with a smile, and then he also caressed Xia Bailing's face.

"Humph, you're such a good little rascal, I won't do it!" Right, you mentioned earlier that you want some compensation, hurry up and say it! " Xia Bailing urged: "I've always been thinking about your compensation, so I feel very uncomfortable inside."

"Can you come with me to one place? I want to go back and see my wives. Because I've been hunted down so much these days, I'm afraid to go back. I'm worried about leading those guys to that place. " Chen Xiang said.

"Is it that simple?" Xia Bailing asked.

"Yes, accompany me back for a while." Chen Xiang replied: "It won't take long."

Xia Bailing thought for a moment, then nodded his head: "I'll go back now, I have some matters to attend to first, wait for me!"

Chen Xiang waited for more than two hours before she returned. Then, she said. I will directly go over! "

Xia Bailing possessed extremely strong spatial energy, so with her help, he would definitely be able to return very quickly. Chen Xiang transferred the location of the Hundreds of Flowers Village's book into her mind through transmission of memories, and after getting a rough idea of where it was, Xia Bailing teleported over with Chen Xiang.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had already arrived near the Hundreds of Flowers Village!

When he was near the Hundreds of Flowers Village, he could see that there was a huge city in the distance.

Long Jiuxiao had told him before that he would build a city and gather all the Dragon Clan Nine Heaven School s and other races together. This way, it would be more convenient for everyone.

The Hundreds of Flowers Village was still in one place alone, and the defenses of this place were also very strong. Long Jiuxiao had used a lot of energy to help them strengthen their defensive arrays, after all, Long Jiuxiao was a grandmaster of formations.

After Chen Xiang brought Xia Bailing into the Change Village, Xia Bailing was amazed, because all of them were excellent women. Although their overall strength was not very strong, but she could see that all of the women had good potential.

Chen Xiang had also seen many familiar faces and he had greeted them before bringing Xia Bailing to Lv Qilian's residence.

"Sister Qilian!" When Chen Xiang came in, he took out the Communication jade Symbol paper and sent a sound transmission to Lv Qilian, telling her to wait for him in the hall.

Seeing Chen Xiang had returned, Lv Qilian hurriedly said, "I had thought that you would disappear for a long period of time again. I heard that Undead Divine Race and the others are chasing after you, it's good that you can return now!"

Lv Qilian looked at Xia Bailing, she was also used to Chen Xiang bringing women every time he returned, she politely smiled at Xia Bailing: "Aren't you going to introduce her?"

"Sister Qilian, don't let your imagination run wild. She's different from the woman I brought back previously." Chen Xiang hurriedly said. He was worried that Lv Qilian would misunderstand and then provoke the temperamental Xia Bailing with his words.

"I'm Xia Bailing. This little scoundrel helped me greatly, then I promised to return with him!" Xia Bailing giggled, then patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "So you're the wife!"

Lv Qilian smiled and nodded: "Looks like you are definitely very strong, if not he would not have let you escort him back."

"Right, are Sister Feng and the others here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yu Jie and Qiao Yan are not here, they went to the Three Money Divine City to look for you, but did not expect you to be here!" Lv Qilian said.

"Three Money Divine City is looking for me? What are they looking for me for? " Chen Xiang felt that there must be something important.

"It's about your father!" Lv Qilian sighed.


Chen Xiang became extremely excited. He only knew that his father had always been inside the Nine Heaven World, and was responsible for protecting Feng Yujie's grave in the past. He had lost contact with him later on and let Huang Jintian calculate that as well, but Huang Jintian could not calculate where his father was.

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