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Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look at Ah Ying. He had actually used fire power, but looking at how confident he was, it was definitely not only because of the powerful flames, but also because he had other trump cards.

The panther that had been defeated by him earlier was also very strong, but before it could even display its full strength, Chen Xiang had already defeated it, so the panther was feeling very aggrieved.

After the tiger rider shouted for it to start, Ah Ying immediately flew high into the sky, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Chen Xiang raised his head to look at the sky.

"Are you still going to fight?!" Void hastily said, "He flew so high, isn't that just running away?"

His speed was very fast, and upon closer inspection, it was precisely this cl.u.s.ter of fire that Ah Ying had shot down from the skies. Furthermore, his own speed had increased, which was why he was so fast, it was almost as if he had teleported.

Ah Ying directly struck down, but Chen Xiang did not dodge, after being struck by the ball of flames, his body actually scattered!

Everyone was startled, thinking that Chen Xiang had been destroyed, but then suddenly shouted: "Ah Ying be careful!"

He had dodged it long ago, and just as he was about to attack Ah Ying, Ah Ying once again shot up into the sky!

But this time, Ah Ying was blocked by a ball of flame!

With a hissing sound, after the ball of flames exploded, it turned into a vermillion sparrow with flames all over its body. It's body was extremely huge, its claws grabbing onto Ah Ying!

It wasn't just Qingyang and the others, even the beasts riding the tiger-rider were extremely frightened. They thought that the true Vermillion Bird had appeared, because it was simply too similar!

The stronger the Daoyuan immortal power, the stronger the Vermillion Bird would be, and the bigger the Vermillion Bird would be. Because the Second Divine Sense Sea had the Vermillion Bird's strongest divine soul, the Vermillion Bird that he was releasing right now was extremely realistic, possessing the aura of a Heavenly beast.

Ah Ying was a bird, and was most afraid of these Divine Beasts. Hence, after being caught, he was already trembling in fear, unable to continue fighting.

Chen Xiang immediately rose into the air and punched Ah Ying in the abdomen, causing Ah Ying to scream out loud. After that, he punched a few more times, each of his punches were extremely berserk, causing Ah Ying to lose the ability to fight.

After that, he controlled the Vermillion Bird to put Ah Ying down. At this moment, everyone could tell that Chen Xiang was the one who created the Vermillion Bird!

Chen Xiang controlled the Vermilion Bird to gradually shrink and enter his palm. Everyone finally regained their senses and they were extremely surprised at what kind of mysterious technique Chen Xiang had cultivated to actually be able to produce a Vermilion Bird.

"We've lost!" Because Chen Xiang was simply too strong, he felt that even if it was someone at the first or second stage of Dao Po realm, he would still have difficulty defeating Chen Xiang.

Even though they still had two players to fight, there was no point in continuing to fight.

"I promised you that we wouldn't fight in ten years. Let's go!" After the tiger rider finished speaking, he left. Riding on those giant beasts, he soon left.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Aren't these guys very strong?!"

Xia Bailing laughed, "You are really too powerful, if it was someone of the same level, they would be considered stronger. You are really a weirdo, not only are you good at concocting pills, you are also good at fighting."

"Hehe, just average!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Thank you for buying us so much time!" Void said with grat.i.tude.

"There's no need to be polite, it's just a small matter." Chen Xiang said, although these Dao Sovereigns looked like children, he was clear that they were not that simple. Otherwise, they would not have been able to create three cities, and they would have been able to intimidate Undead Divine Race, otherwise he would have already rushed into the inner city.

Just as Chen Xiang was thinking about the Undead Divine Race, he suddenly sensed a fluctuation, which alarmed him.

"What enemy? There's no need for us to worry! " The Void could sense a group of people approaching.

Qingyang immediately rushed over to Chen Xiang's side while holding a short sword, as if wanting to protect Chen Xiang. Xia Bailing had heard from Chen Xiang that the Undead Divine Race was hunting him down, so she knew who Chen Xiang's enemies were, and she quickly rushed over to Chen Xiang's side to protect him.

"Haha …" Chen Xiang, you are dead today, I have been waiting for you to come out! Be a little more honest and hand over the two Heavenly artifact first, and then teach us your pill techniques. That way, we won't have to exhaust ourselves in torturing you and force you to hand over your pills. " The one who spoke was a yellow haired old man, he was from Undead Divine Race.

"From the Undead Divine Race?" Void frowned: "What are you guys doing here? Many years ago, your ancestor was already beaten away by us, and you still dare to come! "

Other than Undead Divine Race, there were also Evil Spirit Race and the three elders from Infinite Divine Mountain!

"Little thing, if you and Chen Xiang are together, you must be his friend, right? This way is also good, I'll capture you all and force Chen Xiang. " The yellow-haired old man laughed savagely.

"You're courting death!" The air snorted, he looked like a child, and did not deserve to be looked down upon, but Chen Xiang knew that he was a Dao Sovereign.

Just as the words left his mouth, the yellow-haired old man's smile froze, because one of his arms suddenly disappeared. Strangely, he didn't feel any pain nor did he bleed.

Chen Xiang was also shocked, he simply could not sense any energy fluctuations earlier! One had to know that the yellow-haired old man was a very powerful Undead Divine Race, he actually lost an arm!

The yellow-haired old man's arm was at Xia Bailing's feet, but what made Chen Xiang even more surprised was that her palm had a transparent box, and inside it there was a beating heart!

The yellow-haired old man touched his chest and said in shock, "My heart … My heart is in your hands! "

The small short sword in Qingyang's hands flew out as well, slowly floating to in front of the yellow-haired old man, then in a flash, it entered the yellow-haired old man's head. Following that, the yellow-haired old man hugged his head and shouted out, and then, he started to punch and kick the people around him, in the blink of an eye, he had injured a few Undead Divine Race s who were following him.

After the Evil Spirit Race warriors saw this, they all started to attack. However, they discovered that their arms had become translucent, and all the energy in their bodies had disappeared.

However, they could hear their voices. However, when they rushed over to attack Chen Xiang, they only penetrated his body, but not Chen Xiang's!

Chen Xiang looked at Qingyang and the sky. He never thought that these two brats would actually possess such terrifying powers … Of course, Xia Bailing's spatial energy was also very scary. It could actually take away someone's heart through the air, and also didn't injure that person.

Only now did he realize that these three fellows looked more like Dao Sovereigns!

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